Lara Edwards.


I'm an avid reader,writer baker and photographer who has interests in science ,history psychology.
I also like learning languages in my spare time

Location Wrexham.


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    What a wonderful team i am so looking forward to learning more during this course.

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    Dia daoibh Mise Lara.^_^

  • hi everyone so i'm Lara i recently graduated in history and creative writing at university and work for a publishing company who is currently building up her digital skills in regards to online content as we run a motivational magazine as a branch of our business.

  • I've been dying to learn more Italian after a holiday in Florence a few years ago.

  • hello there so i am a thirty year old who has recently started a job in a publishing company who would like to undertake this course to be more inclusive to others.

  • Hi there so my name is Lara I have just completed a degree in history and creative writing and have a new job at a publishing company. i write i do photography i perform poetry i just thought that this course would be helpful for the legalities of what i do in the company.

  • I would actually think that she would love things like Instagram think that that it would appeal to her.

  • Hi I'm Lara so I've just finished a ba in history and I did a project on this topic in regards to photography but didn't get much opportunity to explore the film element which is why I've joined this course.

  • I am so looking forward to this course as a ba history student who couldn't take her modules on European history with a combined degree.

  • Wonderful that this is available to view online.

  • Hello there my name is Lara.I live in a place called Wrexham in North Wales in the united kingdom.I've always been super interested in art and as a history student i thought this course would expand on my new appreciation for sculpture after visiting a lot of museums and galleries.

  • I'm really excited about this course as art history fascinates me.

  • This was a splendid course throughly enjoyed it.

  • Really interesting week one a lot to digest and very engaging especially the table top discussions.

  • I like that you all have a different viewpoint on screen writing definitions.

  • Super excited to go into screen- writing in a bit more depth after doing some as part of my BA.

  • i tend to do a combination of both of to try all options.

  • fab advice here.

  • interesting to see how this can work as a collaboration as I'm pretty new to songwriting as a poet and having friends that are musicians.

  • always wonderful to look at such a range of materials and so easy to access.

  • Really looking forward to this especially the use of effects and miniature.

  • Fantastic range of sites think i will check weekly to see whats highlighted on them.

  • as a performance poet i particularly enjoy Ashleys interpretation of the text.

  • this is just lovely makes me want to embroider more.

  • fantastic to see a monster calls included in this video.

  • Fantastic to get to look at comics i feel they are so under rated at times.

  • now this i think is a marvellous combination for kids to engage with books.

  • this is an interesting concept would love to see more books like this.

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    Hi so i'm Lara i have done a combined history and creative writing degree and have been bitten by the bug of children's writing so I'm interested in the more visual aspects of communication.

  • I am so looking forward to this course as i got to do a few writing for children's writing modules on my Creative Writing degree so I'm looking forward to exploring visual aspects.

  • love the idea of a black market sort of selling element.

  • I enjoyed studying about the georgians in my second year of university but we did not look at fashions of the period much so I'm looking forward to this week.

  • Really excited to expand my knowledge of this period.

  • This hat is so plush and such a display of wealth it is so eyecatching.

  • I agree with Nicky the mystery of the period intrigues me the most.

  • Hi everyone so i'm a ba history student who unfortunately was about to join an archaeology group this year but is here to get stuck in and to learn a bit more about the mesolithic period.

  • Fantastic resource list. :)

  • Hello everyone i'm so looking forward to this course i'm a second year ba student in history and creative writing but missed a tudor module so i thought i'd join in here.

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    Hello there i'm a history student who wants to expand her knowledge about this time period in history.

  • Identity,Expression,Knowledge,Creativity

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    Looking forward to learning more about the Quakers we touched upon them briefly in my history class buy would love to learn more.

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    This sounds fascinating this interests me as I study politics so this will come in handy. :)

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    Hoi man named is Lara I live in the United kingdom . Other than English I speak Welsh and are currently trying to learn a variety of languages.

  • Hoi I'm bin Lara. ^~^

  • Hi everyone i'm a history student whos looking forward to learning more about ancient history late starting due to a demanding college/volunteering schedule but looking forward to catching up.

  • Really looking forward to this course.

  • This is fascinating.

  • Fascinsting im really looking forward to this course and obtaining more knowledge about marine archeology.

  • What an interesting man.

  • Very interesting enjoying the depth on this mooc.

  • Running late to the course but really enjoying what im learning.

  • It seems pretty factual

  • To appeal for new information by keeping it in the publics conscieousness.

  • Fascinating spending my evening catching up. :)

  • I did expect this level of detail however i did not realize just how many jobs are in this field.

  • Interesting.

  • Really fascinating course.

  • Looking forward to catching up with this been busy with my access course but really looking forward to getting stuck in.

  • Really looking forward to this week.

  • This sounds absolutely delicious.

  • I am a history student who is looking forward to learning more about food and drink in various places

  • Having whatever your heart desires food and drink wise.

  • I'm really looking forward to this course.

  • i didnt realize there were so many theatres.

  • I havent ever heard of this word before this was fascinating.

  • Hi i thought i'd give this a try as my tutor mentioned it in college and i want to use it in my day to day life.

  • Love the coffee culture in Italy.

  • Easy and lovely.

  • I want to be able to speak Italian to converse with the locals more because its a fantastic country and i'd like to use it more.

  • Definitely one of my inspirations especially seeing that wordswirth believed that everyone was capable of feeling deeply.

  • Interesting to learn more about wordsworths life.

  • seems like a silent h.

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    Hallo,mijn name is Lara.Ik wool in Wales.I'm a photographer.

  • Mijn naaam is Lara. :)

  • Hello everyone I would like to practise more Spanish as I've always wanted to learn another language.

  • The spotify playlist is great

  • Playing catch up this week I'm looking forward to learning more about Robert burns.

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    This sounds like a great idea.

  • Hello there ive just started researching my family history.

  • I think that experimental archaelogy can help us explain the past.