Dr Andrés Morales

Dr Andrés Morales

Andres is the co-founder and COO of Minca Ventures Ltd. He is an expert in Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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  • Hard to tell Martin. Biji-Biji use a lot of this type of approaches to develop new products.

  • Exactly, all is off-cut material outsource from the factories.

  • Hey! Thanks for the comment. Some of the Upcyclers offer a life time guarantee to avoid the product to end up in the landfill. Many of them are environmentalists and they are concern of this.

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  • Hi kelly, I strongly recommend you check out the following https://www.social-impakt.com

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  • you will love to hear about Biji-Biji initiative

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  • Hi Nora, I hope your doing really well. Here is the full picture of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6wUSy-0-OU They have a very interesting business model in the following course you will see hoy initiatives as such diversify themselves in order to sustain financially. Hope it helps!

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  • Hi all, I'm really glad to e-meet you all and reading through all your comments, I cannot be more excited to be part of this jour ney. I hope this course will help and inspire you all to kick off new projects, initiatives and SEs to make a social and/or environmental impact in your own contexts. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and contact us, if some...

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  • Ladies, thank you for your comments. In this case both. Sometimes social enterprises target a specific group and eventually will make a positive impact to more than one targeted. It is interesting because there is always the possibility of unintended impact (the problem is that sometimes can be negative).

  • @Diana you are very welcome, let me know if you need to connect you with them!

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    Apologies for joining the course so late, but was away for few weeks. Went through most of the comments and so excited to see the level of engagement of all of you! Familiar faces and new ones. I have learnt a lot from you all and exciting to see your comments and ideas next week. If someone needs to catch up with me quickly please don't hesitate...

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  • Hi Paula,

    Great idea, thought you midget like this:


    It's does not relate to digital education but it developed a very interesting pedagogical model. Particular, as urban education may be very different from rural education. Check this out!

  • Also, they are other two projects that you will be interested to look at, as follows:


  • Maybe for you both, concepts such upcycling or circular economy may help. Suggest the following SE that works beautifully in Slovenia


    The fashion industry is a fascinating topic that need in-depth study, specially when it comes with sustainability and consumption.

  • Agree with Jeremy, also I think create awareness is really important. It would be worth to explore Web 2.0 and crowdsourcing platforms, interesting to create a virtual space where you and other could spread and learn/transfer knowledge through participation

  • Me encanta la idea, Ecuador es un país fascinante y es un buen incubador para desarrollar ideas. También me gusta por qué los indígenas juegan y van a jugar un papel fundamental en el futuro

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    Interesting conversation here. I agree there are good and bad examples.

  • That's true and excellent point of view. Sometimes it works as a tool for advocacy or marketing. Nonetheless, it does not guarantee you success. Still, I agree that the most of the energy must be kept to the stakeholders

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    @natasha thank you, we engaged in a really interesting conversation. See you in the next course. Learnt a lot!

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    Well said! Also I knew these authors mentioned above. I would really like you to read Escobar because he brings into the table new practices that combine right of nature and socia equality. There is a really interesting initiative called transition movement


    Have a look! Also just want to clarify that I'm nor intendent to...

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    @Natasha strongly recommend a Colombian scholar named Arturo Escobar that challenges the concept of "development" and "democracy" rooted in the epistemology of the so-called global north:


    Hope it helps!

  • Dr Andrés Morales replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    @Natasha the question is really interesting and it leads to other concepts. Maybe you would like to explore what 'Buen Vivir' is, a concept that is rooted in indigenous practices in Latin America and is an ongoing construction. For instance, the plural state of Bolivia, it is a kind of appropriation of new forms of 'democracy' but understood with a different...

  • Exactly! That's the whole point moving towards to a mor sustainable model. Dependency is a big problem in the third sector, but one of the many solutions can be develop a trading arm to nurture the organisation.

  • Lupita, Social Economy is an umbrella that is known in Europe, cooperative is within the SE sector.

  • Excellent @ann points. Also bringing the example of grameen bank, namely as the main purpose of create a socia change. The objective is very important. Now, of course all the practices are not perfect. Within the SE sector there are good and bad practices. Love the critical approach over here.

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    Good point!

  • Cooperative can be developed and owned by different people that are not necessary located in the same area whereas CBEs are according to the definition coated in the same location.

  • Social Economy is an umbrella, social enterprise is within the social economy sector according to the literature

  • @benjamin excellent point! There is an umbrella considered socia economy or socia and solidarity economy. That said, co-operatives rely on financial
    Sustainability but one of the differences is the distribution of it.

  • Excellent comments over here, Starbucks is definitely not as their purpose is to generate money rather than social or environmental purpose. That's the big difference the objective in the first place: mission and vision, Starbucks' social or environmental issue can be considereded as a CSR program.

  • Excellent point. Atlanta food bank also has a trading arm and genererate some income out of it. Thus, it is an NGO/charity with trading arm.

  • Dr Andrés Morales replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    @natasha, definitely it is a long discussion. But self-sustainability at organisional level may bring a long-term autonomy for some communities. Also, the concept of democracy is rooted in eurocentrism and there are alternatives that decision making and power hierarchies may differ for instance ubuntu in Africa or Minga in Latin America. That in practice is...

  • Dr Andrés Morales replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    In regards to your second question I think that grassroots organisations are clear examples of being down to earth. Meritocracy myth is something that indeed may affect the SE sector in a long term, namely because there are different contextual factors that may enable the emergence of SEs or social entrepreneurship such as class, education, ethnicity,...

  • Dr Andrés Morales replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hey @Natasha great comments over here! Read also your comments few steps before. Certainly, the role of the individual at organisational level is important. Namely, in relation to leadership and etc. I. Regards to your questions there are many cases that individuals get into the picture of the social enterprises and contribute silently for a great purpose. As...

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  • Really interesting book and valid points made by her!

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  • I partly agree, there are few projects that die off as consequence of financial liquidity. Namely, because their social value is extremely high, nonetheless, there are few alternatives that may help them out in the long term. Strategic alliances may help some of them for financial sustainability as in the case of the Atlanta food bank.

  • Good points over here! That's why is so important to look into grassroots organisations, that generally are limited by marketing budget, hence their marketing strategy is normally based on good work.

  • Thank you Kitty that's amazing, love the brief of your story, pretty sure we all going to learn a lot from you!

  • Hi Susan, excellent comment. All of them have addressed the problem differently. They are all located in different places, hence they developed within a very different ecosystem. There are common factors however: for instance:

    1. Issue was identified.
    2. Collectiveness: very difficult to take issues without a good group cohesion.
    3. Very good...

  • Thank you @Celestin for having shared your experience, I think it is really valuable sharing such experience. I love it and do more the fact that you have not given in.

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    @Natasha, actually I do know it. I love the documentary series and actually I believe that there is a lot work to do with social enterprises with the work of psychoanalysts.

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