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Nuvaira D

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  • An incredibly important aspect of trauma-informed practice. I hope this awareness spreads far and wide.

  • healthy boundaries are something people with childhood aces struggle with

  • Read and understood

  • i agree, for someone constantly struggling with the aftermath that is ongoing

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    Great bank of resources

  • I felt a range of emotions. More than the task, the anxiety students may feel was coming to my mind.

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    Im Nuvaira from Karachi, Pakistan. I teach young children. Im researching learning difficulties and its impact on children with learning difficulties. Hoping to gain some insight into dyslexia and language learning through this course.

  • Super excited to try these

  • Im an early childhood educator with a deep interest in Neuroscience.I believe play resides at the heart of learning and plays a huge part in social-emotional development. That's why I'm here

  • Really excited to be a part of this course. I'm an early childhood educator from Pakistan and Neuroscience is my new found love

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    Im an early childhood educator, for me, its all about engagement.I use tools to tell stories and play online games to test their knowledge. I would still love to have ideas on how to assess them online and check for their learning

  • lack of emotion regulation on part of the mother.

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    Im an early childhood educator from Pakistan, interested in pursuing to become an early interventionist

  • I'm an early childhood educator from Pakistan, trying to enrich my practice with neuroscience

  • An insight on each and every child is important, a basic understanding of children and their needs can help educators support learners

  • Coming back to the human factor as social beings, I learned that children don't listen to teachers they don't like so the first and foremost thing I look forward to is building connections with each and every child, once the child feels secure and loved, we can move on to other things

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    during times like covid19, technology is the only thing that is keeping everything afloat, literally. socially, academically, we are relying on technology. However, it can never take place of a physical interaction, the human connection needs proximity

  • informational DJ's, my new favorite word

  • Excited to be here, looking forward to studying neuroscience and learn about neuroeducation.I'm an early childhood educator by profession, from Pakistan

  • critical age, teenage,

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    thankyou Jonathan and paula. shall be following you two on social media.

  • Very informative, made me go back and read the classics with a fresh perspective.

  • familiar ones to go back to - Elif shafak " Forty rules of love"
    Pride and prejudice
    poems by Rupi Kaur
    teachings of buddha
    lot of new books on mindfullness and healing
    i would recommend Fantasy, it has not been mentioned yet, Robin Hobb transports you into another world and keeps you there, lots of books in her series..they are absolute love

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    "Some nights ,the wolf inside of me shrinks to nothing. She bares her her teeth and runs away.
    the dragon in my chest rejects me, she's so tired of being slain.
    There are nights when the lioness cowers, says she cant fight it another day..."

    "What about the phoenix?"

    " She sits with me in the darkness.She whispers we'll rise. Just you wait."

  • what a beautiful poem by John . love it

  • reading in essential to me, for all the purposes imaginable

  • i started school very early, a late talker and an introvert, a typical school during early 80's, strict and old school as its called, very different from how it is today

  • I read somewhere, children dont learn from teachers they dont like. the first and foremost job of a teacher is to build a relationship. secondly , a routine and atmosphere for learning.. learning time should be pointed out and planned thoroughly, children should know that a small group time for example is when they should focus and try their best to learn with...

  • she remained calm
    her voice was controlled and she was firm
    some days are harder than the other, she tried to bring them back to the topic yet made sure she didn't drop the lesson completely to discipline them

  • During one of the training classes, the teacher started the lesson with a hook, she explained in detail but when it was time to take feedback and questions, she ran out of time and a lot of things remained unanswered. a lesson should be complete, having the pupil feel a certain knowledge rather than uncertainty

  • My favorite teacher was my mentor, during the summer camp I worked at, she taught me how to communicate with children, how to understand the needs and meet them at their comfort level. I had my pedagogical knowledge but dealing and understanding children, I observed and learned from her and it has helped me become a nurturing educator .

  • insecurity
    physical health issues

  • I wonder why is 7 and 8 the highest number people have rated themselves on mostly, i marked 7, since i feel there is room for improvement

  • I teach pre-k , vocabulary is a major area to work on. and its the key to future reading and writing

  • i think i would be 9,

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    I prefer to read and write free verse. Something to do with freedom from rhyme and meter etc etc etc

  • The one with the visuals

  • It takes me back to a serene day

  • For me, reading is like breathing. Its essential. We read all day, texts, emails, labels, books,
    One of the options in the survey took me by surprise, do you read cry
    Reading is pure joy and a way to expand ones knowledge

  • I'm an early childhood education working with age groups 3 to 5