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Keith Clifford (KC) Bell

Keith Clifford (KC) Bell

I work in international development as a specialist technical adviser, mainly in conflict & fragile states, also post-disaster reconstruction. Prior, I worked for 25 years in the public sector & army

Location Based in Bangkok. Work globally.



  • I selected option 4 over option 3 - because most of the data concerning 3 is not big data - rather it is mapping and imagery which are Big Volume Data, but are not Big Data as such mapping and imagery is readily analyzed by GIS and imagery tools.

  • agreed. But causality is not established.

  • Agreed. Correlation is one thing, but causality is another. So much data analytics does not go beyond correlation.

  • A large degree of medical consultation can be handed over to machines. Already a significant percentage of people try to self-diagnose anyway with online resources. I am one of these - and you get good at it too. So especially for more routine consultations I don't see a problem. Many countries don't require prescriptions for many medications and...

  • Good intro course. Well prepared. Just the right length too.

  • @NickGarland we can't

  • Useful glossary.

  • Thanks for sharing the link.

    It's easy to say Trump is dumb - stupid tweets, statements and lies. But he is very deliberate and knows exactly what is saying and doing to appeal to a particular base that got him elected - all on false pretense. This is where US public media got it so wrong for so long. Trump manipulates his base and will continue to do...

  • Useful video. Simple clear messages.


    We see Amazon actually now moving to bricks and mortar.

    " One of Amazon’s reasons for entering into physical stores is that it allows the retailer to show off its wares and entice customers to buy even more into its ecosystem."

  • I am wondering if Gartner, or citing of Gartner, has gone a bit too far in these articles:
    “All aboard the Hype Cycle! What's DataOps? Well, it has no standards or frameworks. Got it?
    Gartner's rollercoaster trundles into exciting world of data management”
    By Richard Speed 11 Sep 2018 at 11:44...

  • Actually, a really normal insurance company - they are all dodgy.

  • Also a late starter

  • "Europol has found that Bitcoin $BTC is still the chosen cryptocurrency of the internet underworld.

    The insight comes from Europol’s latest Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) report. Among other things, the research claims cybercriminals still favor Bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies – despite its lack of anonymity...

  • Continued:
    Earlier reports that the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology had started offering crypto courses appeared to confirm the country’s intentions to develop its potential in the cryptocurrency space. There have also been numerous other reports indicating that North Korea, which is currently under western economic sanctions, had become...

  • North Korea plans to host an international summit of experts from the cryptocurrency industry. The Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference will be held in April of next year at a science and technology center in the national capital.

    Over the past year, the North Korean...

  • The central bank of Singapore has finalized the country’s new regulatory framework for payment services, which now includes cryptocurrency. Crypto payment service providers, which fall outside of the current regulatory framework, will need to be licensed under the new...

  • Very informative "week". Opened my eyes and mind.

  • My 10-year QRISK®2 score was 7.9% against the score of a healthy person with the same age, sex, and ethnicity being 9%.

    What surprised me was the minimal risk reduction of losing weight - a mere 0.3%. Hmmm.

    But trying the QRISK®3 score which includes allowance for 2 standard deviations of systolic, i came down to 7% against the score of a healthy...

  • Good advice from Dr. Hobbs!

  • I definitely agree with the limitations of BMI raised in the video. Many rugby union , rugby league players, especially forwards would have BMIs classed as overweight 25-29.9 or even obese 30+. But they have good powerful shapes.

    Australian Football League (Aussie rules) player turned American football punter Ben Graham 196 cm and 107 kg a BMI of 27.9 -...

  • I used to be so relaxed and never worried about my blood pressure - always 110/75 or thereabouts - since I was 17. Little did I realize that with each stint in Afghanistan, each situation I experienced, how it does get to you and such stressful situations, prolonged do push your BP up. Experiencing conflict younger in life, seemed to be all OK. But as I...

  • @PatriciaFalon I agree that the Fitbit is very useful. I wear mine almost 24/7 and discovered that i have a very low resting pulse - down to around 40 during deep sleep. At points during the day around 50. Fortunately all is Ok and is not uncommon with (some) athletes. So I am a big fan of tools such as fitbit for monitoring heart, exercise etc.

