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  • Hello, everyone. I am from Myanmar. I want to learn about inclusive education because as you know, at the moment, we are not familiar with that but I believe that it is important for our education. So I want to be a part of participating.

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    Stereotyping is a particular type of people belief . Mostly we don’t know and notice about that but if we have seen or interact with other people , we would be notice the difference . I think it depend on the nature of belief due to culture of difference place. In our country ,most of the female don’t know about stereotyping because that always follow to...

  • Hi, everybody I am from Myanmar.
    I am very interested in this course because I believe that diversity and all inclusion are very important in education . If we consider about diversity and inclusion in the field of education, our education will have perfect education.

  • Activity based learning is a learning by doing because it involves the interactive learning, monitoring, and observation.

  • Peer observation is a best thing for pre-service teacher education. In Myanmar , Education Colleges, we've usually done peer observation and peer feedback in teacher trainers and trainees.
    To be check formative assessment , we use ICQ( Individual Check Question) . If we can do like this, we can know about the students' condition and also we can remind our...

  • I always observe whileI was teaching and my students doing activities. Therefore, I need to take a record.

  • In Myanmar, especially in Education Colleges, teacher trainer shows his or her teaching among other teachers before teaching as example. It is called lesson study. The responsible persons are head of department and other teachers related to the subjects who are watching and observing to that teaching. After that they present the strengths and weekends....

  • Thanks for your suggestions. We are trying to do like this.

  • Thanks for your thinking.

  • What did I do?
    I did a lesson plan step by step and prepared teaching aids.
    How did it go?
    I taught step by step by using lesson plan with the focusing on the students ‘ understanding.
    What can I do differently?
    While I was teaching I reflect in the class to know their situations and to know how to go on.
    What new plan should I implement?
    I also...

  • In my teaching process, I reflect during the class . Because of to know their situations. If I know their condition, I can change my teaching style. Sometimes I reflect at the end of the class because to know what went well and what need to do myself for next section.

  • Kolb’s reflective circle is very useful and systematic. If we use this all process in any lesson, we will be as a perfect teachers. But now in Myanmar , we can’t do this process because our syllabi are many titles of learning based on knowledge and can’t reach competency skill. Currently, we are trying to change as competency base curriculum.
    Therefore I...

  • I don’t know about deeply meaning of reflective practice. So I wager to Learn in this week lesson.

  • Really right

  • Mostly I do reflection at the end of the lesson. In my opinion, It is a skill to know myself ( strength and weakness) and also to check the learners’actual situation. And then it is direction for going on to next steps.

  • CPD is veryi important for every teacher.
    I need to change to use new ideas of teaching methods because I am now academic teacher but latter I will certainly change as a method teacher because our curriculum will be combined academic and methodology for pre-service teacher education.
    It is an evident feature of Myanmar Teacher Education..

  • How to improve students’ participation in every activity?

  • Need to give encouragement to get confidence.

  • I think, CPD is very important for every teacher. Because teachers must be update with changing knowledge , skills and attitude. This process is also connected with our students ‘ achievement.

  • I have never used reflective journal before. Now I am very interested in this. But I learned about this from teacher Kim (UCL) at last month in Yangon, Myanmar.

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    I live in Mandalay, Myanmar. My city is well known as a ancient city because our final king of Myanmar lived in here. A lot of tourist visit in here to learn our culture and heritage buildings. I 'm very proud being as a Myanmar.

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    Hi all of the members, I am Soemoe. I am Myanmar.