Nicholas Passenger

Nicholas Passenger

Nicholas is the Principal Lecturer for the Business and Marketing related courses at UCLan. As well as overlooking courses on our UK campuses, Nicholas overlooks key programmes internationally.

Location Lancashire, UK


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  • The magnificent Malmesbury .........a great area of then UK, one I spent 25 years in !

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  • The important thing about the blog is to make it as personable to you as possible. Whilst it is easy to compare others (that indeed were good) it is key to make it as personable to yourself, which you probably have. Qualitative answers sometimes do not have a "correct" way to answer and this would be the case with a blog.

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  • That's great - is this the website for the Repair Cafe ?

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  • That's really interesting and certainly we have now read various articles on the Refood - - project - interesting to say the least

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  • Fair point @SofiaLa on both fronts. We are very fortunate to have the expertise of Prof Karl Williams at our university and a special mention to Maria Sherrington for her meetings with him. It's a fair point regarding the cost of food and certainly there are research projects looking into this currently

  • Sometimes this is difficult but what is important is that you are questioning it and no doubt looking for solutions. Realistically this is the first step to reduction

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  • Indeed we were really pleased with their contribution - they are a really interesting company to follow

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  • What are your thoughts on this now ?

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  • That is a fascinating discussional point @kimw

  • Over here now @RhondaR. there is a bigger push for refilling containers will similar products but more in a self service style

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  • Food for thought @LeJiaoWang

  • Indeed an interesting challenge is highlighted @悦涵唐

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  • Is that due to the software ?

  • Interesting @kimw but key also to highlight that it may be perceived that small steps here in the right direction but that over time this will only see true results?

  • Excellent response and interesting @XinYan

  • @TingYinFang it maybe that profits occur due to this in the long run but initially it could be seen as encouraging a "responsible marketing" approach

  • Exactly @HailuWang but also you may say that it is alsoto influence it's loyal customer's approaches as well ?

  • Indeed @LeJiaoWang and they are certainly at the helm of this in terms of the industry

  • Indeed marketing does @TingYinFang need to be responsible but sometimes the profit eyes seem to outweight the rsponsibility. It is interesting to see how countries are observing this now

  • Great response @DiTang and hopefully you'll enjoy Week 3 as much ?