Mary Ni Lochlainn

Mary Ni Lochlainn

I am an Academic Clinical Fellow in Geriatric Medicine, based in South London. I completed my medical studies at Trinity College Dublin, qualifying in 2014.

Location South London


  • :)

  • Ha!

  • Yes this can happen in some cases

  • Thanks for sharing Mary, having someone read to you can be an intimate and loving act in itself

  • Thank you!

  • Sorry to hear that Katherine-Jane

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Good point!

  • Delighted to hear you had positive experience with your doctor on this Vivienne.

  • There can be intimacy in relationships with friends?

  • Intimacy doesn't have to be about sex, I agree, it is different for everyone

  • Thanks for sharing John!

  • Really enjoyed the short film - nicely done

  • Many medical conditions can affect sexual function, as can the menopause. I hope going forward you feel you can discuss it with your GP if it is causing you both any distress.

  • It is a taboo subject, that's for sure. The conversation is an important one, as intimacy plays a significant role in people's lives. Whether that intimacy means intimacy in friendship, physical closeness, or sexual intercourse, is different for everyone. Many medical conditions and medications can affect sexual function, I hope to see healthcare professionals...

  • Thank you for your feedback, glad you enjoyed the article