Ali Elmango

Ali Elmango

I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Faculty of Engineering Alexandria university in Egypt.

Location Alexandria - Egypt


  • Thank you!

  • Thank you!

  • I believe it was very expensive: Initial cost + running cost (subscription plan!)
    Also, I believe elders would like fresh juices but would be intimidated by the high tech, I believe simplicity would serve them better here.

  • This is kinda hard, as I don`t like pizza so I don`t know too much about it :D
    However, I believe that a "Perfect" anything cannot exist. I will want it healthy but if it really opposes being tasty then I will try to balance it a bit unless someone is on a diet. Cheap vs good, it depends on how much can we afford, and how much we have/gain.
    I will probably...

  • I don`t.
    1) Not so realistic.
    2) 9 years to go and I am not sure that I have seen enough progress or a clear plan to achieve any (well, I just heard about this there could be a plan in motion to be fair, but I really can`t see any.)
    3) some goals can be conflicting, like the way you will go on about achieving some goals will probably lead to usage of AI and...

  • I believe that improving us (humans) is the way to solve the other issues like pollution, poverty...etc, we are not focusing on the root in my opinion.

  • 1. Being too materialistic.
    Are you interested in physics? = you are awesome. Are you interested in psychology? = ok, good for you.

    2. Separating Humanities, natural sciences, arts, History, geography...etc from each other.
    Wouldn`t the knowledge of how Mechanical Engineering developed during the world war help me to know more of the thinking process...

  • What I mean is, we need people to work with, speak and share ideas, but we also need alone time, the balance is the key in my opinion.

  • Thanks, that was clear and insightful, however, I want to ask about the part where they mentioned being with people and that it was key to innovation by saying: "Innovation is rarely born in isolation"
    yet, I have been reading some quotes about how being alone is better for ideas such as:

    Mozart: “When I am, as it were, completely myself, entirely alone,...

  • Soft skills:
    Strength: Empathetic.
    Weakness: Procrastination.
    To solve it -temporarily- I tend to visit the future with my brain and see what will happen if I continued like this and combining this with my goal, for example: let`s delay reading this book, but then I will delay my entire plan, indefinitely and my goal to be .... would be only a dream, and if...

  • conscientious

    Dominance: 6%
    Influence: 7%
    Steadiness: 42%
    Compliance: 45%

  • INFJ-T

  • Well, Civil engineering is used to build what those fields use to perform, also Mechanical Engineering is used to make the tools, even the clothes like the lawyer`s rob.
    Also, Electrical engineering is used heavily in the music field.

  • 1) Mechanical Engineering - Electrical (Electronics) Engineering - Computer Engineering. (Mechatronics)
    2) Mechanical Engineering (Automotive + Aviation) - Electrical (Electronics) Engineering - Computer Engineering.
    3) Electrical (Electronics) Engineering - Biomedical Engineering - Computer Engineering

  • Quarky: Learn AI. Make Bots: Well, Investing in children is worth it.

    Honorable mentions:
    Project Public Space Exploration

  • Problem: People getting late to meetings.
    Suggested solution:
    An application like a personal note but connected with google maps, making an alarm, indicating how long it would take to reach a certain place( It is already included in google maps but it`s without an alarm, and I prefer the application to be more of a to-do list, so It can utilize the alarms to...

  • Electricity
    Internet and the means to utilize it like (laptops - pc - mobiles)

  • Fastening stuff (screws - nuts - ...etc)
    Fire (Not an invention but still this discovery was so important)
    The wheel

  • I am Ali Hassan from Egypt, I have recently graduated in mechanical engineering.
    I want to work in Mechanical design or Robotics.
    About the role model, I will go with Tony stark :D

  • 1) no cover page
    2) the abstract did not answer all the questions that it should answer
    3) table of content is poorly written
    4) some unnecessary info in the introduction
    5) Boldness and font size are not globalized within the report for the same level of titles.
    6) no caption for the figures/tables
    7) no numbers used to organise the titles/subtitles...

  • 1)What is good about it?
    *Aim - Error - results ... etc (getting the sub-heading right)

    2)What is bad?
    *longer than it should and could be, at some parts i felt like i am reading a story, that feeling was in the second Paragraph(after the equation of delta p)

    *Also i did not like how they mentioned that something can be "easily" calculated, i mean...

