Yasmin Merali

Yasmin Merali

Professor of Systems Thinking and also Director of the Centre for Systems Studies (2015-2020)at the University of Hull. I do transdisciplinary research on complex socio-economic systems at all scales

Location UK


  • Jeffrey Johnson

    Jeffrey Johnson

    I am Professor of Complexity Science and Design at the Open University & Deputy President of the UNESCO UniTwin Complex Systems Digital Campus. I am interested in interdisciplinary science for policy.

  • Paul Bourgine
  • Jorge Louçã
  • Jane Bromley

    Jane Bromley

    Lecturer in Computer Science, researcher at the Centre for Complexity and Design at the Open University. Interested in machine intelligence, deep learning, and image recognition by humans and machines

  • Evangelia Panagakou

    Evangelia Panagakou

    My background is in Physics (BS, PhD), and Applied Math (MS). I have worked on modeling reaction-diffusion and epidemic systems.

  • David Sousa-Rodrigues

    David Sousa-Rodrigues

    I'm a professor of Computer Science, Complexity and Design at the ESAD.cr - Arts and Design School in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal and researcher at the Centre for Complexity and Design of the OU.

  • Stephen Peake

    Stephen Peake

    I am Professor of Climate Change and Energy at the OU leading courses on Photography, Renewables, and Climate Change. Fellow, Judge Business School and Senior Associate CISL, University of Cambridge.