Deb Friel

Deb Friel

I'm an academic leading a team of learning designers involving multiple disciplines at CQUniversity in Australia. My discipline backgrounds include nursing, management, and fitness.

Location Australia


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    Hi i am from Australia, work in academia and very interested in this topic!

  • Aligns with the concept of consumer driven care. One of the health standrads we follow

  • Providing health consumers with the knowledge and tools to monitor their health, set goals, and measure outcomes.

  • In my role I work with industry colleagues to write and platform courses in professional development. Very keen to learn more here from the course and my peers.

  • Hi, I'm a another latecomer, but hope to catch up. I am the Director at the Centre for Professional Development at CQU. I'm
    very interested in the concept of eHealth and how we can ensure our future workforce is aware of the applications.