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  • I am a registered nurse with Frimley NHS FOUNDATION TRUST, keen to horn my ECG knowledge as I do ECG on daily basis.

  • Its absolutely fantastic,has the course equipped me with knowekedge about analytic data ,notably EHRs ; hopefully this will drive me as a nurse towards a new career.

  • Unfortunately,I am unware of this until now,hence the introduction of GDPR has obviously orientate me and will make me extremely careful when surfing the internet most importantly in sharing data.

  • Realistically, it is difficult but achievable if strict measures are put in place

  • Absolutely no, because the humane feature of medical practice cannot be overemphazised and irreplaceable by machine,nevertheless machine will corrobate efficiently in many arears of medical,nursing practice; thereby promoting healthcare industry.

  • As a nurse practitioner, I will key in because of indept knoweledge of its immeasurable benefits.

  • Obviously,the selection present the player with the best ability in each position.A CD

  • Generating data related to the perception and attitude of people to health is of utmost important . Meavnwhile, involving citizen science initiatives will enhance better health

  • Incomplete data, poor quality data

  • improving healthcare industries is my main focus,then other area areaa relevant.

  • Expectantly, as a nurse practitioner, I am looking towards how big data can improve healthcare industry as a whole; in a area of services and research.

  • It's been wonderful going through this course, knowledge was impacted. Although, having more video lectures will enhance our understanding. Thanks a bunch to all team members.

  • Facebook.
    Location data
    Biographic data
    Behavioral data

  • Virtually all was mentioned, interestingly WhatsApp was not categorized as a social media based on the definition.

  • Personally, making clear terms regarding the use of the App must be well defined.

  • Specifically, table one depicts the detail information regarding students from a single country, on the other hand, the infographic is complex but then shows more detailed information with comparison of student from different countries.

  • Obviously,data selection is the the most time consuming during a data analytic cycle because, it requires sorting of the data based on its relevancy,quality among other factors.

  • The are numerous ways of sourcing for data, the internet,health organizations/ facilities. However, the quality remain a question.

  • Obviously, we all generate data either wittingly or unwittingly, therefore information posted on social media- Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter among others are common and inevitable source of data; Pictures of happenings around are communicated via this platform .

  • Big data are numerous information generated and that is so immense in its management.

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    Its becoming interesting, let's get on.

  • The merits of big data undoubtedly outweighs its downside, therefore let's learn more from the expert in the field.

  • Taofeek Mustapha from Nigeria, a nurse practitioner . The global world is a data world , information are generated and utilized in every sector. Fortunately, the language in the health arena is data,no data no work.As a result of this, subscription to the course remain germain to efficiently function within the health seactor both nationally and...

  • My name's Mustapha Taofeek, a nurse practitioner from Nigeria with Bnsc and post graduate diploma in education y(In-view). It's a great privilege to be here and I cease this opportunity to appreciate the institution and their team for their immeasurable efforts.

  • My Name is Taofeek mustapha, a Nurse entrepreneur currently in Nigeria