Carrie Anne Walton

Carrie Anne Walton

Lifelong learner, perpetual enthusiast, interested in everything!

Work as a Specialist Education Lead for the NHS and have a deep-rooted interest in CPD (which I happen to be researching for my PhD)

Location North East England



  • That was quite fun. I'm absolutely DREADFUL at drawing, but immediately from my squiggle I saw the beak and worked out from there. Not wholly convinced my bird is capable of flight... But it's recognisable :-D

  • Hi all, I'm Carrie and I'm a Learning Technologist in the NHS aspiring to take on the role of Digital Learning Manager if/when such a role is ever created.

    I'm a teacher by background but love supporting the lifelong learning of individuals through eLearning and other digital learning solutions.

    I'm interested in Educational Leadership because I don't...

  • That was a full on blast from the past - some long forgotten pictures from my Open Uni blogging days surfaced there!

  • I do this regularly when designing learning, but I call it a pen portrait. It's basically just a way of keeping in mind your LIKELY typical audience member and making sure you design with that in mind.

    Nothing silly about it at all. If you don't consider it then you're just basically just designing for yourself... Which actually IS silly.

  • I work for the NHS so we sort of have our own VLE/LMS contained within ESR (electronic staff record).

    I studied my degree though the Open Uni and am doing a distance learning MSc with the Uni of Exeter so I’ve had decent experience of a few different LMS platforms.

    I have to admit that the FutureLearn platform is excellent; very accessible, runs...

  • The last thing I learned online was to do with functionality in Adobe Illustrator. I’m gradually getting to grips with it as part of my new job but rather than do a massive training course where I’ll undoubtedly learn things I don’t need I’m just accessing YouTube videos and articles on an as-and-when basis.

    I generally do this on a desktop pc when I’m in...

  • Ha, the irony. I can't access Google Drive via my PC at work. I'll have to continue this later at home :-)

  • I understand that there's a big focus on making sure that the next generation coming into the workforce have the digital skills necessary to succeed, but I do have concerns over the existing workforce. I'm continually surprised at how many - both young and old - colleagues have very poor digital literacy and I fear they'll just get left behind as the workforce...

  • I think the first consideration would be to do with location services perhaps?

  • I’m not actually excited about wearables, I’m worried.

    I’m worrried that the data they collect will be used against individuals e.g. those people working on an oil rig whose health you want to check? Will the data have a negative impact on, say, their continuing employment or their access to company health insurance if it shows their health to have dipped...

  • Mobile tech in 10 years? Blimey there’s a question! I imagine a huge and seamless integration of work and social worlds moreso than we have at present and I can see ‘analogue’ type services becoming obsolete so e.g. scheduled television, more availability of home working (because the tech is so integrated that there’s no need for face to face meetings), etc.

  • I noticed that straight away - there's a strong emotional thread to a lot of the questions that isn't present in other coaching models I've encountered. I'll be interested to see if/how that helps to frame a more effective conversation.

  • It’s a very ‘do as I say’ attitude. She’s come across this model she likes the look of but doesn’t seem to have consulted her SM team.

    Not always a bad thing, but when you’re trying to gain buy-in...

  • I’d be reluctant to believe that someone who has been in charge of a company that’s got to the point of floundering has the ability to turn it around.

    Kodak is a prime example of a company that didn’t respond to change well enough. They continued to invest in film photography when the world was clearly going digital. As a result the company went down the...

  • I work in a busy and changing L&D team within a massive organisation that’s currently focusing on Leadership initiatives so I feel building my knowledge of a variety of approaches and techniques around leadership and development can only be a positive thing.

    I’m familiar with the GROW model of coaching so it will be great to gain some knowledge of another...

  • Most interested in using Twitter in a work capacity as I'm likely to be asked to look after our new Twitter account.

  • Agree that social media influencers can be useful, however I freely admit to getting really fatigued by the number of people on Instagram etc who are clearly seeking it out. At times I feel like people are tagging in ANY brand they can in the hope of getting something for nothing and it shouldn't work like that.

  • That upsets me, but for an entirely different reason than how the message was put across ;-P

  • Instagram and Twitter for me, possibly with a bit of YouTube for good measure.

  • I don't think you can select a particular platform based on someone's age demographic - I think the way they spend their spare time plays a HUGE part in their choice of social media platforms too.

    For example, I'm a keen mountain biker and most of my mtb'ing friends (age 20 - 60 m & f) use Instagram more than any other platform because they want to post...

  • I originally used social media for solely personal reasons but now I find myself using it for career-based purposes now. Things like using twitter for industry updates and starting to blog about work-related insights etc.

  • My difficulty lies in not having access to the right kind of tech/software to be able to to exactly what management want [need] from a project.

  • Carrie Anne Walton made a comment

    I've been using Kanban for years now as an effective time management tool to reduce my WIP, so it will be interesting to use it for its actual intended purpose!

  • Hi everyone, I'm Carrie and I hail from the North East of England.

    I'm an OU BSc graduate about to start my final year of an MSc in Educational Research at the Uni of Exeter via distance learning. I work as workforce development officer for the NHS but have just moved from L&D strand into the world of Technology Enhanced Learning hence I'm taking this...

  • Hi all, Carrie here from near Newcastle in the UK. I'm an L&D Officer for a local NHS trust looking to develop my knowledge of e-learning to improve the quality of learning provision and outcomes.

  • I've recently been made up to a deputy team manager so I manage a team of 30 and am sort of their boss but I have a line manager and an ops manager (who, for the purposes of this course, I'm considering my 'boss') above me.

    Our heirarchy is pretty simple - we have analysts, lead anlysts, deput team manager, team managers, then the ops manager. So I guess...