Muhammad Fawad Noori

Muhammad Fawad Noori

Hi there, I am Fadnoori. I am an international fashion professional, designer, fashion choreographer, stylist
and fashion educationist. and u can follow me @

Location Pakistan



  • It was great week and the way M&S shared the usage of innovation is amazing, thanks for information and quiz was the great idea to recall whole week. Thanks every one. Have a good day

  • Advertisement is always create image of any brand. Fashion is changing day by day and Innovation is the key to develop add campaign specially on social media. all adds are depends on their target market and brand positioning.

  • As far as Technology which impacts on fashion innovation; I think as product Smart phone and as services Social media is the best examples and in my country social media is most common tool for buying and selling products by using smart phone technology. many retailers are using technologies in my country, Outfitters, Sapphire, Breakout etc are top casual wear...

  • At the moment Sustainable fashion is most important area where M&S has to launched sustainable clothing lines and give value to environment and planet.

  • I think "Fashion" itself is innovation starting from first fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth who develop first brand and then in history I think Denim Fabric is the biggest innovation for fashion. Sewing machine is the biggest innovation and list is go on. I divided my selection in to three parts first is in machines second is in fabric and third is in...

  • Excellent way of video presentation to give clear understanding of all types of innovation. This added more excitement in me to explore more :)

  • Hi, I am fadnoori, from Lahore Pakistan, I am teaching in fashion school that's why I am very much interested in this course. Thank you very much for welcome note and I am thankful to you and M&S for presenting this course

  • my next step will be learn more where i can use AI in fashion and design field along this creative graphic design. thanks for sharing very nice information which was really new for me and its really great learning

  • I am not in to coding but wekinator is new learning and many creative app was really inspiring like piano genie and PIX2PIX

  • Creativity and Dedication

  • Definitely future of every industry is AI and there will be many jobs, find very interesting article.

  • VID2VID , Piano Genie both are amazing

  • ufff.. lots of learning, Initially couldn't open cuz dnt have java and it took more time and then tried various examples n will try to learn more

  • its really inspiring for me and its really new learning,thank u.and the project in Design section THE LANGUAGE OF TEARS is very good project and in Music project of Monica Dinculescu is amazing

  • wow amazing personality and love the software she developed for Musicians.

  • most important is availability of high internet speed, Knowledge about technology and availability of tools.

  • very simple example is using Facebook and posting photos of your interest will show classification through identification of Human face and it will segregate photos of both segments

  • amazing work Anna, I thing the use of machine learning was fantastic specially drawing through music , her style of work is unique and I really like the mosaic virus. and Using AI in her creative work is really awesome

  • I think on social media many deepfakes action has been done and people are doing a lot using various applications to develop these fake things. And definitely technology has been used in both ways depend on a person how they want to use that.

  • I am interested how Ai used in Fashion design today and what will be the future of AI in fashion industry. Also want to learn more about AI technologies is Graphics

  • learning and exploring AI is the basic challenge and after completing week 1 ,i will become more curious to know more about this. I am looking forward for design area in AI mostly.

  • a human brain is the creator of machine so I think machine can not create that's why I have change my vote from yes to no.

  • be patient... so I am, very good advice for beginners , thanks for sharing information and u are really inspiring

  • I am not agree with Klingemaan's thoughts, because humans are who created all these machines and definitely humans are very creative but it all depends how u use your brain.
    to some extent Broad can be acknowledge and can claim to WB

  • my vote goes with Klingemann who is the author of the code and I think author must be valued. Obvious did the most so deserved more acknowledgment and Barat also get some cuz he created new art work too.

  • Totally agree with Luba, excellent way of sharing thoughts that was really informative and inspiring

  • I thought yes, cuz at the backhand the artist's mind using that algorithms to create any art work.

  • Google image recognition social media accounts security for face recognition and most common application is speech to text application and Talkwalker is image recognition app (Talkwalker's image recognition tech allows you to search a database of over 30,000 logos, as well as scenes and objects.)

    Here are examples of tools that you may have heard of, but...

  • This is very new learning for me but as fashion professional the AI involved in designing too and specially recognizing colors just by clicking on it. will get all technical information about color also the values and code of color.

  • wow That's amazing information, I haven't even know many of above software. I think the future is AI, become more excited to learn more

  • Google Machine Alexa, or many other robots which can work through AI ,it will replace humans for many tasks in production houses majorly and create problem in job placement

  • I said yes, although all machines are man made but still many machines can create.

  • it was great introduction and I am looking forward for learning about AI,very interesting and great profile MICK

  • Hello everyone, I am Muhammad Fawad Noori, International fashion professional from Pakistan. I am practicing AI technologies in fashion industry but very much excited to learn more through this course.

