Rabia Haidari

Rabia Haidari

Rabia Haidari from Afghanistan .

Location Afghanistan



  • Completely fun :)

  • For me, Cambridge dictionary is the ok because I can know the meaning of the word from its similar words.

  • I Guess the meaning of the word from context because it's the best way to know the word and to not waste the time .

  • It was an enormous definition from successful students. I easily knew all the words there. One thing I have some questions about is their lifestyle and how they spend their free time.

  • And I think it's important to have a clear mind with a calm place to learn more .

  • What makes a student look successful is his or her hard working. No matter what you are studying and which field are you in, your determination and your hard working in your path help you achieve more than what you expect.

  • I am Rabia Haidari from Afghanistan.my County is well-known as heart of Asia. It is surrounded by 5 countries as Pakistan, Iran , Tajikistan, Ozbakistan, Turkmenistan and a narrow passage with China too!
    I love living here in my country for many reasons. First it's the most beautiful country with many amazing views. It has many beautiful landscapes too....

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    Hi , my name is Rabia Haidari. I am from Afghanistan . I love learning English language. It's my second language. I want to continue my Education abroad this is why I am interested in this course. I am extremely excited to start it and maybe I will finish it as soon as possible due to my excitement.

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  • No doubt about her improvement. She learned how to use Word Fram and of course the pronunciation.

  • I tried my best!

  • Great lesson!

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  • Actually she improves her fluency and how to use collection accurately.

  • Thank you ! It was great

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  • I did my best.

  • I couldn't play the videos .

  • She improves her pronunciation!

  • I am not sure about my pronunciation. I have a course that I am learning.

  • I have pronunciation problem and I hope I can solve it as soon as possible.

  • Hello
    This is Rabia Haidari from Afghanistan.
    I am enthusiastic about this course and it's lessons. I have been working for getting my IELTS score. I love learning English and I want to have IELTS score.
    It's a great honor for me to be one of your students.

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    First I want to make a diagram from ideas which I have. Next I will ask from other people as well I think this will help me a lot. I will check dictionary to find the best words that can express my ideas clearly.

  • I do love this strategy. I use from diagram to brainstorm myself to find ideas. Sometimes I even go to ask from others about my essay essay my mom. When the give me ideas I noted them in diagram. Then I decide what to write.

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  • Where is your hometown? Discuss the requirements why people live there.

    The hidden question is
    - Why do people live in your hometown?

    The ideas that I write in my essay was
    -its a beautiful place
    - famous for its food
    - the weather is nice
    - the location
    - job opportunities

  • Where is your hometown ,Discuss the reasons why people live there.

    Q--- why do people live in your hometown?

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    It was a great week with lots of new information and the best thing about this week was that I did well and thanks from dear mentors as well to encourage me a lot:)))

  • Most of the students all around the Afghanistan wish to enter Kabul universities so they try hard to pass the admission process and come to study at Kabul universities. Alternatively,  the reasons may be more practical. Transport is efficient; there is easy access to busses. Job opportunities are also good. Many students take up a part-time word even of they...

  • Kabul
    The modern-day city of Kabul is located high up in a narrow valley between the Hidu Kush, and is bounded by the Kabul River. Kabul is a capital city with 4.435 million people in Afghanistan. People stay and live here because the were born here and they are here because of their family and friends. The invironment is great and houses are beautiful here....

  • I would like to improve my pronunciation to speak natural and fluent.

  • Can't wait to pass:)

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  • Now I know everything about clauses.
    Thanks !