Anderson Aisagbonbuomwan

Anderson Aisagbonbuomwan

A Human Physiologist, Thinker and Talker. I love what makes the immediate communities and indeed the world I live in grow positively. I like providing answers and convincing people.

Location Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria


  • I think reflection should be applied always, it may be difficult initially because it's not a tool one is used to. Reflection should be made a part of you, i.e a routine, habit more than just a tool. Apart from teaching and learning, it will be beneficial for everyday life

  • I believe you haven't learnt or taught without reflecting. It helps you know where you need to improve. As a teacher, reflecting on the response level of your students matters.

  • Learning style do not connote learning outcome but to totally say it doesn't contribute at all to learning outcome is something one has to ponder on

  • Nice comments here
    If I should toll the line of the analysis above, 'needing' will be a strong/er motivational factor.
    And though some factors may present an opposite effect on the learner but it wouldn't be enough to make the learner not to further engage in that activity.

  • Too serious all through most times do not help learners, so creating interludes, other short activities completely different from the subject will even help learners remember

  • There's no learning without the above factors...however an educator can flaunt these factors without knowing because it appears easy

  • Children and very few adults learn just for learning sake. Interest is the major motivation for learning

  • It depends, one can not really conclude that one learner is better than the other.
    Different factors come into play in learning. One major factor is the interest of the learner concerning what is being learnt. Another factor is the ability of the educator to bond with the learners. I have seen instances where learners are not even interested in a particular...

  • Hi
    I work with girls, women and children based not for profit organisation with concern in their SRH and wellbeing. I'm also an MPH student.
    I hope to develop more teaching skills with this course.

  • I had a nice time going through the course, though I couldn't follow while it was ongoing. I only hope that the guidelines and rights of children especially unaccompanied and seperated are respected and followed. They need care

  • Hello everyone, Anderson is my name, currently in Nigeria. With a women, girl and children based NGO in Nigeria. I really want to learn more on child protection and care.

  • Wonderful case studies, to me it is interesting to know that even when cases are complex and uncertainty looms, it could still be taught and understood.
    This will really help my decision making abilities as there are so many things to look out for and reason about before making not only serious decisions but also little ones.

  • I clearly understand your point Eelke, but I think what the lecturer was trying to point out is that there are stuffs that will not be seen in these village chops but will definitely be found in city chops

  • When development of prices rises above trend it always never return to normalcy the same way it went up, it aleays results in a burst, a sudden one

  • The concept of social entrepreneurship is well understood. It must have total wealth. Profit as well as social wealth.
    This Prof made it a bit easy to understand. Kudos

  • I think they are all termed entrepreneurship, the difference between them is the aims and goals they plan to achieve.

  • I think social engineers cannot really thrive without the presence of social constructionist and social bricoleurs. But in all they tend to work more and so gets the best of result

  • This world we live is can not survive by mere government establishments and agencies, entrepreneurship should be given the fullest support. We I say fullest support I mean whatever and wherever the support is coming from, government, agencies, organisations, friends and family members of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs themselves coming together to see how...

  • Automatic preference for straight people over gay people. Really nice test.

  • Realistic application of this concept makes it more interesting. Looking forward to more

  • Lagos state used to be the capital of Nigeria until it was moved to Abuja. During its time as capital, it became the centre of industralization. But after it was moved, till now it still remain and there are no chances that industralization will leave there soon

  • An interesting this about this model is the fact that it is realitic when applied to real world situations

  • It was first an advantage to the male, but when the female became aware of the information it became an advantage to the female and disadvantage to the male

  • Authority and superiority biases

  • Can someone show me where that statement was made in the course of the study...the last question

  • I like the answer to question 2 on the use of ABM in public health especially on infectious disease modelling

  • Well said Kim, I also think apart from distance, there may also be other factors that may tend to make them choose a particular path, even longer path.

  • Their mode of communication is understood by all, it's on the same platform. But humans are difficult to communicate with. Some may just toll the other way not because it's the right one but they just want to be different.

  • Hahahahaha, funny Kruger. Well it was a nice experience. Don't stop half way, strive to finish it. It gets more interesting from the fifth week when you start using the different concepts taught in life case scenarios like the 2008 global financial crisis

  • The actions of a computer is already design. So the outcome of any sent command is predicted because it has be designed that way

  • Hello, I am Anderson from Nigeria. I did this course before and was notified of the new touches added to it. It was interesting then and I know it will still be now.

  • The real life scenerio made the case study interesting as it was not difficult to digest.
    The complexity of almost everything and anything around us (environment) and the cause and effects of the case study and the practical lessons from them are my take away lessons.
    Oh! What I have learnt here has started influencing my decision making already

  • Hahahahahahahaha! Though laughable, but it's making a lot of sense

  • I like!this analysis

  • Uncertainty happens, even without greed and selfish attitudes. Anyways these two cannot be taken away from the society

  • Predicting the future do not necessarily connote good science, i think maybe if the word accurate is added then we can begin to call it good science.

  • The extra really added extra

  • I think one of the things the art man should look out for is the quality and relevance of that art and also its relatively unavailability or scarcity in the future. By that he or she will be able to make a huge profit in the near future

  • I am so so late, but still enjoying it though

  • The political atmosphere of Nigeria till now cannot be seperated from the past political parties and their philosopies. Despite the time change and players, but it is still very obvious that the political settings in Nigeria is still patterned by the rhen Action Group and their likes

  • These 3 key factor clrarly explained the site of the 18th century industrial revolution..this was one question that bordered me

  • In the animal world, this has lead to extinction of some species as they were exposed to one form of danger or the other as a result of segregation

  • Long week, though eye opening