  • WOW ,bravo, Beautifully presented the thanking note Professor. Thanks to u and yes, this course is really create an impact of every individual.

  • Thanks dear , no words to express . really glad to become a part of this journey of learning

  • Thank you very much for sharing your valuable reflection from the team. its really an eye opener and Inspiring. Thanks again dear all lovely personalities

  • I am glad that I have been the part of this excellent journey of learning and exploring fashion sustainability. Thanks to all of you who gives me this information and process to understand the importance of fashion sustainability. I also thanks all my peers who helped me and guide me in every task also your valuable comments are really inspiring. Thanks...

  • what an excellent way to express your inner feeling and thoughts and give value through your actions on what u said in your statement. Small steps will take you to destination so I suggest start taking your steps towards sustainability and create awareness from fashion as language.

  • 1.Equality
    2. Comfort

    Think positive and give value to every single person who is working for you in your brand.
    Give importance and comfort to everyone to create comfortable sustainable products by using sustainable materials and process
    Vision to generate an alternative eco-system of fashion for confident aware....

  • the above 5 steps are very effective to create own MANIFESTO and it will depend on which agenda and issue u will cater most.I am reworking on my MANIFESTO and come up with new idea which will be inspired by suggestion of Anna on her video.

  • excellent tips to present my own MANIFESTO to public. thanks Anna

  • mind blowing: what a way to start and stick on their manifestos. very inspiring source to get motivated. thanks for sharing this excellent case studies its really informative along with helpful to learn more n more.

  • bravo: very inspiring projects thanks for sharing it and I wish I will be the part of any upcoming or ongoing projects. I love "dress for our time project" :-)

  • excellent way to summarized the whole course n its the best way to understand the framework for fashion sustainability.

  • Great introduction and very excited for this last week.

  • Very interesting project. thanks for sharing it.This week is most active week and I have done alot to fulfill the challenge. great learning week.

  • Initially it looks hard but when get the real examples from your side will create very challenging task and while doing the whole process its was really learning process and creating new things by using step by step process. very thank you to you to sharing this process.

  • Economic agenda and issue is Consumption and waste.I have created an campaign for awareness of consumers to not to waste your outfits. it was really learning assignment and I think my idea is really practical.

  • WOW amazing experience , done with the challenge and its really interesting

  • real challenge is making prototype of any process,it will give u real inside look and feel also give u feedback to upgrade the actual thing.

  • nice way to present story board but if we can create a story board digitally using pictures or illustrations with text written it will give another way of presenting story board

  • nice idea to passing skills to others and get rewards and benefits

  • very interesting part and most difficult give clear understanding

  • its great way to develop client sheets , Thanks for sharing

  • Agenda Economic and issue Consumption & waste
    1- How might we create awareness in people not to waste garment
    2- How might we teach people to do upcycling process to give rebirth to your old garments
    3- How might we create smart pattern making techniques to reduce waste in garment manufacturing process in local small industries
    4- How might we create...

  • I have selected Economic agenda and the issue would be Consumption and waste

  • the process is getting more interesting

  • Thanks for giving an exclusive way of doing design process and it will upgrade our design and creative thinking.

  • very well presented and yes its really depends what u want to design and for whom u want to design, following the basics steps which was clearly mentioned in this video is amazing from focus to prototype. Thanks Gabrielle

  • WOW exceptional examples all are amazing in every section the most I have liked are one from each section that is below
    Issey Miyake (my all-time favorite designer)
    Business model:
    Christopher Raeburn (best way to present sustainable fashion brand)
    Behavior change:
    Unmade- Co design (one of my idea which I have launched in small digital...

  • Nature base design methods and people base design methods are new prospective of thinking while designing. Nice way to present both areas of designing and its really helpful for future designing.

  • Feeling excited and thanks for the introduction of week 5

  • ufff,, amazing week four is the core of this course so far n I have learned a lot and have tried to implement in my fashion dilemma assignment. Thanks for sharing excellent knowledge and waiting for my peered review on my assignment, fingered crossed :-)

  • Amazingly said: TRUST, ETHICS and transparency are the key factors. In my opinion must value to labor laws and create safe and transparent environment for sporting people not own business

  • wow: very interesting assignment to do. love it. I have shared the Photo and wrote this:

    As I have mentioned earlier that I am not shopaholic and I very simple, but fashionable guy, my design philosophy is simple but effective. I think I have about 100 ¬ 120 items from last 10 years. My Style is wearing casual mostly but for events occasionally I mostly...

  • Thanks for sharing very informative reading material and the concept of wardrobe ethnography is very challenging and it must be apply demographically to collect the data. First article's Abstract is read able for free.

  • Thanks for sharing the excellent info-graph and the article crossroads fashion is amazing ,