Hemal Thakore

Hemal Thakore

Credit Professional working in the Technology sector.

Voracious learner interested in blockchain, compliance and leadership.

Location England, UK



  • Access and sustainability spring to mind. The definition above feels more complete.

  • Mo Gadawt has said that AI is like our children. It learns what we teach it. If we have ethicl principles and AI is programmed to learn accordingly, it will have a good foundation. However as AI and machine learning happens openly from a number of perspectives, it may skew or develop unethical characteristics.

  • @HarryNichol No victories in war...only death. Tech might be new but the outcome is the same.

  • Simple logic does not reflect sophistication. Sophisticated may mean is the target carrying a weapon and does his body language show his or her intention to use it.

    Computer game is a good analogy.

  • Addressing drones and similar technologies in the context of rogue groups or states can be challenging due to their accessibility and versatility.

    The development of sophisticated systems for detecting and tracking drones can help identify unauthorised flights and their operators.

    Geofencing and Access Control: Implementing geofencing technology to...

  • On the one hand drones put military personnel out if harms way. They are effective in surveillance and if weaponised can achieve outcomes. How do you ensure that the controller is accountable for the decisions to deploy. The drones will harm the other party and inevitably there is risk of death or serious harm.
    The weapons may change but the ethical dilemma...

  • @HarryNichol Such a huge sum. It could have been positively impactful in aid.

  • @IanCampbell Thanks for sharing the podcast.

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    Very interesting.

  • @HarryNichol "Technology is neither good nor bad - humans make it so". Absolutely!

  • As with most tools, how it is used and for what purpose is more important than what it is.

    Other complications in the use of drones would involve identifying who is using the drone.

  • I love learning and this just seems to be an interesting topic.

  • I have heard of most of the companies.

  • Important for consistency and for transparency. In addition standards allow for benchmarking how effective these initiatives are.

  • @ShameenKiyani Brilliant.

  • https://www.businessbecause.com/news/insights/8400/sustainability-finance?sponsored

    ESG and sustainability are inncreasingly becoming part of the CFO's remit.

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    Green bonds raise funds for new and existing projects which deliver environmental benefits, and a more sustainable economy. I expect ESG to be an important task for corporate finance fuctions.

  • Green bonds have accelerated in popularity largely in part to the global response to climate change an the UN's SDG.

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    Many thanks

  • You can learn anything from so many people and so many places. FutureLearn is great. Udemy. LinkedinLearning. The list goes on.

  • @DeblinaBhowmik Must read the situation and the people before committing. Good points.

  • @NesrineC Best of luck...

  • @LavanyaBA Salient points. Thank you.

  • @DarrenMitchell Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles. Worrying takes away today's peace.

  • Stress is the root cause of so many health issues.

  • A little stress is healthy as it can sometimes bring about courage, creativity and develop resilience.

    When stress is high and intense it can adversel affect ones health. It is not sustainable to deal with a high amount of stress.

  • Trust, respect, openness and communication are the foundations.
    Being able to bring your authentic and complete self (Psychological safety).
    Having support but not being overloaded or micromanaged. The right balance of autonomy and guidance.

  • @DonnaWebb Inspires hope! We cannot control all situations. We can control our response, reaction and will.

  • Salient point @DanaytSemere

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  • Listening attentively and actively is an act of kindness.

  • @BarbaraC Thank you.

  • Advances in technology and change in lifestyle of the consumers. Greater connectivity of devices.

  • @RobertHarrison Utilising the environment and generating power makes a lot of sense. What prevents this being accomplished?

  • Less contamination and pollution.
    Drawback may concern managing change and replacement of batteries and equipment.

  • Transparency and efficieny. Blockchain does seem to be a good idea @JanireRiobello

  • Maybe there will be more battery power stored in households and energy companies will reimburse customers who generate and store surplus power.