  • Tbh, this graph gave me anxiety

    The caption (Italic and above the figure and with annoying explanation yes annoying not even bad)

    The background colors are distracting and not professional

    The numbers on axes are "weird" in terms of the choice of their fonts, their place and their scale.

    Also no data on the axis to show which one is voltage and...

  • I agree that Technical writing is very important for our career, however i am not learning it for that, it`s just the art of expressing my work, i feel so proud when i make a good report that someone can make someone understand what i want to deliver and in an attractive manner, not like the boring technical reports i always see, so i am trying to improve it...

  • I believe it definetly depends on the age, i wouldn`t want to load them with a lot of scientific terms, i believe in younger age it should be about guided exploration, I want them to start and to enjoy science while having a solid foundation.

    Sorry but, I am not entirly sure about what age should i explain more stuff to them, i am not a teacher myself just...

  • Ali Elmango made a comment

    First i want to say that, here i don`t expect them to have right answer but logical answers, i want them to have a healthy/logical thinking process.

    So I would want to make them question the experment itself, even things that won`t be related to what i want them to know originally, like about the colours for example.

    then i woulf ask them things like:...

  • True/False:
    1) sound has the same speed in water as it is through solids.
    (this question is like the vedio when you gave example of the cowboys hearing the train coming, i would want to test their understanding of the particles part)

    2) Light is faster than sound.
    (Here i want to know their understanding about the nature of Light and sound, i beileve...

  • Flute.
    Pushing air through the mouth hole generates vibration, the air stream flactuates between going into and away from the hole which increases the vibrations.

  • I am not sure if kids are to learn Einstien`s version of gravity but i do think they will need a model to understand how this works.

    I think they will need to know Newton`s version first and why it was no accurate and another explanation was needed.

    Brilliant video by the way, thanks for sharing it.

  • Stars, Electricity based devices, jelly fish, the bug and the kandle.

    They will think that Moon, Disco ball because they are glowing on their own (based on what children will see)

    and some of them might fall for the Screen/Mirror but not all of them.

  • 1) The Moon is a light source.
    I think they get it from observation, the moon is glowing in the night so it must be emitting light, right?

    They think of light as some kind of mystical power, like an entity something like magic, which is undrstandable because well, they don`t see light and can`t touch or smell it.

  • Light is what enables us to see.
    (i would skip saying energy if i am speaking with children)

  • Keep them around.
    I would like to make them feel like they are scientists and what they learn is so important so they stay focused and motivated, so having a custom scientific dictionary is really brilliant, but i would like to call it a "refrence" to make them get a feel for being scientists, maybe i will let everyone grab a sketch and type those new terms...

  • The colour of the sky, although i can`t fault their brains on that when they come up to that conclusion

  • well, i won`t be teaching soon, so i will get with what is more related to my study which are energy and forces.

  • I am a student, i want to revise physics, as it has been a while, I felt that seeking it with a teaching approach would be unique and interesting, maybe helping spread the knowledge from time to time when i become confident enough.

  • We could use a scatter chart for each position or several positions if there are many positions.

  • Yes, knowing the error should be first.

  • I don`t think there is a strict rule here, I mean it`s about what is the results about? , so if it is comparing between several values like different pressure and temperature values for example, then chart would be good here.

    However if it is a just a number i want to get like a stiffness for a pipe for example, then it could be written normally as...

  • Because stating the errors should indicate why the error was actually there, also how that error affected the study and maybe a way to solve or restrict this error, and that would alter the readers attention from the result itself to focus on the error!

  • Because sometimes the reader might want to check the results and not concern himself about other sections like for example the procdure.

  • Pretty good, to follow the standard, it`s hard to convince people about the importance of doing so. be organised and clear and actually care about delivering the info you want in your report.

  • 1) Indicating the samples, using a figure, procedure and equipments used.
    2) -typing too much on the figure, it was like showing a figure to explain it and not using the figure to explain things! also the right part should be written at the procedure section.
    - also the figure should be numbered (figure 1)
    -not specfying the safety measure (care was taken...

  • I missed the setup part and the safety procedure.