Nicholas Hughes

Nicholas Hughes

Nic is a self confessed IT geek. He is a class teacher, Head of Computing at Latymer Prep School, a Primary CAS Master Teacher, a CAS community leader, a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, a Google Cert

Location London



    Really happy with this.

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    user_name = input('What is your name: ')
    print('Today ' + user_name + ' I am going to ask you some maths questions')
    phrase = input('What is 5 x 4?: ')
    if phrase == '20' or phrase == 'twenty':
    print('You are right! Well done!')
    print('Sorry ' + user_name + ' that is incorrect, the answer was 30')


  • # Write your code here :-)
    print('I am ALICE your personal bot')
    user_name = input('What is your name: ')
    print('How can I help you today ' + user_name + '?')
    print('Lets add some numbers')
    number1 = int(input ('What is your first number?: '))
    number2 = int(input ('What is your second number?: '))
    number3 = int(input ('What is your third number?:...

  • I'm Nic a primary school teacher.
    I am completing this get my pimary certificate. :)
    I will complete this over the weekends.