Katherine Laux

Katherine Laux

I am Ufi's Project Adviser. I have 20 years experience in learning and developing digital learning products. Ufi's mission is to focus on scaleable and digital solutions for UK's vocational sector.

Location Brighton, UK


  • Diana Laurillard
  • Neil Morris

    Neil Morris

    Dean of Digital Education and Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Leeds. For more information see: https://essl.leeds.ac.uk/education/staff/156/professor-neil-morris

  • Rebecca Barrington (Mentor)
  • Lynne Taylerson

    Lynne Taylerson

    Director, Real Time Education. PhD Education (informal learning) Working in FE, HE, ACL and WBL to embed digital learning. Teacher educator, mentor, curriculum designer Tweets @realtimeed

  • Michelle Spackman