Alexia Weeks

Alexia Weeks

Alexia worked as a primary school teacher and enjoyed leading a successful film club. She is now the Training Manager at Into Film.

Location London


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  • Thanks for being such an active learner on the course!

  • Welcome everyone! Get stuck in with the course community and support each other with your ideas. I look forward to learning with you.

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  • This is how we feel too, great that you can see its worth.

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  • Hi Catherine. Thanks for the feedback and glad you had lots to take away from it. For any feedback about the site, please can you contact rather than leaving comments. They do collect this kind of feedback, and respond to learner emails. Thanks!

  • Hope you enjoy the course!

  • What's your seven-step approach, Emma?

  • Thanks for sharing your film! Lovely graphics too.

  • Let us know how you get on, Sohail!

  • Using a camera to demonstrate how to use another camera - perfect!

  • Really important topics, made engaging and meaningful through filmmaking. Sounds perfect, Ozan.

  • Great to hear that you're able to use the one-shot film in a blended approach, Shonella!

  • That's great to hear, Susan!

  • Good repurposing there!

  • So glad to have you back on another of our courses!

  • Really interested to hear from the range of people taking the course, and how you might learn from each other across the types of places that you work.

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    Welcome everybody! We're looking forward to learning with you on this course. Any questions you have for us, just pop them in the Comments section on the relevant step and we'll get back to you.