Daniel Muir

Daniel Muir

I retired in 2005. Currently I am a volunteer & Trustee at The Devil's Porridge Museum <www.devilsporrige.org.uk> I am also Session Clerk at Gretna Parish Church of Scotland (see Facebook page)

Location Gretna, Dumfriesshire, Scotland


  • Those buildings did not strike me as having any particula religious significance, nor did they appear to me to have any great architectural merit. Yes they could be regarded as works of art, in their own right, as well as containing some great examples of art works within them, but that is all they conveyed to me.

  • Links did not work properly.

  • An interesting video. Although I had not previously heard of the Syriac Christians, I was aware that a separate branch of Christianity existed in Southern India, allegedly established by St. Thomas, and another branch in Ethopia. There is a great danger in relying on either Latin or Greek sources as being definitive. The early Celtic Christian Church in...

  • @BrianO'Brien Are you sure that "Christian" thought regarded the Syriacs as heretical, or was it "Roman Christians", whom many also regard as heretics, who promulgated that point of view?

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  • The video ahows the importance of looking for many sources of information, and not relying on one single source, when compiling a narative. In particular, many latin sources are extremely dubious, as is evidenced by the Reformation.

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    I have not found this week very helpful or enlightening. Nothing have I seen to make me believe that the teachings of Muhammed stem from God, or an intimate knowledge of the teachings of God in the Old Testament.

  • I believe the teachings of my church, the Church of Scotland . I do not accept any theology that claims Mary is the mother of God. She is the mother of Jesus, the human being, and not the mother of the divine part of Jesus. It must be obvious that the human part of Jesus, entering life as a new-born baby would need a human father as well as his human mother,...

  • I could only see one reading, and it clearly denounces Muhammed as a heretic.

  • I did not understand a single word that she said. What did she mean by ""Christology""? If she means "Christianity" then why not say so. The birth of Christ was foretold in the Old Testament. Does Islamic teaching not include this? I too havedifficulty with the Christian concept of the Trinity, Father, Son & Holy Spirit, as I see the Father & the Holy Spirit...

  • Listening to the poem being read was like listening to monkeys jabbering in the zoo. It did nothing for me. As for reading the translation, it made no sense what-so-ever. This has not changed my belief that Jesus is the Son of God, or my belief that the Qur'an is heretical.

  • A load of gibberish! could not understand a word. Even the translation is nonsense.

  • I could not follow that text. It seemed very jumbled to me.

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    Why do Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger? Why do some Christians (and some Muslims) believe that God no longer speaks to Mankind and that there are no longer any Prophets? I cannot accept that proposition, and, as a Christian, believe that God still speaks to people, even on a daily basis. If God is a caring & loving God, and I...

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    More baffled than ever

  • Very confusing! What exactly did they mean?

  • Hi Everybody, I'm Danny and I live in Gretna, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. My highest accademic achievement was a BSc at the Open University. Until recently I was an active member of the Kirk Session, but deteriorating health has forced me to retire from that role. However, I still participate in Kirk life. ( for those of you who do not know, "The Kirk" is the...

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    To the best of my knowledge, I do not know any Muslims but I am a practising Christian, and do believe that Christ is the only begotten son of the one true God. However I find the concept of "The Holy Trinity" hard to understand. I also am given to understand that Muslims, whilst accepting Jesus as a "Holy Man" , do not accept his divinity.

  • Having shared in the Easter celebrations at my local church, I am moved to find out more about how other Abrahamic religions share our views, and how they differ. I had always been led to believe that Islam was heretical, but, obviously, all the Abrahamic religions have a common root. Iwish to find that commonality, and at the same time i wish to discover...

  • From E Tudor : Beware those Jocks want my throne.

  • I do not intend to waste any more time on this. If week 2 is not much improved, I'll quit.

  • That was a total waste of time, sitting for so long watching a circle spinning. What was it meant to achieve? All it taught me was that despite their claims, Open Reach's fibre optic network is incapable of delivering. Don't be gullable and believe the adverts.

  • Is this for real?

  • I cannot be bothered to participate in this exercise. I am a retired person and do not need to advertise myself, or any product.

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    Were I to have a livery, I would wish it to be based on my Clan Tartan and badge. Of course I do have an equivalent in that I wear a Kilt in the Muir Tartan, and, depending on the occassion full Prince Charles Edward Stuart jacket & dress shirt, or a Lovat jacket & Braveheart shirt.
    For religious symbolism I choose the empty Cross. I do not choose a crufix,...

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    OK for pageants etc. but are they of any relevence today? Given that Ireland is no longer a kingdom of the UK, and that Scotland was never a Tudor kingdom, surely both the Shamrock and the Thistle should be removed from the uniforms. Let's face it the current monarch is the first Elizabeth to be queen in Scotland. I find it offensive for the symbol E II R to...