  • Found Jon's video to be very useful.

  • Over the past couple of years I have watched the number of Big Data "Vs" grow from 4 to 5 to 7 to 10. Now I see 42 Big Data "Vs":

    Is this quest for Vs really just Verbomania driven by the Verbile mindsets of Vagarians?

    So I am glad this course has kept it sensible like Gartner did.

  • Glossary is excellent!

  • For general interest - health and well-being. I am looking forward to learning.

  • Looking forward to this course.

  • @TimothyWalford-Fitzgerald - I am not so sure.
    #4 Governance
    "In EOS the Governance is maintained by establishing jurisdiction and choice of law along with other mutually accepted rules This is usually done via the legally binding constitution. Every single transaction in EOS must include the hash of the...

  • It may be me, but I found this course more on the hype-side - similar to my business dealings with Fintechs now in several countries. More hype than rigor - so I was disappointed.

    An area not covered is the Russian interest in the technology surrounding virtual currencies. Last year, employees of Russia’s spy agency attended a meeting where international...

  • @HelenTuddenham "abo s"; "EVs" ??????

    "Global access to electricity has increased over the past two decades"
    US. Energy Information Administration, based on the World Bank Population and Access to Electricity datasets as at 2014.

    But there is a rural urban divide:
    In 2014, 27% of the world’s rural population did not have electricity access...

  • Thanks @YewandeO . Actually MFA is being increasingly done without human intervention - fully automated. Good examples are digital signature verifications. But I guess it is not perfect.
    Blockchain is not yet perfect either and we all fear the 51% attack. Ethereum seems to have had issues more than others.

    Importantly it would be good to see how...

  • Given the 1200 character limit, allow me to continue.

    The explanation given with the selected correct answer was consistently advised by all colleagues (ICT Prof or Assoc Prof appointments) as being wrong, misleading or confused.
    "Decentralized networks reject traditional methods of storing and protecting data, relying on its own users to carry out these...

  • Thanks for sharing. "Oracle - which says the data will be owned by the World Bee Project - will use blockchain to verify that the data is coming from a particular hive and hasn't been tampered with."

    In this case, immutability would seem to be the main objective.
    It would be interesting to know what alternatives were considered - if indeed any. I am...

  • Uber and Airbnb are two examples of companies that took a foothold by avoiding paying the normal taxes and costs that comparable businesses had to pay by law.

    For example, Uber not paying license fees for commercial vehicles and avoiding commercial vehicle insurance - putting the passenger at risk. How good is that?

    Airbnb - not paying hotel taxes and...

  • Correct @JohnHiggins

    It is another set of middlemen - miners.

    How transparent is it - well you don't know the miners anyway - so that is not transparent?

    82% of blockchain mining pools in China. Hmmm

    What has concerned me much about this course is the bent on...

  • Final test has at least one ambiguous Question.
    Q1. We know that in old traditional systems, data is commonly stored in centralized spots. How many servers are to be found on a Decentralized Network?
    I would argue that all answers are incorrect. I disagree with the given answer.
    Decentralized computing networks, are simply networks without a centralized...


    Forbes Aug 2018 -"PwC: Regulatory Uncertainty Is Largest Impediment To Blockchain Adoption"

    "Regulation is proving to be the most formidable barrier to the development and deployment of blockchain solutions in business...

  • Thanks @alanbennett
    Just returned to this after a couple of weeks.
    I have the correct answers to both parts, but every time I submit, it always shows "partially correct". Not sure why.

  • Spot on! The example of IP is a good one. In spite of the Berne convention, global IP regulation is very uneven and we have seen countries like China thwart it for decades. China signed on and largely ignored it.

  • Interesting responses. On reflection, it is like solutions looking for problems to solve.

  • It is being used in some places for university entrance validation


    Forbes, Dec 2017 "How Crypto And Blockchain Technology Should Be Regulated"

    This is an interesting article - but I have strong doubts about effective regulation. The globe is not conducive to effective regulation. Insufficient global...

