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Ysabelle Charest

Ysabelle Charest

I am a clinical pharmacist working in a hospital near Montreal.
I have a wide range of interests; art, culture, history, languages, also health care.

Location Montreal, Canada



  • Hi! I am a hospital pharmacist working near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am here to learn self-care skills. Am going through a difficult period; slowly getting better.

  • As a pharmacist I usually don't look into diagnosis...

  • I am a hospital pharmacist and I am a consultant on the critical care unit. We care for the most unstable patients. The aim is to stabilize them. I am part of a team. There is the intensivist who is the doctor in charge of the patient. He or she can ask other physicians or health care professionnals (including me) for a consultation. We each add or own...

  • 1) people who believe in a god will often think hallucinations are related to god. 2) If the hallucinations impair the daily activities of living then the person affected needs helps.

  • I would like to learn techniques for better communicating with patients suffering from psychosis.

  • Fascinated by art and art history, avid museum goer. Love to read about all these subjects.

  • The fear of being financially unable to provide, the fear of retaliation. the shame to admit being abused, and-or having stayed so long in that situation already.

  • Very helpful. Learning a lot.

  • She is unable to leave because Ian makes sure that all the decisions must go through him first.

  • In the text, when she speaks, she always refers to him, his needs. She does not speak at all about how she feels. To me, it seems to me like she is being repressed and there is a potential situation of abuse.

  • I think here one must read between the lines. It seems very likely that he has manipulated her into thinking that he is more competent...

  • One add really fascinated me. It was taking place on a plane. An old lady had trouble putting her luggage in the above compartment. What anyone would have thought to be a stewardess helped her.

    Only to realize, once she started walking, that she was wearing wings and was the captain. WOW.

  • Hi! I am a hospital pharmacist, haven’t worked in regular pharmacies for years. Would like to learn more about the subject and help some of my patients (and even colleagues).
    I am myself a survivor of verbal violence from my father as well as one ex-boyfriend. Thanks to my past experience, the relationship with the ex was short-lived, but still managed to...

  • Before visiting a new country, I love learning its language. I helps me to better discover the country, better connect with its people.

  • Hi! I love learning. My mother tongue is French, but I am also fluent in English and Italian. Have some knowledge of German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • I am a hospital pharmacist working in antibiostewardship. Would like to refresh my basic knowledge of microbiology.

  • As A French Canadiann, I am not familiar at all with the civil war. Will be very happy to learn.

  • For now, I must admit I have no idea. Looking forward to learning more.

  • Fan-tas-tic!

  • Rituals, rituals, rituals. ;-)

  • Hi, I am from Montreal. I am very much interested in history in general and this subject in particular.

  • The difference between the glorified myth and the real situation...

  • To me, it means conquest, power, but also development. In Canada, the French had started the creation of a country, but did not send enough people for it to really develop. The British then took control, there were good and bad consequences. But it ensured the development of my country.

  • This is so helpful!

  • It is a complex issue. We were a French territory up until 1763. Then we diverged. Our French culture remained very much related to religion, whereas in France religion’s influence diminished.

    Then, the British took control.

    We went through la Révolution tranquille in the sixties to break free from religion control.

  • As a Canadian, to me Europe is idealized; as I have only seen it while being on vacation. The richness of its culture, history, art and languages fascinates me.

  • Hi, I’m from Canada, and am fascinated by history, Europe, culture, languages, art. Looking forward to this course.

  • Asking the student<s goals is a very good idea.

  • My direct supervisor is a great leader. She respects us, makes our strengths flourish and guides us with our challenges. She takes the hardest part, does not leave us stranded. She protects us. Also clinically she is an excellent pharmacist.

    I have difficulty in naming celebrities, since most of the time we only know one side of their story. People that we...

  • There is one saying, when all goes well, the leader walks at the end of the caravan, but when the going gets though, he takes the lead. To me, it describes true leardership.

    it is not based on authority, but on respect and inspiration from the followers.

