Susan Airey

Susan Airey

I'm 73, widowed, work Saturday mornings just for interest I was a teacher, and later an officer in an LEA. I have frequently studied with O.U. I live near Murcia, Spain and enjoy life and travel.

Location Murcia, Spain



  • I think education is the key to reform and an opportunity to learn a skill, such as plumbing, or plastering...for example. Providing opportunities for people to change their future. Not everyone is an academic, so having a trade that provides the possibility of working when released is also important. In my experience some children just “ don’t stand a chance”...

  • My own personal feelings about the conditions of prison cells, is that they should be acceptable conditions, clean, adequate bedding etc, private toilet, wash basin, and a tv. Neither is Solitary confinement an acceptable punishment. I don’t think the regime should be tough, just orderly, taking account of health and safety for all.
    I suspect for many people...

  • During my career in Education I experienced the “ Glass ceiling” phenomena associated with women trying to progress. It made me angry at the time, and all the more determined but, I did feel I would need to behave more “ man like” in order to succeed.
    Currently I live in Spain, near a very “Spanish” village. Until we were accepted, we experienced...

  • When I was training to be a teacher, we were shown a video, which was a true story called “ Eye of a storm”. It was about a young American teacher, ( I think she was American ) who, trying to show young children what it was like to be discriminated against, halved the children in her class, and gave one half a PE band to wear. This half had their work marked...

  • Until we do recognise that every human being has dignity, they will not be treated as equals, worthy of equal treatment. Some will receive better recognition, better status, better education, and by implication those receiving less will be regarded as inferior.

  • I’m Sue, British, but currently living in Spain, 73. Having worked in education it was really important to accept “ difference” and “ rights”. Now as an older person and living in another country, I still feel that “ human rights” are as important now, as they ever were. The emphasis for me now is perhaps more personal, more about me.

  • I think to cut down on commuting time, makes sense, both for the teacher and the learner.

  • I have taught English language and literature in English schools, English as a Second Language in Spain, to very young children, 11 year olds and professional adults. I have not done any " online teaching", though I have been an "online" learner myself.

  • I'm never sure of names anyway! Recognised a few!.

  • Female, very short blonde/white hair, pixie cut, very elderly, heart shaped face, narrow eyes, elderly looking teeth, not white and even , lined face.

  • I know very little, and feel that if I knew more, I could have more meaningful discussions with colleagues and friends, regarding the current situation.

  • Never saw the mouse....had to play video again to actually believe it!

  • This really made me think. What is good " social" capital...... I should think it's when the social investments made, show positive returns. So, there is a good system of education, which results in a positive change for the community or country, good employment opportunities for all young people, good health care, good community care and pensions fior older...

  • I voted economic, as even today tours visit the buildings and developments introduced during the Olympic Games of 1992, over 25 years ago now.

  • In my region ( Murcia) Catalan is just regarded as another part of Spain, and therefore should not be treated differently., to other areas. There is a lot of resentment about Catalan wanting to separate itself from Spain.. Currently the unrest in Catalonia has probably affected the economy of Spain ver all, as some businesses have moved their head offices out...

  • I'm wondering what effect the recent troubles in Catalonia, have had on the economy, particularly related to to tourism.

  • I live in Spain, and want to know more about Catalonia and the reasons for the recent situation.

  • As a person who works in retail, this course has really made me think more about "the customer" . We already have to focus on the customer, in my company, find out what they are looking for and why. But now. I think, what they experience, the welcome they receive, and interest, the knowledge of the product, must be key to them returning and purchasing. As for...

  • I know about Waitrose selling their products elsewhere and similar products in other supermarkets, but....the whole shopping experience in Waitrose, as well as their products, results in my loyalty to the store. I order boring but necessary products like detergent, toilet rolls etc online....and "shop" in Waitrose.

  • I also think there will be closure of stores as online shopping increases. Although grocery shopping has been around for a while, clothes shopping, shoe shopping hasn't been as easy. With AI will come the ability for your size, shape and foot shape to be " measured" and things like virtual shoe shopping could be a reality.