  • I have worked in places where what one may wear and may not wear were dictated by Health and safety regulations. For example loose clothing may be banned in areas where fast moving parts of machinery are exposed, and could easily catch loose clothing. Hard hats and protective footwear may also be compulsory in certain situations.. I also wear a uniform when I...

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    Fashion Police? Or should that be (in a modern setting) Riot Police. I'm certainly not a dedicated follower of fashion, and if I want to wear welly boots & a dickie bow, then that's what I'll wear.

  • What a palaver.

  • Are the Tudors unforgetable? I believe that unless you are English they are eminentaly forgetable, and it is only the upsurge in English Nationalism that is bringing them to the fore again.

  • I don't think a lot of Tudor fashion. It looks uncomfortable to wear. I do not think that many of the general population would wear such items I fel that we are being asked about "courtiers fashion" and that to courtiers fashing would mean emulating the styles of those prominent personages in court society, just as we copy the rich, the famous, our heros, today.

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    As Elizabeth Tudor was never a British Monarck I do not believe that she should be called Elizabeth 1.

  • Hi, I'm Danny and I live in Gretna. I've been addicted to MOOCs for years. They are a great way to passthe time during lock-down. As the Tudors were "the Auld Enemy" it will be interesting to see how they dressed. More importantly it will be interesting to see if the Stuarts brought any changes.

  • Why will the links not open?

  • I did not understand a single word of that. It was so much jargon to me. Made me think of Max Bygraves "( wanna tell you a story"

  • None of this makes any sence to me. I cannot understand what they are talking about.

  • Surely reading eMails cannot count as consuming content. I spend a bit of time daily reading and deleting eMail.I do not spend nearly as much time browsing.

  • Why do I not believe that the average person spands 4 - 8 hours daily contemplating digital content?

  • Hi, I'm Danny and I live in Gretna. I am now retired, and do MOOCs for fun. I graduated from the Open University about 20 years ago and thought that this course might tie in with my other leisure interests, which include the Devils Porridge Museum in Eastriggs (www.devilsporridge.org.uk) which commemorates HM Factory, Gretna, a WW1 Munitions factory, and the...

  • Once I have shuffled off this mortal coil I shall habe no further use for my body, including the skeleton. I know from the bible that when the las day comes all will be restored. So, in the meantime why should my remains not be used to advance human knowledge? All I ask is that you treat me with respect, remembering at all times that I once lived in that body....

  • Useless video, totally inaudible.

  • Pity that the podcast was conducted as a whispered secret, rather than as a confident lecture to mature students. My eyesight problems mean that downloading the transcript as a PDF is not very helpful to me.

  • Where do I find the video refered to?

  • Excavation of human remains? I'd have found it gruesome, that I was violating the sanctity of the deceased. But then that is why I did not take up archeology as a career. I am fascinated by history and what archeology can tell us about our past, but I, myself, could not perform many of the tasks which our researchers undetook.

  • Something seems to have changed. There no longer seems to ba a "completed button" at the end of each section. How do I distinguish between the sections that I have wirked through and those that I have taken a quick peek at? I remember attending an OU summer school at York University and all the geese on campus.

  • Week 1 great, Week 2 rubbish.

  • I see little point in sending out an eMail inviting me to join a course this week (Tue 6/10/20) only to be told not to expect tutor engagement after 18th Sept. 2020.

  • No I already have my BSc from The Open University.

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    If I have completed week 1, why does it say 5 steps to go?

  • ??? I do not understand???

  • No I did not enjoy it. In fact I did not do it.

  • I'm not looking for an award or academic credit, and for that reason I do not do assignments.

  • What qualities do you think a researcher needs in order to be successful in making field measurements? Share and discuss your responses with other learners in the comments. An ability to communicate in a clear and precise manner, with other team members and other listeners. I could not understand his language/accent.

  • What benefits do you think research into measurement of free-radicals will bring? That is what I joined the course to learn. A rather silly question to ask.

  • It would have been much better if a professional actor had read the words. I could not make out much of what he was saying, and viewing the transcript did not help.

  • I do not think that chemistry will solve the problem of global warming, but understanding how the chemistry works will help us to understand what the underlying problem is, and where to look for solutions.

  • Ah. Yes. I remember the O-H molecule from the time that I was studying chemistry at the Open University, when I was studying for a BSc to advance my career.

  • So do I hope that I enjoy the course.

  • Why did WW1 start? Politics Politics and inequalities. More & more people objected to the results of their labours ending up in the pockets of a few rich individuals.

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    Why did war break out? There are as many answers as there are historians. Why were so many nations of the world engaged in that war/ That is the important question, not the reason why the war took place.. Countries make alliances with other countries because they perceive a mutually beneficial relationship. The leaders of those countries must then decide,...

  • Our educators seem to regard the British public as a homogenous mass having very similar social and cultural values. This is far from being the case. For example the Scots and the English can have a very different perspective on a similar issue. A common expression among Scots regarding human relationships is "We are all Jock Thamson's bairns", denoting our...

  • Clear as mud.