Odi Del Castillo

Odi Del Castillo

English is not my mother tongue.
I'm a working mother.Love reading in English.

Location Buenos Aires Argentina


  • Hi there!
    My passion is English Literature though only read sonnets by Shakespeare and I would like to explore more about his plays ( read a few)

  • Hello there!
    I'm Odalis , I work as nanny and love this course. I use to tell stories to the kids I look after.

  • I really love this excerpt of the book. It might cause laughs but when one is so eager and so passionate with our own reads this no surprise but at least, I feel very attracted and related to that

  • While I heard Dr Joe talking about the way in 18th century "reading aloud and discussing in family" I thought in cousin Collins in Pride &Prejudice. He trying to read aloud after supper in Bennett's.. it was hilarious ;-)

  • My favourite part!!!

  • This point is appealing to me. As member of many Reading Clubs since lockdown started last year it is pretty amazing to see how many different point of views and appreciations of the same book. Close Reading is to go back to the text to reread it and see particular details which helps us to understand better.

  • Amazing!!!!

  • I never had been in Europe. Fortunately through this course I'm planning to have a huge glimpse of it
    Lockdown and global pandemic made us to stay in

  • Stunning Houses!!!
    I really want to find the connection between these Houses and Literature

  • Hello everyone
    I am so excited to start this course.
    It is always great!!!

  • There are many characters who love reading in her novels.
    Mansfield Park: chapter 16 Thoughts of Fany Price " the comfort of it in her hours of leisure was extreme... her plants, her books..."
    Northanger Abbey: chapter 6 "Oh I am delighted with the book! I should like to spend my whole life reading it..."
    Persuasion: chapter 2"Give him a book and he will...

  • To my point of view having read those novels, I think Jane Austen brings always the women education topic. That dialogue between lady Catherine and Elizabeth Bennet. The same happens in Mansfield Park and Emma and even in Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. By all means the word feminist didn´t exist by her days thou´probably was a sort of inner shout women like...

  • For MW women should endeavour same education as well as men. Women aren´t a simple decoration object.Whilst for HM a woman can study or access to education for a purpose "being usefulness" for others,not for her own indulge.
    Both agree about women need education

  • For the rest education changed for good. Though it must have been do hard for women in those days. Unfortunately it is still nowadays

  • In all Austen's books education is a topic not less important than others
    I have fresh memories from Persuasion: Anne Elliot talking with Captain H in chapter 11 ( second part) " The pen has been in their hands"
    Or In Mansfield Park, Fanny Price's cousins criticizing Fanny 's education

  • I am eager to know everything about Jane Austen's works. I think she is timeless

  • & concerning to English style architecture yeah. I live in a very English style neighbourhood

  • Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to visit the U.K and with these pandemic times is pretty hard. Nonetheless I highly appreciate the fact to visit them through Google views

  • I never seen or read Jane Austen 'books for school or University. Therefore her works for me are entertainment and fun. It is not a heavy task to do tho' her writing is not easy for a no native English speaker as me.
    Thank God I already read her 6 main novels kn English and Spanish as well

  • As a peruvian lady I never studied her in school, so I discovered her after 2005 yeah, yeah... the Pride of Prejudice´s film adaptation. English is not my mother tongue and as I found poor translations of her books, I decided to read her books in her original English. It has been a whole challenge for me. Her language is very far of being simple and easy to...

  • I love the world´s Jane!!

  • I think Jane Austen understood education not only as a schooling of certain skills, practices, and bodies of knowledge, but also as a process of socialization.

  • Mary Wollstonecraft says women aren´t a simple decoration object. Women should aspire to education as well as men. Whilst Hannah More say women should study for a purpose, to serve in life others being "usefulness" and not for her own indulge. I don´t like that. I suppose we as women can indulge ourselves by doing or studyin what we love and we can share it...

  • I´d like to share here a quote from Persuasion (1817):
    "I hate to hear you talk about women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives"
    I think Jane through this character (Anne Elliot) speaks for herself concerning to the question above

  • @GlynisGreaves totally agree!

  • I suppose never stop learning new stuff about this amazing woman. So every time I get the chance to take this online course I do it and learn always something new.I already read all her 6 books. So I am prepare to explore in her Juvenilia and even into those unfinished manuscripts: "The Watson" and "Sanditon"

  • No unfortunately, I haven´t visited any of these amazing places. I really would love to go there one day in future. I live in South America, Argentina. In my city, Buenos Aires, I live in a neighbourhood called "Coghlan" it named after the man who built the Railway Station there and most of the old houses are very british.

  • English is not my mother tongue tho´ I love it. It seems to me that I never won´t finish to learn it, Nonetheless I try to read most of my favourite authors in its original language . I love latinamerican authors for sure and needless to say most of my favourite as well are from United Kingdom. So I use to read in my language first (translated from English...

  • Her books are amazing to me. No matter how many times I´ve read them. Every new reading is new for me. I have to say that I started to read them just a few years ago.

  • I like her books! It has been a challenge to me reading all of them in its original English as well as translated into my mother tongue ( spanish) . At present I brought Emma to my vacations.

  • Blessed Gil!!!

