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Jan Cantle

I am a granny, an artist, and an author. I am mobility and vision impaired. My favourite occupation on line is doing courses.

Location Llanelli



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    Thank you, Adah for pointing out that there is a difference between Alone and Lonely. I am often most lonely in a crowd.
    I also appreciate your attitude that people all have their own stories, and where these cross is a good place to apply a little technological tweak.

  • A few queries about this :-
    How big is a team?
    Who keeps notes of group meetings?
    Can people input ideas at any time, or just at formal meetings?
    What about the shy or unconfident person who is unwilling to put their ideas forward?
    What if not everyone wants the same end?

  • But in any team there is one member who is too shy or unconfident to put their often excellent ideas forward because they think they are not good enough. Also, how big is 'a team'?

  • It is also important not to cut the human contact out of the situation.
    The worst thing about lockdown was the lack of face to face contact; closely followed by skin to skin contact being banned.

  • An old folk song came into my head when I read this.
    'And why and why, and why and why/
    Because, because, because,
    That's why and why and why'.
    My 45 years with my late folk singer husband are never going to be forgotten the number of times they pop up in my mind!

  • Another way of looking at it could be:
    Problem What needs doing
    Need what men, money and materials are needed to get to the solution.
    Solution End product
    As in the article the need is a secret party, the need is the costumes and catering and the solution is to use the internet to make ordering easier

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    I often use techniques I learnt whilst studying business to help me fine tune what my paintings etc will be.
    Hopefully this week we will see some cross sector involvement. Part of not being lonely is stepping out of one's comfort zone.

  • I think it took me 3 weeks to do week 1 but I shall carry on and hopefully finish before the time runs out!
    It has been fur and frustrating in equal measure. Some techniques I learned in other areas have been useful, but there is not much cross course working.

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    Don't start at the top - break problems down into manageable areas.

  • @IanF Thank you Ian.

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    Keep It Simple
    Has someone already solved the problem?
    Is there a need for your product/idea?
    Use Plain English (or your own language)

  • Yes, I felt as if I was in solitary confinement as I had to 'shield' and was not even allowed into the garden

  • Yes, and it is not as bad as I feared. My husband died three years ago - after 45 years of marriage it feels odd not to have him here. But it is not as bad as I thought it was.

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    Would you be willing to share the things that make you feel lost in this busy world?

    I feel lost since I lost most of my sight, and cannot see well enough to drive my mobility scooter - I feel as if my independence has been stolen.
    But that is my thing to talk about. Yours may be an irrational fear of spiders, or missing the bus, or being belittled by your...

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    The podcasts are not easy for me, so I opted to read the link for Bumble. The option to be able to offer trauma care to women who have suffered sexual abuse through dating sites resonated with my because I used to work as a GP counsellor. Many of the clients there had various issues with sexual abuse and violence.
    I then realised that I have been benefitting...

  • Exactly so! Being immunosuppressed is a hassle but it is the only thing that helps with the pain and limits joint damage. Still , seeing 'danger of death' listed as a side effect of your medicine is disconcerting/

  • Thank you so much for that clear explanation and the link.

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    What is a podcast, where do I find it and what do I need to use it?
    I cannot go for a walk around my local community - my disabilities preclude my walking more than a few steps!
    Is there a transcript of the podcast available?

  • I found the words from the care bot went by too fast for me to read them. There were some problems with phraseology as well eg ' click on the triangle sentences' when it would have made more sense to say click on the triangle by the sentence which you agree with.
    There was nothing really useful about general harrassment either.

  • Just a thought about the problems of not thinking it through.
    Yesterday I had to have a covid booster jab. As a wheelchair user I was very pleased to see a ramp at the entrance. Asking a security man for help he said 'No, I am not trained in pushing,' and walked away. I would have thought he could have gone and found someone to push the wheelchair.
    When it...

