Toshiyuki Ohwada

Toshiyuki Ohwada

Professor of American Studies at Keio University. Received his Ph.D. in American Literature from Keio University in 2004. He writes about Japanese and American popular music.


  • You may notice there is a chuckling between us when Mari-san talked about "Utsukushii Kuni Nippon (Japan, this beautiful Country)." This may need some explanation. The phrase "Japan as a beautiful country" often appears in politically conservative discourse in Japan--it actually became a slogan for the Abe administration. That was one of the reasons Mari-san...

  • I think you have a very good point here. Actually, the lectures talked about this topic while preparing for the course. We surely do not have the answer, but maybe our talk on 2.5D in the next step might be a hint.

  • I'm sorry I may have annoyed some of you--as richard says, I was trying my best to encourage her to talk fully about her experience. And also I was excited to hear the story myself!