  • I'd like to see an automated doctor's receptionist! Always pleasant, matter of fact .....yes.......but not judgmental, rude or selective!

  • We use them in our shops, to look at and show customers stock items, to transmit to a larger screen, the product in different colours and styles, and ultimately to place the order.

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    Due to ease of access to data, this is an area likely to increase, for a time. However, as with most things, it is likely to be over taken by other methods. Hard to predict what.....but possibly collection and analysis by robots.

  • I tend to be loyal to Waitrose and their branded foods, as I haven't had a bad experience yet with their products.

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    I agree with Paul, below. Responsibility is with the consumer to ensure that only information they wish to share, is given. We do not know, in reality, what happens to any information we give. Whatever assurances are given by retailers, it can be down to simple human error, such as leaving information on a train!

  • I believe that ( having completed other FutureLearn courses) it is sensible to try to protect oneself as far as it is possible from cyber crime. I wouldn't want to be neurotic about it, but there are indicators, such as customer data being stolen, that imply that the store hasn't been as vigilant as it might have been. I would be interested to see what the...

  • I try not to provide it. I think it's intrusive and do not trust stores to just use that data for themselves.

  • I would want to know why?

  • I think many people signed up to social networks before being aware of the implications of doing so
    ( me included) Now, being more aware, I hardly ever tell the truth when completing any personal data!

  • I always read reviews of hotels, before I book with Booking.Com, or other hotel apps. I also read Amazon reviews. Obviously "you cannot please all of the people all of the time" but I do find them helpful and informative. Obviously not specifically " social media", but still a means of informing others.

  • The ability to see furniture, clothes, shoes etc etc in different colours, styles etc online.

  • One of the frst questions I would ask is " why?". Why does the Chid Care centre store and process the information? On what and for whom? I think this Centre is acting totally incorrectly, both by not informing parents initially, and by using the information without permission.

  • Data subject.

  • To ensure that the new legislation keeps up with the new initiatives in our ever advancing IT world. Not sure how this will affect the UK as it exits the EU.

  • This course has been so informative and important for me, as my husband us struggling with liver cancer. Some good information regarding recent developments, the importance of diet and building up muscle, why the muscle disappears and how to try and replace it. Thankyou.

  • I am also interested in finding out about liver cancer, or tumours in the liver that are metastes from primary cancers

  • Reading about these projects inspires me. When my husband was first diagnosed we were devestated and believed he would die, sooner rather than later. He was diagnosed in 2011 and has undergone all sorts of treatments that have reduced us both, mentally and physically. He, like me, believes we have a lot to live for, and finds it hard to contemplate the...

  • My husband is currently undergoing chemotherapy, again, and has lost his muscle mass, he looks like an 85 year old person, rather than almost 75. This time last year he struggled to fasten his trousers, now they fall down! His chest stomach, arms, legs and buttocks are skinny. I have encouraged, nagged, persuaded him to walk, round our house, locally, to...

  • In my recent experiences of having first hand contact with a cancer patient, my husband, I also have observed and spoken to other patients whilst at the chemotherapy clinic.about the effects of the cancer and the drugs. Fatigue seems to drag people down, and although there is the will and the desire to be " normal" the sense of heavy tiredness can be...

  • I have just bought an Amazon "dot", to help remind my husband to do various things on the says I'm at work. His memory has deteriorated, not sure if it's the chemotherapy, or diabetes related, or neither of these, but certainly he is now more forgetful. Currently I organise his medication, purchasing and administering them, hospital and doctor visits,, it can...

  • I forgot to say, my husband Roy is an insulin dependant diabetic, has been for approximately 20 years, and he also has pernicious anaemia. So he has been used to having injections, monitoring his sugar levels etc etc.

  • My husband, Roy, currently had prostate cancer, with metastases in his liver and his back. He is on his second round of chemotherapy. After the first course, he was put on tablets, Zytiga, which unfortunately didn't work. He is almost 75, quite a strong character and determined to be well. He lost his hair, which has re grown, which may happen again. I have...