  • I learnt techniques in Business School that I have used in just about any situation that needed a solution : SWOT analysis
    Simply divide a piece of paper into four columns , and head them as Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Take your skills, suggestions, materials and anything else and assign them to the most relevant section.

    Another useful one is...

  • 'for the issue you’ve unilaterally decided other people are facing'
    That is a superb summation of the problem.

  • I think he wants people to listen to hear, and not listen to reply.

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    I admire your attitude, but what efforts are being made to contact the lonely - to find out what they want and need?
    I live with mobility and sight problems such that I really need someone with me outside. The local bus company has accessible buses - but I cannot get to the bus stop to use the bus. And the next villages along have just had their buses...

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    I have a mild hearing impairment and need to use the subtitles on tv. Once upon a time they were provided by real people and were extremely accurate. Now they are provided by a speech to print machine which is only about 85% accurate. This results in sometimes completely unreadable statements, And at other times they make no sense. For instance weather...

  • Sadly my late husband got dementia and had to move to a nursing home. The saddest thing was that there was very little skin to skin contact from the staff. They were usually wearing surgical gloves. Sensible sometimes, and a really necessary thing when dealing with toileting. But when you are just chatting to the person, or reading or playing cards surely they...

  • Technology costs, and many companies do not realise the size of the disability market. Between 1in8 and 1in 5 of the world are disab led people.
    The other problem is that we are a captive market and so suppliers put a premium - sometimes a huge on - on goods for us. For example, I have some slippers that close with velcro across the foot, and at the bac....

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    What I am thinking is how we can incorporate feelings into technology? I am 69 and disabled enough that going out is difficult. My family supports me well, by driving me to places, pushing my wheelchair and taking me out for meals. They also take me to my weekly craft and chatter meeting. During Covid lockdowns we kept in touch by phone and internet. Now we...

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    A very sensible 'golden three'. The very best design is no good if it does not take people into account.
    I have been remiss in coming to this course this week because I have been busy hand crafting cards. Many of them are in 3d even though I have very limited sight - and no 3d vision or depth perception.
    Everything seems to be flat and on the same level. I...

  • I would like to see a directory of all the helpful apps like Bemy Eyes and Any Three Words that is actually available to everyone.
    Many people with and without disabilities know someone else who need just the right app to help them.
    Whether it would work for people like me who are techno- challenged is another thing.
    It has taken me 3 years to learn to...

  • All we need now is to make them known to the people who need them!

  • As a partially sighted person I am eager to check out 'Be my Eyes'!
    I have a problem with my neck and hands that causes me to drop about half of the things I pick up, and I have to wait for someone to call so I can retrieve them.
    I am off to explore.

  • I was shielding for the whole time until the end of August, right from the beginning in March. And then of course, we had lots of extra weeks of little lockdowns.
    Shielding was marginally worse because we were not even allowed out in the garden.
    My disability means I have carers in twice a day, and the chemist delivers my medication on Wednesdays. ...

  • An interesting talk. I know a lot of religious groups took responsibility for delivering food to those in need. I was included in a weekly lunch delivery by my local food bank. It was such a gift to receive a hot meal with a smile and a little chat once a week.
    Could there be a future link between people doing community service and food deliveries to those...

  • Don't forget that many older and/or isolated, or disabled people already use a lot of technology. We were the ones who invented it, then handed it on to younger people to develop it.
    I read a lot of science fiction, and many authors have invented a device that is a communicator, internet access, money user and so on. Smart phones are getting there, quickly,...

  • I like your idea, but wonder why you have limited it to young people? Older people also have sufferings from social isolation in much the same way. Even without Covid stopping things many older people go out to work and come home to an empty house. Once you have passed retirement age it is incredibly difficult to find things to occupy your time in the...

  • I just had a thought about an item I wear daily that has only one function - to allow me to call for help via a button that automatically connects me to a call centre. Maybe it could be upgraded to have emergency numbers on it? It is about the size of watch and can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. If I know I need an ambulance, I could summon it myself -...

