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  • Hi everyone, my name is Fatin, I live in London, I joined the course to improve my listening ability and have fun.

  • I walk regularly about 20 minutes a day, stretching exercises from time to time, yoga once or twice a week, yet I have stiffness in the morning and need to do more, I'm 67 years old, and find this course quite helpful.

  • @ValerieRoy I like the way you put it and totally agree with your father and you.

  • @ValerieMartin l found that resonated with me in some way.

  • I use diluted water with salt to soak vegetables for a while before washing them with running water.

  • Thank you FutureLearn, I've learnt a lot about depression and anxiety from this course.
    I enjoyed the course content and comments. I liked the quiz's at the end of each module, well structured and easy to understand.

    Many thanks

  • Our feelings depend on numerous factors such as, childhood influences guardians perfectionism, environment, etc.. what we are learning here helps us to change our thinking patterns,and add positive quality to our lives.

  • @ChristineH I like the way you put it, we are social creatures, we need to engage with our colleagues and family in order to maintain a normal life.

  • @AM perfectly diagnosed.

  • Totally agree with you

  • I found this very interesting, I managed to recall mostly positive wards, some of them resonated with me like skilful and changeable.

  • It took me triple the time of the first set,
    It was amazing.

  • I totally agree with you.

  • Looking forward to learn about nutrition.

  • Whole grain toast with boiled egg and avocado, a piece of cheese and walnut and sometimes oat with milk.

  • I am trying to fit wholemeal flour in my recipe

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    I am trying hard. I like salmon

  • I am trying my best to have fish once or twice a week

  • Not in Iraq for sure

  • It is all politics related. Nevertheless, we should still do our share

  • Interesting

  • I am trying to use honey more

  • Many thanks

  • Very interesting, I really enjoyed it.

  • I use multivitamin supplements on daily basis

  • I try to concentrate on olive oil

  • Many thanks, very informative

  • I don't like supplements protein

  • Pear shaped

  • Mine is 23

  • Very helpful

  • Thanks a lot

  • Probably

  • My BMI 22, wishin the healthy range

  • I usually read drinking of 6-8 glasses of PURE water is recommended. This is new that coffee and tea counting towards daily fluid requirements.

  • bio24

  • Olà eu sou a Fatin ,prazer em conhecer-et.

  • my mother tongue language is Arabic. and as I have the experience of teaching English as a foreign language. I believe that with the help of this course I can teach kids English as a foreign language. .

  • It's a respectable and responsible job. I worked as an English language teacher many years ago. I loved enteracting with kids. and found this course quite helpful to refresh my memory about TEFL .

  • breathing mindfully is quite helpful. especially in letting go of the tension of any part of the body. eventhough I have been practicing that for a while, but still find myself struggling with thoughts ,tension, worries sometimes.
    great tips have been given in this course, I will follow them mindfully.

  • I totally agree with you about enjoying the learning process, which effect the deepness of the whole process, rather than wondering about results.

  • meditranian diet offers good variety of healthy ingredients, and easy recipes. Although depending on certain food not always meet our bodies demands. pizza is a preferred choice for all members of the family. just adding different additions like tuna or cheese, mushrooms, peppers. in the end they love it. when using whole grain flour, I don't feel guilty of...

  • it's 22.44 now, and I had my last meal an hour ago, a cup of yogurt with dates, with a carrot, I always have a light meal by the end of the day. not hungry now, ready to go to bed.

  • I'm not really surprised to know about all these victims of the CVD .and it's a challenge worth going through to educate generations about.

  • I agree with you Anni, and moreover, nature provides us with certain products that help all creatures geographically live around that area more than others.

  • Hypertension, is the main concern to me,although the course covers all about heart diseases, looking forward to learn more.

  • ginger and honey for colds, cumin for stomach upset, sage tea as hermon replacement for ladies at menopause age .mint and fennel for treatment of indigestion. my kitchen always provided with these herbs.

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    I feel blessed to have all the downloads from this course, I keep watching them, very interested in the TBT method and quite amazed to know about ELF .as considered in the past unacceptable. and that encouraged me to continue learning.

  • Happy to participate

  • Many thanks for all the team, I'm looking forward to learn about this fascinating subject to maintain healthy lifestyle.

  • In the Arabic countries the mother languages is facing withdrawal symptoms, young people get more interested in English language, because it qualify them for better jobs, and young parents take their kids to private schools to get better opportunity in learning English.

  • very interested in this course, and I want to know more about this vital organ and the way its work

  • flexibility is the main theme of the online courses, I can study anytime, anywhere since I can use Internet, translation is easy in the same time, in the age of 61 ,found it great opportunity to continue learning, I feel happy and grateful for this course

  • understanding and speaking English nowadays is the best way to keep in progress in many aspects of life globally , and to improve self education because it is the most practical language in the world .

  • I totally agree with the bottleneck hypothesis and feel stuck there. but perhaps thinking in the way of the language that we are learning helps a lot ,,I mean thinking differently
    by memorising phrases or sentences in the new language rather than our own grammatical structures.

  • Arabic is my mother tongue, I learned English since I was 8 years old ,had french language courses when I was twenty years old, but using the language is the important thing in mastering it.I was an English language teacher in primary school so kept learning in my working field. But struggling in using it fluently

  • I have learned a lot from this course and really appreciate it, while struggling to give the best participations that can motivate others posatively.
    The main challenge for me is time management and scheduling issues. with time I feel that things get organised better.

  • connectivism is essential to learn a new language by discussion with other peers, ,but it is not safe to rely on them while picking mistakes particularly in writing,but orally is the best way

  • hello everyone, I'm lucky to join this course to improve my knowledge in English language, but feel stuck in the neck of the bottle, I always try to explain things in perfect way, and that keeps me slaw. hope things will get better. nice to meet you all.

  • Hi I'm Fatin from Jordan, I'm interested in fashion and sewing, joined this course to improve my knowledge in this field.