Jinya Mizutani

Jinya Mizutani


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    This topic should be chosen by chance for teaching us how to make an academic essay effectively and correctly in my opinion.
    However, as long as I understand, water privatisation has been trend in social development during this 20 years. Some people in donor community thought business mind can make water supply more efficient likewise the supply of...

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    1_Find four subjects that you can study at university that all end “-ics”.
    A. physics, linguistics, economics, politics

    2_Which of these words is not an adjective? effective, incentive, perceptive, sensitive
    A. incentive
    3_Find four words, all ending “-dom”, which are synonyms for these words. liberty, rarely, unsystematic, sagacity
    A. Freedom,...

  • 1_Modern irrigation techniques are more efficiency than traditional ones.
    efficiency > efficient /it should be an adjective because more is an adverb.
    2_Poor diet can lead to a number of healthy problems.
    healthy > health / it should be an adjective here.
    3_After 3 weeks the average high of the plants increased by 12.6 centimetres.
    high > height / it...

  • - When did the Bank start to promote water privatisation in the global south?
    - Which other organisation have promoted this approach than the bank? And what is the similarity between these organisations and the bank?
    - Where did the bank have implemented this approach?
    - What is the criteria for "success" and "failure" of water privatisation?

  • This topic is slightly related to my previous career. I have heard stories about this issue. However, I have never analyzed this topic in detail nor written an academic essay. Thus, I am looking forward to deal with it.

  • What do you think makes an academic essay different to other types of writing?
    There are a lot of different points in academic writing compared with other types of writing. Firstly, the essay is more objective than others. Secondly, it uses formal words and expressions. Last, but not least this style utilize many reference, source and data.

    Why is academic...

  • All of options are crucial for academic writing. However, in my opinion, language is a tool in order to express each one's idea. Thus, an idea should be prioritised on than other elements.

  • There is the biggest park in Tokyo near my house.
    There a a lot of convenience stores in my town.

  • Discuss the reasons why some people prefer working remotely to working at offices

    I choose this title because I myself like to work at home whereas a lot of Japanese company order their employees to work at offices.

  • Paragraph 2 (paragraph leader)
    Many people also come to Reading to study at a language school or at the university.
    Paragraph 2 (paragraph body)
    They may choose Reading because the university has an excellent reputation, a beautiful campus and offers a high level of support to its students.
    Conclusion (summary)
    People live in Reading for their own...

  • Title
    Discuss the reasons why people choose to live in Reading
    Introduction (background)
    Reading is a large town in south-east England with a population of 147,300. It is about halfway between London and Oxford. Some people were born in Reading, and they stay because of their family and friends. Other people, however, have relocated for personal reasons;...

  • My country, Japan, has experienced a lot of changes in the last 50 years. The changes include both positive and negative one.
    On the one hand, regarding a positive aspect, some environmental issues such as water and air pollution have dramatically been improved. Some cities saw a lot of victims due to this pollution 50 years ago whereas new regulations and...

  • 4_There are new customs too. For example, in the past, couples usually got married at home and wore red clothes but now they can marry in church and wear western clothes.

    Main idea
    There are new customs

    Supporting evidence
    couples can marry in church and wear western clothes.

    5_There are some negative changes, such as the number of cigarette smokers...

  • 1_People’s lives very bad after the Second World War. People were poor because the country was poor. There was no food, no electricity and it was hard to buy anything in shops.

    Main idea
    -People’s lives in China was very bad after the Second World War.
    Supporting evidence
    no food, no electricity and difficulty of buying anything in shops.


  • Ideas
    The idea in this second essay is shown more clearly than in the first one, because each improvements took place in China are depicted in detail.

    A dramatic improvement is seen in this aspect. He uses linking words such as firstly and for example in this essay. In addition to that, he describes not only positive changes but also...

  • Even though there are some grammatical as well as spelling errors in Xiao's essay, I have gotten what the author would like to say.
    In my opinion, if Xiao learns a basic rule for academic writing a little bit more, the essay would become more academically acceptable style.

  • What are your experiences of writing in English so far?

    Hi, I am Mizutani from Japan. I have studied and used English for more than 20 years. However, I have had a little chance to write compared with other skills such as to listen or to speak. Hence, although I took IELTS in order to fulfil a requriment for enrol in a graduated university in the UK, I am...

  • In my opinion the second definition is better than the others because it contains a simple descriptiohttps://www.futurelearn.com/info/about/contact-usn of an essay in the first sentence.

  • No, I haven't. I'm looking forward to getting to know a good tutor.

  • He explains how to proceed a school life in the UK.

  • Making this sheet takes time. However, it hepls me memorise each word a lot.

  • Vocabulary log is an essential method for me.

  • 1.What differences can you see between the monolingual dictionary entry and the learner dictionary entry?
    (answer)The most significant difference is the way of describing the definition of a headword. A learner dictionary has a clear and easy-understanding definition of a headword with one word while a monolingual dictionary doesn't have.
    2.Does the learner...

  • I agree with Mr. Omar because bilingual dictionary sometimes lead us to unproper direction.

  • It really depends on the levels of students. For my case, firstly I use monolingual dictionary. However, if I'm confused about what is written, I also open bilingual dictionary.

  • I try to guess the meaning of the words which I don't know for my daily reading of newspaper and/or online news. On the other hand, when I read academic thesise or similar documents, I use online English dictionary such as Cambridge dictionary.

  • I clearly understand what is significant for us in classes. However, I also understand that we should keep practise to gasp gist in a class.

  • There are several factors for being successful in study and career.
    Firstly, to be honest in myself is a significant factor. It is necessary for us to aways think what we would like to be in the future. Secondly, persistant devotion into your study is another factor. Last but not least, to learn what your fellows are doing is also critical for being success...

  • Hello everyone. My name is Jinya Mizutani. I live in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.
    This is famous for its busyness and congestion.

    I joined this course because I'll enroll in an online M.A. course in a university in the U.K. from this autumn and I would like to practise English till them.

    I'm looking forward not only to studing English but also to...