Hannah Watts

Hannah  Watts

Recent gradute of MSc Digital Marketing at Uni of Soton. Previously studied BA (Hons) Media Culture & Production. Work includes design & development of open online courses at SolentUni.Tweet @wattshan

Location Southampton


  • Very useful glossary, thank you.

  • Hi Ioana, thanks for your feedback. I'm pleased you think so. Do you have any plans for using web analytics tools in the near future? Hannah :)

  • Hey Magda, thanks for sharing your experience of using Periscope. It's interesting to hear of the different ways it's being put to use. Hannah :)

  • Hey Tim, thanks for sharing this. Here's the link for anyone who might be interested. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/anthropology-social-media Hannah :)

  • Thanks for sharing this Ana!

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Emilia, it was interesting to read this. I do agree, especially the part where you say 'pay attention to what is around us' - I am very conscious of this now! Hannah :)

  • Hey Michael, take a look at this link. You might find this infographic useful. If you scroll down, there's a section on 'the basics' - that will guide you through the process. http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/twitter-hashtag-tips#sm.0001fod3x92tufllpr62e0kjy7cep Hope that helps. Hannah :)

  • Hi Fred, there's lots of useful resources out there to help you understand web analytics - once you start exploring it in more detail, I'm sure you'll soon start to get to grips with it. Try taking a look at the videos offered by Google too. https://www.youtube.com/user/googleanalytics Hannah :)

  • Welcome Cheryl, thanks for sharing your reasons for joining the course. I hope you enjoy speaking with the other learners throughout this course, by doing so you'll get so much more out of it. Hannah :)

  • Hello Ghada, welcome. Great to have you here. I hope you find the content here useful. What area of work are you currently in? Hannah :)

  • Welcome Angela, lovely to have you here. I hope you enjoy working through the content. Any questions just let us know. Hannah :)

  • Hi Judy, to answer you question - you cannot save the course but you will be able to access it for a period of time once the course has finished. However, to give you an indication of how long that might be - I can still access a course and all its material from one year ago. Although, to be on the save side I would download as many of the document as possible...

  • If you're looking for more, we have a Web Science MOOC starting on Monday (7/11), and another on the 'Power of Social Media' kicking off on the 21/11. Direct links can be found in Step 3.19. Hannah :)

  • Remember the game SimCity? Check out this article which explores how architects and planners brought up on SimCity are thought to be using the principles of gaming to encourage sustainability. https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2016/jul/13/simcity-legacy-smarter-cities-when-urban-planners-play-for-keeps Hannah :)

  • Hey Pau, as you raised Amazon as an example here - I thought it might be worth popping this article over to you. It's an interesting read on how incentivised reviews are thought to be warping Amazon’s product star ratings. Take a look and see what you think. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/sep/20/incentivised-reviews-amazon-product-star-ratings...

  • Thanks for your feedback Maria, I will certainly pass this over to the rest of the team. Hannah :)

  • Hey Jarne, welcome. Thanks for your introduction. I hope you will enjoy the course and all it has to offer. Have fun :) Hannah

  • Thank you for your feedback Nadezhda, this is really helpful. I will pass this on to the rest of the team. Hannah :)

  • Oh Sarah, just spotted a post from Ashley one of the other course mentors - it might be worth exploring this too - https://www.futurelearn.com/programs/big-data-analytics.

  • Hey Tineke, thanks for sharing your reasons for wanting to join the course. I'm really pleased to hear how enthusiastic you are about digital marketing and all it entails. Hannah :)

  • Hey Sarah, fantastic. There's been lots of interesting discussions taking place regarding data analysis; hopefully you'll have some really useful information to share. Hannah :)

  • Hey Julia, I think that's an excellent idea. I'm sure you'll have lots here to keep you occupied. I hope the knowledge you gain will be useful for your career. Hannah :)

  • Hey Tony, pleased you've joined us. I hope you enjoy working through the course content. Getting involved in course conversations are a great way to get the most out of the course. I hope you'll be able to share advice with your fellow learners too! Hannah :)

  • Hey Denzil, thanks for joining us. What profession are you currently working in? Do you hope this course will help progress your career or is this purely for fun? It sounds like you have a clear idea about what you'd like to get out of it, have fun! Hannah :)

  • Hey Tassos, lovely to have you here. Fab to hear you're from an educational background. If you enjoy the course, perhaps next time you can encourage your students to take part and discuss some of the activities in class too! Hannah )

  • Hey Anna, you're right! Don't worry at all about joining late. There's still lots going on here and plenty of conversations to get involved it. Take your time and work through the content at your own pace, enjoy it! Hannah :)

  • Hey Michael, don't forget you can download the glossary too - it'll be useful to keep this nearby. Hannah :)

  • Welcome Johanna, this is certainly a great place to start building your knowledge on digital marketing. I hope you enjoy working through the material. Hannah :)

  • Hey Jeffrey, fantastic! It's a great idea to run this course alongside your studies. I hope the content you discover here can be put to good use in the classroom too! Hannah :)

  • Hey Alan, welcome to the course. Don't worry at all about joining late, there's still plenty of activity taking place across all areas of the course. Get chatting! Hannah :)

  • Hi everyone, I've read some really interesting comments below. Your conversations got me thinking about an interesting post I discovered by HubSpot back in September. It delves deeper into the meaning of 'digital marketing analytics', and highlights why some marketers might be going wrong when it comes to making effective use of the data we have available to...

  • That's very true Joe, I agree. Thanks for adding this link to the conversation thread. Hannah :)

  • Hello Chenyse, thanks! I'm pleased you've shared this example as it demonstrates how monitoring and acting upon data gathered by marketing analytics can be useful for all businesses, regards of the product or service it sells. Hannah :)

  • Thanks for the feedback Patsy; I am certain this is a feature the team would explore in the near future. It would most definitely be a worthwhile addition. Hannah :)

  • Thanks for sharing this useful link Patsy. Hannah :)

  • Hi Simon, pleased to hear it. I'm glad this course enabled you to explore the concepts in more detail. What's next for you? Are you going to be putting any of these concepts to use at work? Hannah :)

  • Hey Firly, wow! Thanks for sharing this with us, sounds fantastic. This is a great starting point for you - I am certain you're going to find the content here very beneficial. Hannah :)

  • Welcome Caro, great to have you here. Signing up to this course as a way of helping you to improve your english is a fantastic idea. I hope the course content will inspire you to further develop your understanding of digital marketing too. Good luck. Hannah :)

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  • Hi there Marc, how exciting. I hope everything is going well in Moscow. I'm pleased you've decided to sign up for this course alongside you're studies - it will certainly be of benefit to you. Best of luck. Hannah :)

  • Hey Ashlee, welcome to the course. I hope you find the content here useful. Hannah :)

  • Hi Bhupendra, thanks for all of the suggestions! Hannah :)

  • Hello! I'm pleased you have found this list useful. It's a good idea to download the PDF or save this page to your bookmarks - that way you'll always have it to hand. Hannah :)

  • Hey Natalie, thanks for sharing this. It's not something I was aware so I carried out a quick google search, here's a link to the story reported by The Guardian.
    https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/jan/06/the-internet-cant-stop-watching-this-livestream-of-people-trying-to-cross-a-puddle Hannah :)

  • Hey Raid, thanks for sharing your feedback. Yes, certainly - we have that in place for you. Hannah :)

  • I enjoyed reading your post Natalie. I particularly liked your your last point, it's important we remember how complex us humans really are! Hannah :)