Mischa Dohler

Mischa Dohler

Mischa Dohler is full Professor at King’s College London, Head of the Centre for Telecommunications Research, co-founder of Worldsensing, and Fellow of the IEEE.
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Location London


  • I love it! It is technically difficult to do but with next gen accelerator sensors we might be able to do it.

  • excellent!

  • Great!

  • You made it! The end of the course. I hope you liked the holistic approach across the many fields which the IoT impacts. I was not present as much as I hoped for, the reason being we are designing an end-to-end 5G system which took all my time in autumn 2017. However, I have read all your comments, and truly loved the ideas, creativity and interaction among...

  • Thanks, Johan. I am sure one or another opportunity in IoT will work out for you. Good luck with it all! Kindest, Mischa.

  • :) Great feedback and love your encouragement re "CEO chairs" --- go for it! Kind regards, Mischa.

  • Thanks, Marco, for the great feedback. I wish you all the best for the coming years!

  • You mean for over the air updates?

  • Go for it, Queen Banda! Kindest, Mischa.

  • Great --- let's synch at the end of Week 4 and see if you got an inspiration on the way. Kindest, Mischa.

  • You need passion, a good team, and a reasonable good idea. The rest will follow ... :)

  • Denis, wonderful observation re sharing. I couldn't agree more with you. And the Internet, including MOOCs like Futurelearn, are a wonderful platform to do so.

  • Excellent self-observation, Ebrahim! Have a look into Week 4, and let's resynch at the end of it.

  • Let's see if Week 4 helps with that ... :)

  • That's a cool application! :)

  • Good area! Important topics are key redistribution, human engineers in the loop when dealing with IoT security, and quantum capabilities.

  • Totally agree, Johan. The IoT in fact lends itself to a lot of social entreprises. Just google it and you will get a lot of inspirations!

  • Dear all, my sincere apologies that I am coming in only now. The past weeks have been a nightmare but things are easing out for me so I should be able to be present a little more. I have gone through all your comments of past weeks --- thanks so much for such a proactive participation. Have a wonderful Week 4 and I remain with kindest regards from London,...

  • Well said!

  • :)

  • Completely agree. Also have that experience as of late. There is an interesting framework developed by the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) in London which gets around this. If you are in/around London, it is worth checking it out. Kindest, Mischa.

  • ... alert levels are high, and rightly so!

  • Terry, what a great idea that is! You should try to make that work. People will love it. Kindest, Mischa.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Virginia. Let's see what others say. I love the ideas. Keep being creative! Mischa.

  • Excellent application! Mischa.

  • Love that, Ronald! Would help me and a lot of friends I have. Great product - market fit. Mischa.

  • Well, you made it --- coongrats! You were a great interactive crowd and I wish you all the best for your future IoT efforts. Thanks for listening in, and please do leave feedback. With kindest regards, Mischa.

  • Dear all, great to hear about your experiences --- that is wonderful. Mischa.

  • Great to know. Thanks for sharing, Eris. Kindest, Mischa.

  • Please, do! There are loads of resources available :)

  • Keep iterating! Watch out for false positive, eg your wife coming through the door. Mischa.

  • Mischa Dohler made a comment

    You made it until here --- great! I hope you like this week. There was certainly a lot of food for thought! And you did really well interacting. Thanks a lot, and see you next week! Kind regards, Mischa.

  • Could not agree more. This systemt is more than 200 years old. It is not of any use in modern innovation cycles.

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Complete agree but the biggest problem is that if you opt out there is nothing you are left to use. We are already very digitally dependent ... to be seen how all pans out. Kindest, Mischa.

  • Agreed!

  • Love it! Just came out of a session with Usman Haque on an IoT Certification Process and we settled for an "Ethics Certification", ie ethics natively build in. Love your idea of "morality stamp". Great! Mischa.

  • Great idea. Now, next question, how? How to make this secure and scalable and useful and accountable and and and? Heterogeneity and complexity are major issue. I am advocating for distributed ledgers, like block chains. To be seen ... Mischa.

  • Yes, great idea. Watch it! (One of the episodes in Series 2 were filmed next door to me --- small world, isn't it?)

  • Paul, the real problem is that we have gotten so used to all the services and there is quite a bit of social pressure that opting out, even if entitled, is not an option anymore. And it is going to get worse ... Mischa.

  • Brilliant --- thanks for bringing this all out. I leave you with a thought on how to manage all these heterogeneous sensors and relationships of ownerships: distributed ledgers (blockchains). Mischa.

  • Herbert, I am not sure either; and I think none of us is. It is a field in making, with a lot of technical and social engineering still needed. Mischa.

  • Thanks, Herbert. With kind regards, Mischa.