  • @AGNNaEemi
    and we will continue to see much more of this. the Police Commander is correct in his prediction.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Hi Vasco - actually it is being used. Examples include - many are works in progress:
    - geographical confirmation of certain agricultural commodities
    - hydrographic - marine navigation charts
    - university educational entry for high school graduates in some places
    - adult entertainment industry - SpankChain
    - armaments

    I have seen more and more piloting of...

  • "Digital currencies have changed the financial sector forever."
    I strongly disagree with this first statement. The technology is still emerging and that is profoundly portrayed on the very well-respected Gartner hype cycle, 2018, where blockchain and cryptocurrencies are at the stage of Peak of Inflated Expectations. ...

  • Q 4 in the quiz is incorrect. There seems to be a glitch in the showing of the correct answer for the first blank

  • I forgot to add that depth at best is down to about 35 m max - and waters need to be clear rather than turbid.

  • Crowd-sourcing should not be confused with VGI - volunteer geographic information.

    Mike Goodchild defined VGI eons back in his 2007 paper:
    "Volunteered geographic information (VGI) is the harnessing of tools to create, assemble, and disseminate geographic data provided voluntarily by...

  • absolutely correct.

  • What a tough bunch of people!

    Constructive dissatisfaction is more persuasive . In that regard I think @Catherine Dyer has nailed it better than most in her comments. Well done.

    I found the course interesting, informative and useful. Room for improvement - there always is. In particular, video quality was an issue.

    Thanks to the Purdue...

  • Alles gut.

  • "phrobias" - Do you mean phobias? then Yes

  • Agreed. Indeed fear messages to persuade have been around since antiquity.

    The Bible: heaps of hits on fear in the Bible when you search:

    Similarly when you search on the Koran:
    O ye who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not...

  • well explained!

  • Excellent course - highly educative, outstanding downloads and well presented videos.

  • Excellent demonstration and a very clear explanation.

  • The Obesity video is great. The youtube posting has an interesting set of comments, especially those that seem to be posted by US citizens.

  • The Australian Grim Reaper AIDS prevention TV advertising released in 1987 seemed to have been very effective. Although criticized by some (not all) in the gay community, it nevertheless worked. It was axed after less than 3 months for being too...

  • Worked ok for me.

  • The 5 bullets listed in the Course Summary are excellent.

  • Well prescribed by Dr Collins.

  • I found Tom's messages to be OK, but his written message on his LinkedIn site to be far more compelling.

    But Tom has now moved on to the American Academy of Dermatology.

    But he seems to jump ship too quickly and moves on to other career opportunities.

  • I didn't see this before posting my comment on Coca Cola a little earlier

  • Trump's run for US President has to be considered a very successful case for persuasive messaging.

    Scott Adams, of Dilbert comic fame describes Trump as "a Master Persuader." This link describes Scott Adams' view of Trump's 6 secrets of...

  • I would suggest that Coca Cola has a 100+ year history of persuasive communications that for the main part has been overwhelming successful, keeping it well ahead of rivals.

    But there has been exceptions when it launched "New Coke" in the mid 1980s and the backlash almost killed it, albeit...

  • After listening to the 15 second clip several times, I am left wondering so what.

  • The transactional communications model is well accepted. It is also sometimes called the circular communications model - the exchange of messages between sender and receiver where each take turns to send or receive messages - but sending and receiving can be simultaneous. Of course, each person reacts differently - based on his/her own culture, education,...

  • Agreed. Interesting book just above Dr Collins' left shoulder:
    Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, & the Economic World Paperback , Kevin Kelly, 1994. Not a bad read - and not completely out of touch with where things stand today.

    I liked the video too.

  • Geez! There are a lot of tough people here . Anyway I found the video informative.

  • 419 comments to date! There is indeed a lot of interest. My purpose - why not?

  • Hi Morgan - Yes indeed, I was praising the 1 pager under Downloads. The one in the body of the text produces access denial you have reported.

  • How has this changed your thinking? No.

    Do you see the Web in a new way? No.

    Do you think that your activities on the Web will change because of what you have learned? No

    All No, but none of these were expected from me.

    However, the course was a great opportunity, to revisit, reflect and remain relevant. That is valuable, and I thank the...