  • I like to think I am in the final stage of intercultural openness and as a teacher, over the years have developed and interacted with many people and students who are culturally different. Living in Spain now for 12 years I have built bridges by learning the language and sharing and learning about the Spanish way of life. My stumbling "...

  • I'll respond to number 3 first. Most of us live in a multicultural society.....and this is the real world of today. So intercultural openness is a necessity, in order to live side by side with people who have differing views, customs, and beliefs.
    My response to questions 1 and 2......I think we probably are more aware of "difference" and less "open" to it...

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    I would probably be upset, as initially I would have thought that I was making positive contact with someone . I would ask someone at work, what I'd done wrong, or if there were current issues that I didn't know about. When we moved to Spain initially, and I couldn't speak much Spanish, I remember misunderstanding the " booking system" in the village surgery,...

  • I'm Sue, 71 ......I live in Spain, near Murcia, I'm British, moved out here 12 years ago, love the way of life.
    I too am a lifelong learner, did my degree and other courses with Open University, and these courses always make me realise, just how much I don't know!

  • 3/5. This is why I need the course. Learned something already. Great. Just love FutureLearn

  • We live in the " middle of nowhere" so basic first aid skills will be helpful.

  • I would suggest that we have been functioning in many ways except cultural in the EU. We regarded ourselves as Europeans, united by economy, values and politics but having specific traditions and languages within each country. It seemed to work. Now living iin another European country, than that in which I was born and lived for most of my life, I appreciate...

  • Bridget Jone's with modern pressures......needing to be thin, alcohol, sex ( maybe not that modern!), best not mention " grey"!
    I used Kes, To kill a Mockingbird, Diary of Anne Frank, Diary of Adrian Mole, Animal Farm, and other books when I was teaching English in a secondary school in the 70's. Also certain Shakespeare plays. These novels...

  • Most of the religions in Europe are anti modern. Based on ancient beliefs and practices, slow to change, costumes and rules continuing as they always have. Some interlinking with modernity....female clergy, use of technology and very much about identity and identification.

  • Scottish Parliament building, for me.

  • Well it certainly made me think......yes, there was a general pattern, to do with change, trying to keep up with new ideas, but still valueing traditional values.

  • It is the emphasis on " home" and similar " values" .

  • Initially I was thinking land mass, EU, similarities in beliefs and practices, which impacted positively on parts of Europe that behaved differently in the past. I read through the comments to help me clarify my thoughts and felt that Eddie Bostico sums it up.

  • I was living in Spain when we had the financial recession, in 2008 and since then in reality. In my area, Murcia, many young people had no work and also companies had to make workers redundant. Spanish people are very good at " pulling together" and families supported their own, helping one another through the difficult times. We were not affected personally,...

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    Hi there, I'm Sue, British, living in Spain. I'm horrified by the results of " Brexit" , finding it hard to comprehend what the outcomes might be. I've always believed in the benefits of living in a " multi cultural" society and feel very strongly about the need to be European.

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    I received an email from the company Iceland saying that I had got 30 euro vouchers if I'd I spent a certain amount. So I used the voucher in the store. THEN I got a voucher from BOOTSs the chemist and because the Iceland one was genuine, I just clicked on was a scam and infected mine and others' emails. I learned the hard way!

  • Mmmmm felt uneasy even trying this!!! I'm very suspicious about everything now!!! However I did give it a go and came up with 120...... But remembering it????

  • I suppose it depends upon the value I put on the individual account that I need a password for. Banking and shopping, I'm vigilant and change passwords etc regularly, using random letters and symbols which I must admit, I have to write down, and do that in obscure places!!!
    Other things I'm less so, and at the last count had about 20 passwords! I've" gone...

  • Soy Sue. Vivo en Espagna, cerca Murcia. Es importance que hablo Espanol..

  • Apologies from me. I registered for the course, and have been quite ill with bronchitis. I have not completed any " modules", and so will re register. Sorry. Sue.