Belle Wong

Belle Wong

I live and work in China Hong Kong.
I’m also overall responsibility of international symposiums and the CityU Education Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Location Hong Kong


  • Great, Ella, you figured out a problem.

  • Good.

  • You're welcome Ella.

  • Thanks for your sharing, Ella. Previous learners found the idea generation tools in this course are very useful. Hope you can teach them to your students.

  • Yes. Important to broaden our horizons.

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    Yes. The elderly is a potential market, since the population is growing.

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    Nice, habit of daily disciplines is important to us.

  • Hi, Youzhuan. We better use English in this course, since learners are from all around the world.

  • Anyone can answer the questions from Tim?

  • Very good, Ghaamid.

  • Hi Chris. Good to see you.

  • Hi Asif.

  • Good. Hope you can find something useful to you .

  • Nice to meet you Ella.

  • Everyone has different methods on overcoming failure. You can think about last time you met failure, how did you stay out.

  • I am happy to see you all response to each other. This course provide an opportunity to exchange with the national cultures.

  • Good comment, Alberto.

  • Hi Sajiv, I am curious on the relationship between respecting elders and innovation. Could you explain more ?

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    Hi all,

    Welcome to our course!
    Feel free to leave your comments here.

  • Cool! Singapore is a nice place for startup, it has long held the reputation of having the very good setups to help establish and grow new businesses in the region.

  • That's very good. Startups need outside experts who can provide training on what needs to be done.

  • Thanks for your sharing, Olayinka.

  • We greatly appreciate your thoughtful comments that helped motivate all learners. Thank you, Jef.

  • Very good. SNG CHYE ANN, where are you from?

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    Thank you to everyone who attended our first online course about entrepreneurship.

  • Good to hear the government of the Netherlands supports startup. All of the three features you mentioned about the key of successful are very good.

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    Thanks all.

  • ANTÔNIO ROBÉRIO CARVALHO DOS SANTOS, would you mind telling us, what country are you from?

  • Thanks, Eugenia, for the funding list. It helps the other learners from Hong Kong.
    "Solution" is an important element.

  • Yes, Jamie, conference abstract may protect ideas, but it is not available in all countries, please check with your local patent attorney.

  • Thanks for joining us, Georgina Manassieva.

  • Good. Good learners are curious and love the discovery part of learning.

  • Good comment, Playinka. We have to apply patent in different countries.

  • Yes. A domestic robot is a solution.

  • I think haircut is one of the things that humans will always do better than robots. Robot cannot cut hair in the same way for everyone. Only a human can express the art of hair style.

  • Good idea. In Hong Kong, there is wedding expo held every 2 to 3 months.
    For example, exhibits categories covered bridal gowns, bridesmaids, cocktail and evening dresses, bridal accessories in veils, tiaras, gloves, shoes, jewelry, lingerie and make-up ; grooms accessories like cuff-links, tie-clips, custom key-tags; wedding ceremonial accessories like...

  • Pretty good. But beware of a few people when they drink actually become aggressive.

  • The technology of 3D printing is changing of life, such as product development, housing, and so on.

  • When we choose a startup over a cooperative job, we'll try a lot of different things.

  • Yes. Break down the path to your ideal product into small goals.

  • Yes. Let's start PIPE in your business.

  • Thank you.

  • It is possible to apply for a patent for a recipe like medicine or drink. But it may vary from country to country. Also it depends on the strategy of the company. For details, please contact a patent attorney in your country.

  • Cre8map would be useful on modifying your product.

  • Yes. We should learn how to judge the reliability of internet information. Because there is no regulating body that monitors the reliability of what is on the Internet.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, Aymen, We will make adjustments in the future run.

  • I want to hear it too.

  • Interesting, what is the game for?

  • Yes. Most of waste water is discharged in thermal power plants. It's would be grateful if the outlet water can be reused.

  • Does anyone can provide a potential solution of food wastage?

  • Not only the power supply, but also water supply will be a problem in the future.

  • My mom usually uses newspaper to clean the windows.

  • Very good, Kristy.

  • “Increase” is about particular parameters of the product, like speed, size, pixel density etc.
     “Froward” is about the development of the product as a whole, i.e., the new model, new version etc.

  • Thanks for your comment, Ronald.

  • I agree with reducing our waste is one of the most effective ways to help conserve our natural resources. When customers buy disposable and single-use items such as water bottles, plastic food wrap, plastic cutlery, paper coffee cups, plastic take-out food clamshells, razors and diapers. These items make up a large percentage of the total garbage we throw out....

  • Thank you, Carol.

  • Yes, welcome to share your test results and your views about brain dominance.

  • Good to have a balanced brain.

  • I don't believe that frequent use of left hand can train the right side of the brain. Rather than thinking of how to use both hands in your life, read the brain exercises:

  • The online tests are not professional measurements of people’s thinking preference. There are errors usually.

  • Yes. Someone choose to live your dream, rather than dream about living.

  • Usually, the government funding is important, since the funding also provides free resources to startups, including office facilities and consulting, those can help startups to survive.