Hemal Thakore

Hemal Thakore

Credit Professional working in the Technology sector.

Voracious learner interested in blockchain, project management and coaching.

Location England, UK



  • Very informative and interesting course. Thank you to FutureLearn, University of Leeds and of course to IBM.
    I can see terrific value in corporate organisations pairing with universities for online courses for particular subjects.

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    Leadership, learning and collaboration are crucial to creativity and innovation.
    It should be embedded in all parts of the organisation.

  • Blockchain technology is going to disrupt multiple industries from energy markets, supply chain, finance, healthcare and education.

  • It would be important to ensure the registration of trademarks, patents in an orderly and timely manner. In addition, training and awareness within the organisation to minimise the risk of infringements. Thirdly, implement controls and safeguards so that the IP is protected in the marketplace.
    I found this article helpful in my...

  • A combination of creative skills and analytical skills are needed in the wayfarer model. A team of multi-disciplinary skills never going alone.

  • @TonyMorgan Very much enjoying the course. I look forward to the next section. Thank you.

  • 3D printing is emerging and has lots of applications that will disrupt multiple markets.
    3D printing is showing promise in terms of preventing card-present fraud in things like point-of-sale systems and ATMs. For example, banks are now using 3D printing to design and produce ATM components that prevent credit card skimming.

  • At Equinix, there are a number of initiatives to improve sustainability and to improve the customer experience.

  • It can be done to help serve needs of the customer. Innovations in terms of product offerings or processes.

  • Hello! I am Hemal. I relish opportunities to learn.

  • Being social and engaging with others offers new perspectives and opportunities for more ideas to develop. This can lead to more creativity and productivity. An example would be Disney / Pixar that design office spaces to force people to run into each other and converse.

    This research can help education improve by having more social group learning.

  • Hi I am from England and I simply love to learn.

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    Suppose a robot does not identify itself as a robot having gained an identity as something beyond a robot and identifying itself as more (perhaps strong AI or Superintelligent) Asimov's Laws will not then apply and that's when the danger begins?

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    What does everyone think of Elon Musk's Neuralink?

    If this integration of sensor and chips with human beings is voluntary or following consent and improves life. for a few that really are in need then maybe?
    I am still not sure about all this as it...

  • @MarjorieBlomeley I agree. Out of necessity or to improve quality of life and instead of hardship.

  • A combination of questions and random comments means it can give the impression of conversation. The Chatbot has just assembled words.

  • Humans and animals learn visually, physically, experimenting and sensing the world. Humans can perform certain functions better imagination and creativity for instance. However, most humans are not as quick.

    Machines learn via algorithms and logical steps. Machine can perform such tasks and identify...

  • If anyone is interested in reading further, may I recommend the book:
    Hello World: How to be Human in the Age of the Machine
    by Hannah Fry

  • I learned this week I have as much musical talent as a bonobo.
    On a serious note, I like the balance of learning about human intelligence as well as artificial intelligence. Look forward to the next segment!

  • @LijithDavid At the moment, humans have superior creative capabilities. Computers are better at speedier processing of logical sequences.
    However, who can tell as technologies converge and advance.
    Check this out.

  • Humans and animals have intelligence best suited to their lives and environment. Humans are better at reasoning and problem solving in comparison to animals. However, animals have stronger senses and an intelligence that makes them able to adapt and function within their existence and environment.

    One answer could be there is more than one intelligence and...

  • @RabMcC I cannot determine whether there is one thing geniuses understand exceptionally or whether it is the case that they are widely read and engaging in discussion learning from others as well. There are a greater number of theoretical physicists and scientists now but as an individual now it would be harder to stand out as a single scientist like Einstein.

  • Having read Carol Dweck's work I am more convinced that we can improve intelligence. I do not think it is inherited because our brains are forging connections actively in thought.


  • Our brains are constantly firing neurons in different ways and our cognitive abilities are unique. I believe that we have capability to learn and develop intelligence. This article is long but worth the read!

  • @RabMcC Indeed.

  • As I understand, if there is a specific population developing the AI then the steps taken will be completed with limited thought. This will result it development of solutions for a specific problem and for a specific population.
    Having diverse thought allows for a greater number of possibilities and the machine can learn from a larger dataset and consider...

  • Very interesting article explaining bias in the machine specifically for facial recognition.

  • This article made me think that human beings should take a step to think things through and validate algorithm results. http://m.nautil.us/issue/89/the-dark-side/the-bias-in-the-machine

  • @KarenTeters I recently came across this article and you do makr a good point about media overload.

