Katherine Laux

Katherine Laux

I am Ufi's Project Adviser. I have 20 years experience in learning and developing digital learning products. Ufi's mission is to focus on scaleable and digital solutions for UK's vocational sector.

Location Brighton, UK


  • Hello all, I'm Katherine and I work for the Ufi Charitable Trust, funder of Blended Learning Essentials. A big thank you to participants and mentors who contribute to the Comments in the course (both from the UK and beyond); your discussions and reflections help us work through how to embed blended learning in different contexts and get us closer to realising...

  • Hi everyone, I am Ufi's Project Adviser for Blended Learning Essentials and have worked with the brilliant team of educators and media specialists that have brought you this course. Ufi are committed enabling digital scaleable solutions for the vocational sector. We hope this course gives you food for thought, practical skills and a place to bounce ideas off...