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  • Thank you all: I thoroughly enjoyed the course!

  • For me, I've always been way more interested in floors than skeletons.

  • Thanks gang!!! Very informative and enjoyable course.

  • Hi Wendy,
    I was wondering about the first detailed diagram under which is written "The differences between male and female pelvises". Is that the diagram you're referring to? I'm still confused.

  • You are blessed!@AlisonAllen

  • Hopelessly addicted to eating them, Alison.

  • I've o'really enjoyed this course! Thank-you for putting it together.

  • Thanks for including that link!

  • I'm confused: in regard to the greater sciatic notch the diagram above on the left (labeled female) appears to have a narrower notch than the one on the right (labeled male). ?

  • I'm with you on the lipstick. How can anyone do without it?

  • Lipstick, taxidermy, golf clubs, books, prawns.

  • I don't know why but I find roadside memorials unsettling.

  • Your 2-key sticks, Pam.

  • I'm going to revise that: I've had it.

  • I am it.

  • Thank you all, for a great course!

  • Thanks for the link, Lee: just ordered some gin.

  • Off with their heads!

  • Boban spelled backwards.

  • What about potato chips?

  • Elephant foot umbrella stands.

  • Wouldn't it sink into the tarts?

  • Another book on the subject is by Paul Spencer Sochaczewski "An Inordinate Fondess for Beetles" if you're interested.

  • It was one of the grave goods @MaryAnnAtwood

    It was all interesting!
    I loved our professoressa's presentations the best!
    Thanks for a most enjoyable and informative course.

  • Cheery!

  • JSB's the best!@AndreasWerle

  • There's also the question of taxation: interest may be taxed at a higher rate than capital gains.

  • But you should never overextend yourself so that you need to sell when the market crashes.

  • I think of coins and bills. Love coins and bills.

  • Thanks, Anabela. That sounds rather light considering the crime.

  • Well explained!

  • I've really enjoyed the course so far. Thank-you.

  • You're putting me off my food.

  • Looks like we're going to be consuming lots of hazelnut oil and washing it down with pulp wash.

  • So what happens to companies that adulterate olive oil with hazelnut and other oils? Do they have to relabel the goods or destroy them; are they fined?

  • Why not!

  • I liked the article about the 19th century food additives.

  • Thank you for giving an overview of your country's pharmacy practice. It sounds quite similar to my country. Thanks for all the hard work producing this course.

  • Thank-you - very interesting.

  • It's been a tough haul to institute CPOE in my part of the world. A lot of physicians don't like the idea - not sure if they consider it clerical work which, at my hospital, is done by technicians.

  • Here in western Canada the hospital teams work well together. Technicians are taking on more dispensary responsibilities in order free up the pharmacists for clinical duties on the wards.

  • I enjoyed your course. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Nine Dayak Nights - William Geddes, 1957. Read this one in university.

  • I spy syllogisms.

  • Will there be examples?

  • @CiaranParker (haha and don't forget the rainy season.) You're right: the ancestors came from Co. Cavan. Sláinte!

  • @AndreaLavoy I'm from the Stew of Andanac we're probably more Naciremaized here.

  • Bridget O'Reilly made a comment

    The Nadirema are my southern neighbors so I am familiar with their practices (and am a latispo worker myself). The Snadianac love to emulate the Nacirema culture which I find somewhat sad as this seems to demonstrate a lack of originality on the part of Snadianacs. Nonetheless I fit right in when I travel south.

  • I'd like to know when the whole hugging thing started. Prevalent in my neck of the woods but I find it thoroughly awkward.
    I like shaking hands with someone when being introduced or on subsequent meetings but I am not happy with it during the RC Mass.

  • Is tarbh é sin.

  • Thanks, Oscar!

  • How do you say "poor Éamann"?

  • Is fiúan físeán a imirt in am dúbailte.

  • Gaillimh is pronounced a bit like Gaul - would this be the origin of the word? Did the Gauls have a community here?

  • Tá mé i mo ball de chumann (feminine or is it bhall?).

  • My father used to tell a story about when they were bringing the cows back to the barn at the end of the day one of the annoying neighbor kids would jump out of the bush in bare feet and scatter the cows.
    (The girl in the top picture looks like she's holding a coati mundi.)

  • @VeronicaLyng Ádh mór duit freisin!

  • I find a bit of the drink helps.

  • Tell that to Helen Reddy.

  • Is mise Bríd Iníon Uí Raghallaigh. Is teicneoir cógaisíochta mé.

  • I've completed courses 101-108; have repeated 101, 102 & part of 105. The fun never gets old and I'm gradually getting the hang of pronunciation with the help of the pink highlighted areas (a great resource). Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

  • Howard, keep the faith: I was overwhelmed by the difficulty and volume of the material. I gave up caring and now I merrily go through the courses and then repeat them when they reappear. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I've absorbed the second time around.

  • Dia daoibh, a chairde! Did I miss the repeats of 103 & 104?

  • Go raibh maith agat a Niamh!

  • Are both foot and leg "cos"?

  • Boy, redheads sure get a bad rap.

  • My friend Nora Joyce and I went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in New York City years ago. What fun!