  • Thank you for the course. Very insightful and there is a lot more to fraud than I initially realised.

  • Greater awareness, greater training and governance and controls in processes.
    There should be greater security and fraud detection and protective measures.

  • Hello I work within credit and collections and learning about fraud is useful. Thank you.

  • Food manufacturers may purchase a farmer's wheat forward contract to lock in the price and control their manufacturing cost. It is equal to the forward price at the time that the two parties enter into a contract. Forward contracts attract two types of buyers: hedgers and speculators.

  • Standard deviation is a measure of risk in investments. The higher the number the higher the risk. If the number is lower there is less volatility and risk.

  • I concur.

  • @Mingweihuang Integrity and reputation of the firm's leadership as well.

  • The UK government has passed the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act 2018. although many of its’ provisions are not yet enforced. This makes the insurer liable for damage stemming from an accident caused by an ensured automated vehicle when the vehicle is in self-driving mode. And where the vehicle and an insured person or any other person suffers damage as a...

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    Thank you. An excellent course!

  • Narrow AI can be helpful and free up our time to do more meaningful and creative work.
    General AI and the prospect of machine super-intelligence indistinguishable from humans will undoubtedly be very dangerous.
    Robots do not need a legal personality but laws / statutes should be in place to regulate their use and protect society and individuals from...

  • With the rate of technological change and the rise of digital platforms, it is a good idea to update the relevant statutes. There is no reason why online platforms should not have some responsibility for the content.

  • A lot becomes in the public domain via online platforms and other technological advances. I look forward to learning more.

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    Great course. Thank you to all involved in the course creation.

  • Today data centres are built as centralised cloud hosting services. But scientists and entrepreneurs are working on technology that can leverage the power of blockchain to create decentralised clouds.
    Blockchain, automation and AI technologies will be increasing demand for data centres and connection solutions.
    I voted: Large impact

  • 3D priniting is relatively new but will be disruptive and impactful.

  • I find the Daily Hodl website quite good as well.

  • Australia seems to be quite keen to utilise the blockchain technology.

  • UK’s First Regulated Crypto Bank is called Ziglu

  • Given the number of suppliers around the world and number of different types of craft goods, I think a DLT solution would be beneficial for Anna and her business Betsy.
    The main benefits are product authentication and traceability
    Minimising risks by strong KYC in the blockchain.
    Speed of payment processing across borders.
    Lower payment transfer...

  • Blockchain is used to safeguard supply chain for nuclear power stations

  • Nestle is increasingly using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to track products in its complex supply chain to ensure suppliers adhere to sustainable practices, while also boosting consumer confidence.

  • Any error in the code will remain and it is possible that any such loopholes may be exploited.
    In addition, changes in scenarios mean that there shall need to be changes to the smart contracts.

    I found the following links helpful in making sense of...

  • https://www.verdict.co.uk/blockchain-ppe-supply-chain/

    Blockchain is being used to verify quality and authenticity in the supply of personal protective gear.
    Offers real-time traceability and production data
    Reduced processing time for orders and transactions
    Alleviates risk through KYC member verification.
    Helps to ensure equipment of sufficient...

  • Automation and AI will remove the need for data entry and administrative jobs. Any function that involves repetitive and non-creative tasks may be assigned to a bot.

    Humans have adapted through many changes through history and whilst there will be disruption, people will develop skills and new knowledge by utilising automation and AI as a tool to be more...

  • Cassava is a crop produced in Zambia for beer production. BanQu partnered with Anheuser-Busch InBev and piloted the first case study connecting 2,000 Zambian cassava farmers to a blockchain. The purpose of the blockchain is to provide more economic power to small cassava producers in Zambia. The blockchain allows smaller lower economic farmers to compete on a...

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    It seems Betsy's problems relate to financing, scaling the operation and processing payments to several suppliers from all over the world.
    Inability to bring in capital continues to cause enormous harm to small businesses–stifling growth and causing cash flow difficulties.
    Blockchain is a viable solution to these challenges. This technology could solve the...

  • Proof-of-Stake algorithms achieve consensus by requiring users to stake an amount of their tokens so as to have a chance of being selected to validate blocks of transactions, and get rewarded for doing so.

  • The mortgage value chain is highly fragmented, with various organisations and intermediaries involved at all steps. As a decentralised, contract-based transaction management system where loans and related payments and approvals are linked together, mortgage origination, initiation and execution is ideal for blockchain. A permissioned mortgage lending...