Craig Brown

Craig Brown

Educational Technologist for over 20 years working in HE

Location Glasgow, Scotland


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    An area that I had a little knowledge of. Some great examples and interesting new developments.

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    It shows that simple steps that are taken at the start of producing any digital content can make content more useable for everyone.

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    Very useful!

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    Some really good additional resources and have enjoyed the discussion.

  • Really enjoying this course and it is helping to reinforce existing knowledge I have already.

  • Will need to spend much more time on Pig latin - lots to take in but enjoying the orientation!

  • This is very useful. Many thanks for sharing.

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    Have got much out of the first week - best bit was using terminal again for the first time in about 10 years! Easy to follow and many new concepts learned. Discussions have also been really insightful. Looking forward to next week!

  • So far so good!

  • Although I had to rush through this at the end I really enjoyed it. Although not related o the work I do it gave me a valuable and interesting insight into the subject.

  • As someone who supports Moodle I would have to agree and the first time using it can be a bit daunting and time consuming. Have a look at or even on Youtube for some help. It is worth persevering.

  • Really enjoying the course so far but might struggle to fit the project in/do it justice.

  • Really enjoying the course so far and a number of tings to try out in my own life.

  • See the benefit in this - will take more practice to stop the mind wandering.

  • I need to give myself a break. I am my own worst critic and it's not great for my confidence.

  • Have already learned why I'm struggling to complete a dissertation (part-time Masters). Pity it's not on the subject of procrastinating!

  • I seem to be doing everything wrong here and can already see why I get stressed at work.

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    I am very good at have a good diet when it comes to main meals but my snacking needs to be brought under more control! Do much more than the recommended levels of exercise and have found being a member of a running club to be a great motivator.

  • Changes with time of year and if I'm marathon training. Varies between porridge, eggs, toast, and greek yogurt with berries or fruit.

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    Really looking forward to next week.

  • I use automatic update to keep my macs up to date.

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    Just at the start of a masters dissertation - liked the checklist

  • A much better understanding of my research subject.

  • Lot to be said for a paleo diet then :)

  • Great course and very fitting for a MOOC. Lots to think about and I now have a much better understanding (basic) of networks.

  • Actually got me thinking about my online professional profile which is a bit lacking at the moment. Think that this is the kick that I needed.

  • We as users are now tending to ignore the right-hand column of our web browsers. We find that this is an area that students tended to ignore when also using our VLE.

  • I always take the stance that everything that I do online is public regardless of my settings. There is nothing to stop this information going public in the future.

  • Couldn't agree more. Every day I get requests from change org to sign virtual petition.

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    This course has opened me up to a completely new subject. Am very much enjoying it.

  • Can't make Monday but very much enjoying the course.

  • Our need for fast information and communication.

  • It frightens me how much I use the web both for work and in my private life. From gaining information for work and home (very technical to trivia!), paying all my bills and managing my finances, shopping, communicating with friends and family, and entertainment.