Denis Roche

Denis Roche

Composer, artist and curator
Consultant Artist in Mercer's Institute for Successful Ageing, St.James Hospital, Dublin and Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin.


  • I used to do this as a child with my grandfather. We would take the bus to the end of the line. Such a simple thing to do but felt like we were on the biggest adventure.

  • Really enjoying your comments and hearing your stories about where the creativity lies in your day to day. From creative approaches to problem solving in an intergenerational project, framing journeys on public transport within the city as adventures, to questions about the reliability of the stories of Dr Cohen's father-in-law! It's clear that many of you are...

  • This is a great example of being fluid and responsive to a challenging situation. Sounds like a great project that highlights the importance of taking an open-ended approach to art in a social context.

  • This is great. The most exciting event for me in recent times was the discovery of gravitational waves confirming Einstein's general theory of relativity. The fulfilment of a theory he formed in 1915. Now that's creative thinking!

  • Good points about research and the benefit of art making and creativity to health.The OpenWindow project is an example of a study that showed that it was indeed art that was having an impact on peoples health in a clinical environment This kind of research is notoriously difficult to conduct and comes with it's own particular set of...

  • This is a great example of taking a step back, reassessing the problem and having the confidence or experience to offer a new approach. And as others have identified, the first step to being creative can be an act of unblocking ; )

  • It's great to read your comments - looking forward to next week and hearing more. I think the important thing is not to overlook your own creativity and resilience. Creativity is not only about art! Take some time to think about the activities that you do regularly and consider them from a different perspective. Creativity can be about looking at the same...