Hemal Thakore

Hemal Thakore

Credit Professional working in the Technology sector.

Voracious learner interested in blockchain, compliance and leadership.

Location High Wycombe, England, UK



  • Is baryonic matter detected via radiation?

  • Dark matter is a mysterious substance that makes up more than half of the universe's mass. It doesn't interact with light, so it's invisible and can't be directly detected. Scientists have inferred its existence through its gravitational effects on visible matter, such as stars and galaxies. While its exact nature is still unknown, it's believed to be...

  • I chose that the expansion of the universe was faster.

  • Simple answer is mysteries are fascinating.

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    DuckDAO provides a democratic investing avenue, allowing retail investors to participate in early-stage crypto projects that were traditionally closed to them. DuckDAO's platform acts as an incubator for maximising investor wealth through community support and aims to create long-term partnerships with the projects it supports. The organisation also offers...

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) have the potential to change how organisations are run. DAOs are seen as a revolutionary concept that can redefine corporate leadership and governance models. They enable decentralised decision-making, complete transparency, and possibly reducing agency costs and allowing for faster and more efficient responses to...

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    Hi, I am from England, UK. I am not in marketing but as AI impacts everything, I am trying to learn more daily.

  • Preservation of natural resources: An ecologically sustainable economy neither depletes natural resources nor pollutes at levels that overwhelm the ability of ecosystems to absorb waste.

    Ecological economics recognises the importance of efficient allocation of resources and seeks a deeper understanding of the relationship between economic activity and the...

  • Sustainable development is an organising principle that aims to meet human development goals while also enabling natural systems to provide necessary resources and ecosystem services to humans. It seeks to balance economic development, environmental protection, and social well-being, ensuring that the needs of the present are met without compromising the...

  • AI is a tool and will not replace humans. Used in an ethical and appropriate way it can assist in productivity, efficiency and analysis.

  • @Dr.MARIATUTURAY-ROHDE Agree that AI is a tool and we should not surrender our thinking and decision making to it. It can help with productivity, data analysis and free up time for healthcare professionals.

  • I think government and industry will strive for broad AI out of pressure to innovate and compete. AI Algorithms have had biases and chatbots have been developed with racist tones.
    Humanity will be in danger if AI becomes superintelligent in the broad AI scenario.

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    Voice assistants are common now.
    I am using AI enabled search for information and administration a lot more.

  • AI in healthcare has various pros and cons, which are important to consider. Some of the pros of AI in healthcare include:
    Ability to analyze data and improve diagnosis.
    Improved patient care.
    Reduced cost of care.
    Real-time data provision.
    Streamlining tasks and saving time and resources.
    Assisting in research.

    Conversely, there are also some cons...

  • The main challeges surround data security and privacy.

  • Philomath. Learning about AI.

  • @RitaGreenwood Very true.

  • Good question @ZoeZqit

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    The development of a medical exoskeleton involves identifying user needs, designing the exoskeleton with a focus on biomechanics and safety, and testing its performance and impact on users. Feedback from healthcare professionals and end-users is used to refine the design. Medical industry approval is crucial for commercialisation, requiring the exoskeleton to...

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    The development process for a medical exoskeleton robot involves several stages, including design, testing, and refinement. The process typically begins with the identification of specific user needs, such as patients with mobility impairments. This is followed by the design and engineering of the exoskeleton, taking into account factors such as biomechanics,...

  • Human interaction is important for health and wellbeing.
    Robots can help with efficiency and precision but humans need humans.