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Kelli Cardoso

Kelli Cardoso

I am responsive to challenges in a realistic and enthusiastic manner.
I am a dreamer and dream maker.
I am addicted to learning, Education, Technolgy, Neuroscience, Portuguese and English languages.

Location São Paulo, Brazil



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    Well, you have reminded me how important is to take care of myself in times I'm aware of so many thin, ina very simple apropriate way.

  • Wow That makes sense!

  • Hello, everyone!
    I work in a large K-12 Education Group in Brazil. Love work in this field.
    Became a Big Lego fan and it is a great pleasure to take part of this course.
    Hope we all can share good ideas.

  • Learning styles don't impact learning. (45%)
    I heard that so many times and now I'm thinking of why we are trying to find so many "new" methodologies undervaluing the old ones.

  • As it said, all the principles are important, but in my current role that involves youngers and some adults, I think daily activities about a subject makes sense.
    "The brain adapts to what it does most."

  • I do think so, in language teaching, for example, learning a different language from the native one, as English x Portuguese memorisation is effective still.

  • Reflecting on that information, I can see clearly why Active Learning makes sense nowadays in light of Neuroscience. For learning to be achieved, we must build the steps to ensure those three processes occur in class.

  • Exercising and having a good diet at least, among all things we can do to have a positive way of life.

  • I came through the Educational Neuroscience courses provided for CQU. Due to the outstanding content, I am studying this one, too.

  • It is a course to keep in mind and further studies. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  • We are facing a hard time and relationship is all. My best, too.

  • How do you think an understanding of the brain might assist you in your leadership or teaching capacity?
    Through this, we can be able to design a good relationship between the student to the object, respecting their particular path in order to personalize their way to learn, getting better on the practices and develop their abilities.

  • Active listening is always mentioned in the companies, after those points, I could see this working better when we give a chance to people to express listening carefully, then discuss the points of view. All of us need a feeling of belonging in the process of decision-making when we are part of a team.
    A good leader provokes this feeling.

  • In my opinion, it depends on the leverage of the usage we have on it. Technology is part of our evolution and we must take part in, as we can see int the context of Pandemic, tech has helped us in many tools providing resources, search in collaboration among nations, data etc.

  • I totally agree, even we notice, it still hard to find the balance.

  • This one made me reflexive: "Learning is enhanced by emphasizing the big picture—and then allowing students to discover the details for themselves".

  • The importance of social or soft skill to happy.

  • Hello!
    I am very keen on Education issues. I work as an Educational Consultant and I use to take part in courses to master my skills.

  • Before that course, I use to think it was so hard and the Professor showed it isn't complicated and it is possible to do it. Thanks a lot.

  • TPACK .

  • I think we must stop treating Tech in Education as some for the future. It is resent, daily and we must be part of this changing and then follow the path of the future.

  • Hello, everyone!
    My name is Kelli Cardoso, I'm from Brazil and I work as an Educational Consultant to private schools.
    I use a laptop and tablet in schools I use to visit daily.

  • Following all the advice and sharing among best friends asking their opinion before launching.

  • Kelli Cardoso made a comment

    The "Tell me you are wicked" made me cry. Love it so hard, I felt in there because of the music.

  • How nice!

  • Kelli Cardoso made a comment

    It has been a great time. A course that I can recommend friends, super professional and entertaining.
    Activity is done.

  • I recorded one last week on Microsoft Teams but then it was edited.

  • Hearing her voice was a deep experience.

  • Hello Marcelo. May you share the link? I'd like o listen to.

  • Where in the world are you living?
    I live in São Paulo, Brazil.

    What are your experiences with Podcasting and Podcasts?
    I have an experience where I work in, recording a podcast about Education.

  • I see so many Podcats and through those experts Mentors, I want to learn how to produce a good one and give voice to a marginalized community.

  • I am enjoying it.

  • What I like the most is to have the community that you could possibly reach out to people when you're stuck. Using the English language we can reach people all over the world and share works.

  • It's been hard, lots of information and I'm trying to follow the steps, but I must say I'm going to visit the course again.

  • I could realize how bias matter. I

  • Well, reflecting on my own bias, I could identify which assumptions I must be aware of building my chatbot.

  • As a Brazilian, I see feminism and technology one of the keys to develop especially vulnerable girls to raise their voices in society.

  • “Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength”
    G.D Anderson

  • I think everyone made mistakes in different circumstances. There are huge risks when you try something new in the AI field and this is the price until gets better.

  • When have you interacted with a chatbot?
    I have interacted last week while I was complaining about the delivery service.
    Is there a chatbot you like? Why?
    No, because I all I asked wasn't answer.
    Is there a chatbot you dislike? Why?
    I disliked because there wasn't a proper answer and I still have the problem and no number to talk about.
    How have you felt...

  • Perfect. I think it happens in some organisation trying to build a team, by sharing results and this feeling doesn't work specially in Salespeople.