Dr Andrés Morales

Dr Andrés Morales

Andres is the co-founder and COO of Minca Ventures Ltd. He is an expert in Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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  • Hard to tell Martin. Biji-Biji use a lot of this type of approaches to develop new products.

  • Exactly, all is off-cut material outsource from the factories.

  • Hey! Thanks for the comment. Some of the Upcyclers offer a life time guarantee to avoid the product to end up in the landfill. Many of them are environmentalists and they are concern of this.

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  • Hi kelly, I strongly recommend you check out the following https://www.social-impakt.com

  • Sorry Andrey, pretty sure is an amazing contribution but don't speak Russian :(

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  • you will love to hear about Biji-Biji initiative

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    We are so glad to see such diversity (in every aspect: nationalities, gender, age). We are so excited for this. Thank you all for participating in this course. We hope everybody enjoy the course as much as we did creating it!

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  • I agree!! you will find out how upcyclers try to tackle this issue that you just stated

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  • Lovely initiative Kelly! that's so adorable, please share with everybody when you create an actual product from the lessons

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  • Hi Nora, I hope your doing really well. Here is the full picture of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6wUSy-0-OU They have a very interesting business model in the following course you will see hoy initiatives as such diversify themselves in order to sustain financially. Hope it helps!

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  • Thanks Guys, fantastic week so far! Really good comments all over the course. We are really inspired by all of you. Have a wonderful second week.

  • Hi all, I'm really glad to e-meet you all and reading through all your comments, I cannot be more excited to be part of this jour ney. I hope this course will help and inspire you all to kick off new projects, initiatives and SEs to make a social and/or environmental impact in your own contexts. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and contact us, if some...

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  • Try to use headlines and link them with existing issues. It may bring the attention of others. Twitter may good for it

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  • Ladies, thank you for your comments. In this case both. Sometimes social enterprises target a specific group and eventually will make a positive impact to more than one targeted. It is interesting because there is always the possibility of unintended impact (the problem is that sometimes can be negative).

  • @Diana you are very welcome, let me know if you need to connect you with them!

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    Apologies for joining the course so late, but was away for few weeks. Went through most of the comments and so excited to see the level of engagement of all of you! Familiar faces and new ones. I have learnt a lot from you all and exciting to see your comments and ideas next week. If someone needs to catch up with me quickly please don't hesitate...

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  • Hi Paula,

    Great idea, thought you midget like this:


    It's does not relate to digital education but it developed a very interesting pedagogical model. Particular, as urban education may be very different from rural education. Check this out!

  • Also, they are other two projects that you will be interested to look at, as follows:


  • Maybe for you both, concepts such upcycling or circular economy may help. Suggest the following SE that works beautifully in Slovenia


    The fashion industry is a fascinating topic that need in-depth study, specially when it comes with sustainability and consumption.

  • Agree with Jeremy, also I think create awareness is really important. It would be worth to explore Web 2.0 and crowdsourcing platforms, interesting to create a virtual space where you and other could spread and learn/transfer knowledge through participation

  • Me encanta la idea, Ecuador es un país fascinante y es un buen incubador para desarrollar ideas. También me gusta por qué los indígenas juegan y van a jugar un papel fundamental en el futuro

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