  • A big well done to Michael, Lisa, Phil and Huw for sharing their respective research. It was a big value add to get conversations going and people thinking.

  • @Amrou
    "GPS are just a nuclear clock, but we found ways to instruct it how to get us home."
    If only the technology was that simple!

    Actually each of the GPS satellites has 4 atomic clocks on board. Russian GLONASS, Chinese BeiDou , & ESA Galielo constellations also use different times of onboard atomic clocks.

    This is a very generalist wiki...

  • Thanks for the excellent supplements. These are really useful.

  • Hi Deborah - Hmm. all working ok for me. perhaps those 2 were down when you tried.

  • Keith Clifford (KC) Bell replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]
  • informative week

  • Excellent video.

  • Immediately on finishing this course, it was interesting to read a short note in an Australian online public service magazine promoting a forthcoming event:
    "How to stop digital transformation becoming a train wreck"

    There are valid concerns.
    "There’s no escaping that digital...

  • This could have been said with more clarity. I think wiki explains it much better than the video:

  • very useful pdf

  • Keith Clifford (KC) Bell replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi Johanna - Lee is correctly commenting on what the UK media have been reporting in the last months, e.g.:

    It seems that it will come into force Dec 4, 2017.

    These may or may not surprise you - they are NOT faux-photography:
    GPS: No Substitute For Brains: ...

  • Keith Clifford (KC) Bell replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Evidence suggests Wilde's controversial theory is valid.
    Some non-IT examples:
    traffic light accidents - people tend to blindly trust traffic lights . 40% of road accidents are at traffic lights - Sacramento stats

    Actually Wilde based some of his research on traffic.

    People may...

  • Keith Clifford (KC) Bell replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    True Richard. But what may become the norm is not necessarily good for humanity, health, well-being, peace, stability etc.

    Remote control and other devices of convenience all have linkages to lack of exercise, obesity, heart disease. When innovation benefits society, great. But when it contributes to laziness, ill-health, lack of esteem, dependency and...

  • Actually the internet pre-dates significantly the World Wide Web. The origins of the Internet date back to research commissioned by the United States federal government in the 1960s to build robust, fault-tolerant communication via computer networks. It was picked up very early by universities for communications. So networking also pre-dates the web.


  • Hi gg
    Boolean search. Sounds eons back, but it is still relevant today.

    Boolean logic may be remembered by those who did 4GL programming back in the 80s. It may sound old, but it still underpins SQL and IBM's Informix.

    SQL is one of the most widely used languages to access, analyze, and manipulate structured data. But as we have seen with Hadoop,...

  • Hi KC from Bangkok.
    Why not? This looks interesting.

  • Political activism using the web pre-dates 2000s.
    This thesis, concerning "The internet and Political Activism in Indonesia" (Uni of Twente, 2005) is worth a scan, especially Chapter 6, Laskar Jihad Online, going back to the late 1990s

    Crowd-sourced wiki provides a couple of other...

  • Some thoughts on Phil's interesting discussion.

    I will refrain from using this post as a political platform. Having spent some time in conflict countries in the Middle East & South Asia I have seen first hand abuse of social media & the broader web....

  • Very useful thoughts from Huw. Many thanks.
    "This might encourage more vigilance from the users and then create a market for more secure software, encouraging the software vendors to spend more time.......So lots of issues, but they all have various complexities, such as cost, legal practicalities, and civil liberties issues"

    The big issue they face is...

  • Taking an American lens (where I spent around 1/3 of my life) , quietly following the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) deliberations & soliciting of public comments - more than 4m received , plus long discussions in Congress.

    "The internet wouldn’t have emerged as it did, for...

  • The att is rather a monster to download 29.4Mb.

    IOT is already demonstrating exceptionally powerful benefits in smart cities - especially those cities that are mega-cities suffering from 24/7 traffic congestion, pollution, excess energy consumption, poor sanitation, disaster risk issues (such as floods and subsidence) etc.

    So no need for a comic book theme.

  • Where there is a value-add to our lives and real benefits, the future could be great. But, is the semantic web the emergence of artificial stupidity:

  • Keith Clifford (KC) Bell replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi Jill - you have put this very well! This video was a waste of oxygen.