Moreno Di Marco

Moreno Di Marco

Associate Professor at Sapienza University of Rome. I am a conservation biologist especially interested in developing quantitative techniques for addressing large-scale conservation problems.

Location Italy


  • I see your point, but there are occasions where shift in consumers' perception and values can make a difference, eg as it was the case for the reduction in wildlife fur trade in the past decades in several European countries.

  • This is an interesting point of view thanks. It is true that op-down measures are easier to enforce/monitor than bottom-up approaches. Even if of course top-down measures alone might no be sufficient, or sufficiently rapid, in several contexts where new legislation might require long-term negotiation prior to implementation. In those cases, it is possible that...

  • not just on a psychological level, many argue they are both needed very much on a physical level too. As political commitment will be insufficient t reducing climate change without societal engagement.

  • Yes and so much of existing Nature's Contributions to People (eg insect-driven pollination of our crops) depends on non-charismatic species which are largely unknown to the general public. This is an education gap that requires filling if we aim to really inform the public about the importance of biodiversity conservation at...

  • It is indeed important to consider the difference between climate mitigation commitments and actual implementation strategies, which each nations will have to develop. Latest evidence demonstrate we are not currently on track to achieve the Paris 1.5°C commitment, even within several EU nations who are actively supporting the agreement.

  • @JenniferdeWolf-Collins thanks, indeed most of what we present here is already within public knowledge, especially when it comes to the current and projected impact of climate change. Yet it is important to contextualize such risks, and highlight recent scientific evidence on the topic as this is essential to try and influence a socio-political change

  • @AnđelaDelić Good point, thank you for sharing this example!

  • Good point!