  • First of all, sorry for start this course, today!!! 23/01
    I am on vacations plus thebeifi signal in the countryside is weak. I love this ! Love reading and Jane Austen's books

  • Well, to be honest, I can't see any similitudes :(
    Most of Shakespeare's plays are kinda gloomy. Suicidal s for love or misunderstandings though women are brave as in Jane Austen's books. Later I will be back. To read the fellow learner's comments and to read the links

  • I wish I could have the whole day off to focus in all fellow learner's comments here. All of them very wise and interesting to me. Unfortunately, that's not possible. I agree with most of them. Jane Austen was influenced by the society around her. Her books are full of different characters and nature. Nature is such important topic in every story. I would like...

  • Utterly agree!

  • I'm eager to know lots of things from Jane Austen and which stuff inspired her to write

  • Odi Del Castillo made a comment

    I haven't finished this first week due to lack of proper time. There is some steps I'm skipping ( promise to go back from the computer desk) from mobile is a bit harder. I'm going to go straight to second week meanwhile.

  • Sorry I am posting this here... I am lack of time as usual. Do I have at least a week to finish? Need to finish one or two steps this week and start the second week. Please!!!!
    Thankies in advance!!!

  • @CinthiaGS ok I aee your point Cinthia!:)

  • Who defines a good reading? I mean in the case of Emma and Catherine? Imperfect readers? Nowadays in internet age , many young people neglect reading a book. Parents give their children a mobile or other devices as entertainment:(

  • Reading is very important to many characters in J.A books. In P&P, Elizabeth Bennet " Books oh! No I am sure we never read the same , or not with the same feelings." talking with Mr Darcy.
    " We were always encouraged to read..." Elizabeth Bennet replying to Lady Cathetine's quizzes
    Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey.
    In Persuasion " Give him a book, and...

  • Probably she didn't want to leave her manuscripts considering her books were enough. It seems she was very protective of her privacy

  • Jane Austen a feminist??? Well I can see clear here in P&P extract that education is free. I mean, the Bennets gave their daughters a non-classic education for their time, without governess and no masters in London. It seems they are good enough anyway. They are able to think for themselves and books are a very important part of their lives.
    In Mansfield...

  • Thanks SO much for the links here. Very interesting!

  • Both says women need education. MW says women aren't a simple decoration object whilst HM says a woman use that education in order to be useful to others, not for her own indulgence
    Although many years passed by things seems to be a bit " the same" nowadays :(
    A well educated woman with an University degree can be jobless and stay at home and everybody...

  • I think Jane Austen reflects in all her characters a piece of her self. Education is an important topic in her books - as far as I understand-

  • Absolutely!!! I was thinking the same ;)

  • Utterly agree!

  • I have no idea if l teenagers would read J.A books. I don't know... Maybe they would find them boring or... Too much description for what teens wanna read at present. Maybe I am wrong. I started reading J.A books being adult though my first book read was Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. I was 9 or 10 and my daughter read the same book. Her taste has changed...

  • Well hope to be able to learn more and read all the links and comments of the fellow learners. I hope to know more about J.A and how was her life

  • "Visualise the places as you read the novels" that's great, indeed!!! For sure, it is!!! I wish we could

  • Well no. Unfortunetely, I had never been there. Maybe some day in a close future. It would be utterly fascinating!! English style? In my neighbourhood ( Coghlan) in Buenos Aires there are many English- style houses which reminds me every day that I have a dream: travel to U.K

  • Jane Austen . All her books full of amazing characters. She wrote about fascinating characters. I started reading her books being adult. All of them in my language and in English. Theres only EMMA left.

  • Hi everybody here!
    I am very grateful with these two extra weeks , learning about the world's Jane

  • It has been a lovely time sharing here with all of YOU

  • Thanks soo much for the online links of her novels. I need to read Emma . Just need the book! I am a bookish lady

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    I wish I could travel to Europe. I would go to UK for sure . Thanks so much for give me the chance to attend this course , at least here

  • Odi Del Castillo made a comment

    I learnt allot here. I wish I could have more time to spend hours reading every comment and link - Hope next course we will be together analyzing Jane´s books - That would be utterly interesting

  • What amazing course full of interestingdata. I want to thank all the educators for all and all the rest of learners for the comments good energy!
    I want to read all her books again. I need to buy Emma to have all btw

  • Wowww! that´s amazing!

  • Wowww! new exhibition at Chawton House for 2018 examines the Female Gothic tradition, and commemorates the publication of Austen’s novel Northanger Abbey and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein 200 years ago. I looove both books! Mary Shelley´s Frankenstein blowed up my head! What amazing story! nothing to do with so many films adaptations.Needless to say that I...

  • One of my favourite places in my city is Museo de Bellas Artes. It is absolutely lovely. And one of my favourite Museums in my neighbourhood is Centro Ana Frank Argentina. I enjoyed both places allot.
    By the way I am learning allot of new words here. Words I haven´t read in books or heard on other places. Thanks SO much for that!

  • @RachelKoeper Blessed lady!!!!

  • I think is , as Gillian said, a fascinating insight. I am not sure if a visit to the Museum would give me more understanding about the author . I guess reading her books would . Nevertheless , it is such fascinating insight of Jane´s life and that´s brilliant. Nowadays, social networks helps allot to get to know a bit from Museums House and that´s amazing