Riaz Hussain

Riaz Hussain

Lecturer in English
Associate Member: IATEFL &
Member: The Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT)
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    great course

  • spirituality!

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  • informative!

  • informative!

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    AI can generate human like content, which is intriguing!

  • Bloviation, the Dunning-Krugar Effect , hallucinations, and bias are the key issues. One major issue is: Can machines think?

  • informative!

  • To be fiscally honest, banks must enhance and improve the management of their finances. At least in the past, certain nations have been accused of taking money from unscrupulous individuals. As of right now, effective measures are needed so that the impacted countries' local authorities can work with the monetary institutions such as the IMF, WB, and UN to...

  • It is claimed by credible people such as Ram Jethmalani, former Minister of Law and Justice of India, and others, and published in the media that money from poor countries is stashed in foreign banks. In Pakistan, some credible people make such claims. Is it true? Is their any mechanism in place to keep a check on it? How can it be returned?

  • Governments in some parts of the world occasionally offer incentives, such as changing currency notes or offering amnesty. In 2016, Pakistan offered amnesty, allowing people to convert their black money into taxable income by declaring and paying it. Are these methods effective, and are international agencies able to put an end to them?
    Federal Minister for...

  • We frequently receive emails offering millions or even billions of cash because bogus emails are so prevalent!

  • vigilance!

  • Interesting. I have heard that in the UK, you can overdraw as well. In
    Pakistan, we can't do it. Is this true?

  • Banks are for the rich. They serve those who already have a lot. The bank closes the door to the poor who need help. The banking model should be Grameen Bank to lift people out of poverty.

  • Digitalization is a positive development if the bank authorities remain one step ahead of criminals in manipulating it.

  • It is difficult to determine whether the invention of money has resulted in more good or harm. Everyone is chasing it and wants to get it, by hook or crook.

  • I'm just curious to know how human creativity works in different contexts so innovatively. The brain is like an amoral machine that can be used either way.

  • Thank you.

  • The economy should be digital, as digital transactions can easily help identify legal and illegal transactions.

  • AI is going to challenge Homo sapiens' intellectual dominance very soon!