    The leader has to know very well the field he or she is engaging in, and also have excellent people...

  • I am a hospital pharmacist. Working in hospitals means having lots of policies imposed by upper levels of management. I would like to try and find a way to embrace the changes in a constructive and inspiring manner. And make a contribution of my own.

  • What a wonderful and engaging video. Makes me want to start learning right now!

  • Very well explained. Gives us a clear path.

  • Every one is unique, you can’t put all Muslim in the ‘’same box’’. Some are more traditional, some are more modern. Diverse ethnicities and culture. Has opened my mind.

  • I wish there would have been more photos showing the integration per se? Most pics show muslims people alone or with other muslims. I would have liked to see more connection with non muslims.

  • Love the soup-salad analogy.

  • Probably some prejudice; people being cautious because of the muslim identity.

  • I think that as a work team, we can accommodate the needs of our muslims brothers.

    For example, I have a buddhist colleague that volunteers to work on Christmas day.

    Some my colleagues volunteer to work more week ends.

    I work more evenings to help out my colleagues who have kids.

    If the team is diverse, we can accommodate each other even...

  • I don,t know much about sharia (yet). If we say it has no legal authority, it must still put some pear pressure on muslims to respect its suggestions?

    Can a mentor please inform me?

  • May I ask; why would the bengali bride appear to hesitate, and have a somber expression? Just curious. No sarcasm meant. ;-)

  • Hi, I am a hospital pharmacist working in a community hospital near Montreal. I have been supervised as a studentsand resident, and now have the pleasure of supervising pharmacy students and residents, and also taking part in helping medical, nursing students and redidents etc.

    Have also practised in community pharmacies and have supervised students and...

  • @Abdul-AzimAhmed thanks for all the links.

  • I have learned a lot this week. I must admit I had to erase some previous prejudice and make sure to have a open mind. I liked the easy going videos with guitar music; and smiles; it made us feel closer to the people reciting their faith.

  • Verrai che future learn è una piattaforma fantastica! :-)

  • Salve. Sono canadese, ho fatto qualche anni fa, corsi immersivi di italiano per stranieri: 3 soggiorni lingistici. Vorrei migliorare le mie capacità.

  • Being on call in a hospital; you get paged or texted; hard to stay focused.

  • I remember watching the series Life with Damian Lewis, about a policeman wrongfully convicted and sent to prison. It was fascinating.

  • I am a hospital pharmacist living near Montreal, Canada. I am very interested in better understanding other cultures. I love learning languages, studying history, art.

  • Live near Montreal, Canada.

  • Hi! I am a pharmcist working in a community hospital near Montreal, Canada. I do rotations in antibiostewardship and intensive care, and am very much interested in the subjects this course is covering.

  • Very interesting and useful.

  • The line of succession normally is more direct; it should have gone to edward,s sisters instead of his cousin.

  • I would like to be able to deal in a more constructive way with toxic behaviors coming from others. Have already started to try to ‘’respond, not react’’. Bit by bit am improving.

  • Thank you so much for sharing information about the friends’ association and the model.

  • Found a video on youtube ‘’ Terra cotta rounbdels at Hampton Court palace’, by ‘’ Historic Royal Palaces.’’

  • Found a very interesting video on youtube ‘’Terracotta roundels at Hampton Court palace’’ by ‘’Historic Royal Palaces’’ ». here the website does not allow me to copy the link.

  • Found this video on restauration of the roundels; very interesting.

  • I liked the fact that the trainee took responsibility and asked for help.

  • Very interesting articles. (Lol not a precise enough feedback... I liked the different methods that were explained.

  • I think this is very important; you may have all the clinical knowledge in the world; if you can<t relate properly to your trainee, if you don’t know how to teach and supervise, you won’t be able to adequately supervise him or her.

  • Hi, I am a hospital pharmacist, and I graduated almost 24 years ago. Looking to refresh some notions ;-)

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