  • Languages are a great barrier. Not everyone speaks the same Language - even america and britain speak different versions of English. And computers don't understand minority languages like Welsh!

  • I think there is also difficulty in sorting what is true from what is not.
    We should teach our children how to research properly on the internet. Everyone seems to use Wikipedia for research but how much of their content is written by experts in a field and then reviewed by others before it it published. They do at least mark items that has not been verified.

  • But we were the people who first learned of it. In 1971 I took the first ever GCSE in Computer Studies at 18. My father had already been using computers for 5 years by then, and was still using them when he died at 85.

  • As you have said, being online is not necessarily the right way to manage shielding etc. The worst thing for me was not having any human touch. I have 11 grandchildren so that was an enormous amount of cuddles to miss out on.

  • And when you are retired, most activities are daytime only. Even services like Shopmobility stop at 4 o'clock so the volunteers can get home before it is dark. Why? I was able to go out in the dark for the last 30 years of my life, why should I stop at 60?
    Needind support at home is also very limiting. Your carers are supposed to come at set times, and get...

  • I think the course title is trying to get us to think of ways we can connect with others - preferably face to face - but using technology to assist us when there is no other option.
    Social Isolation is almost as big a problem as climate change. People rarely live in small communities nowadays. Friends and family from school and college days have generally...

  • Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi, I feel a bit of a fraud because when I signed up for this course I thought it was a brilliant idea and not age related (I am 69). As I am both mobility and sight impaired, and also a widow, I am often lonely. It is possible to be lonely in a group of people as when as when you are alone. I plan to get on with the course because I dread the idea of being...

  • Looking back to when arthritis first attacked my doby when I was three I am amazed at the changes in treatment over the six decdes I have had it. Back then, the doctors were intent on patients resting as much as possible. That lead many of us to obesity, and all the ills non-active bodies are prone to.
    I remember being tole I was not to take part in any...

  • During times of illness or bad health the internet is a brilliant way of keeping in touch with friends. It also allows one to keep on learning. But I still need physical contact with people to keep my mental health at par.

  • As you pass 60 there is an assumption that you are no longer capable of looking after yourself as well as you did at 59. Suddenly you are a 'vulenerable adult' who must be looked after, have special places to go with other 'older people'.
    Hey, I may be 69 today but I can still lock my own door, answer the telephone without falling for a scam, and don't need...

  • As housing becomes more 'estate based' and less village based there are fewer opportunities for interaction with your neighbours. The local shop, post office, pub, church and library are getting further and further away. More and more of us have our own transport, and the social interaction that used to exist at the bus stop or on the bus are receding. More...

  • I find myself lonely amongst other people. As a widow who is disabled, it is difficult to get out.
    My family are supportive and visit often, I go out to a social group called knit and knatter, contact friends by phone, and on the computer - but still I am lonely.

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks

  • @KatyJShroff Thank you for the very interesting reply.

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    I am so glad I did this course. For many years I have had a niggling gap in my knowlege of other religions. This course filled it in very well.

  • Thank you for an interesting and thought provoking course.
    I struggled during week 4 , and eventually had to give up on Avestan. However, I still benefitted from your input and also was helped a lot by the comments section.

  • I think people would understand a simple request. We often make such requests for funeral behaviour or dress in the West.

  • @PerseesAntia It would seem very odd not to know what you are saying in a prayer. In a mantra though you are trying to get away from any meaning cluttering up the mind.

  • I found a tiny mis match between the speech of the two priests, which made it difficult to hear the words clearly.
    Is 'Lie' the name of the Demon from which they are seeking protection?

  • Stringy certainly makes more sense than Stingy!

  • This transliteration shows many similarities with stories that are passed on by oral means. They have a rhythm to the words that makes them easier to remember, and there are also repetitions of the most important bits.
    It sounds lovely when read out loud.

  • Definitely agreeable. if sometimes frustrating.