Jon Hummel

Jon Hummel

Master student in Technology and Operations Management at University of Groningen. Studentassistant for Management Science & Supply Chain Operations and support assistant virtual learning environment.

Location Groningen


  • I like your addition that you want the student to notice you, so she/he know that you have seen the student overthere. Our solution states that you should not confront the student in the coffee bar, because of the loss of face and potential privacy problems of the student if you confront with friends nearby.

  • Hi Aliona, thank you for your addition. The tutorial in case 1 is mandatory for students, so every student should attend the session. Does this information change your answer or is it still the solution that you will not influence the behaviour of the student? Is there another person/department who should punish the student for missing the tutorial in your...

  • That is also my experience Ana, large organisations needs protocols in order to ensure a good coordination of educational processes.

  • Completely agree with you Marcos! There are many misunderstandings that occurs because of wrong expectations.

  • Being respectful to others' ideas and being open and transparant is important in a higher education setting, thank you for sharing!

  • Completely true Rowanna! The circle of influence is closely related to your position as a student-assistant.

  • Nice addition Zohreh, it is indeed in most cases the best option to hand the situation over to a counselor/study advisor if a student cannot perform because of personal reasons when you are a student assistant.

  • Thank you Antonina! Your addition about one action is better than thousand theories is something I can completely relate to. My experience is the same is yours: making it competetive and fun can also result in a higher pace of your lesson.

  • Hi Chitzi, thank you for your interesting question! The first step in answering this question should be: do you need to increase your circle of influence? The circle of influence can help you in determining if you should take action regarding specific situations. If one cannot change the situation or isn't able to take action, the situation is in the circle of...

  • Hi everyone,

    Totally agree with everything that's mentioned by Ine! One additional measure that we take in Groningen is that we are able to randomize the sequence of questions and answer posibilities. It is also possible to distribute two different versions of the digital exams (uneven rows version A, even rows version B for instance).

    Furthermore, it...

  • Hi Sana! If the organization can be regarderd as completely top down, students can also be involved in the boards of the university for instance. At our university in Groningen, almost every board of the faculties/central services does have a so called student-assessor. This student is involved in the decision making of the board for a year.

  • Thank you Bulbul! It is indeed also my experience that competition can be useful in education. However, not in every situation. In my opinion, it is also important to create a safe learning environment. So, I think that competition is not appropriate when you teach completely new concepts. This competition element is helpful when students are already familiair...

  • Hi Hamad, that is indeed the case: however, these two activities were divided over two lessons. I have teached my students the specific theory for this topic and we trained some examples (teaching/lecturer role) in the first session. The next session is showed in the video in this step, where groups discussed the questions in a competetive way in the game.

  • Indeed a difficult situation. I have faced the same situation in a course with the same rules. My opinion is that you as a student-assistant teach for instance a group of 20 students, but the complete cohort consists of for instance 400 students. All student-assistants for these other groups should handle in line with the rules in order to ensure a...

  • Thank you! In my opinion it depends completely on the situation, so I really like your examle of the field trips where this behaviour is possible. And also if you are unsure as a teacher about the relationship between you and your students, it will be maybe a little bit to riskful to remove the boundaries.

  • Hello Hamad, thank you for your addition! It is indeed true dat everything has advantages and disadvantages. However, the concept 'circle of influence' and 'circle of concern' can determine for you wether you have to pay attention to the situation or if you cannot influence the situation. Therefore, this concept can help you in evaluating the...

  • Hi Hamad, can you specify your question? I think this course can help you in having an overview of the general challenges that a student-assistant will face. Or do you want to now this for a specific part of the (teaching) task? In week 2 and 3 we will elaborate more on didactic skills.

  • Hello Yoko, thank you for your reaction! It is indeed completely the case that teaching forces you to gain more knowledge about a specific topic and therefore, this can be very helpful in a students' study career.

  • Jon Hummel replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    Hi! Welcome to this course. It sounds interesting that you are interested in studying in Holland. Please let us know if you have specific questions for the university of Groningen, we will be very happy to help you!

  • Thank you for your comment Yee Yin! It is indeed mentioned in the next step in this course, I was not aware that you were already in that step when you posted your first reaction in this step about wearing shorts. However, in the next step we mention 'very short shorts' because in our country/at our university it is sometimes acceptable to show up in short...

  • Totally agree! Ine and I are working in the same department at our university, it will be a great motto for our department where we are responsible for educational support & innovation.

  • Thank you for this feedback!

  • Hello Yee Yin!

    Can you elaborate more on 'wearing shorts' as unprofessional behaviour? Do you think it is unprofessional in every situation?

    And also for the other learners: how do you think about wearing shorts in front of a class?

  • Hello Hlengani, you can describe the circle of influence indeed as a kind of boundaries. The circle of influence contains all events, situations, actions where you can have control over. This criterium is the boundary between the circle of influence and the circle of concern.

  • Hi Julio, I think that's already the case! You can place all concerns, situations, occurences, feelings in the circle of concern. So everythink you have to think about is in the circle of concern.

    The circle of influence furthermore are only the aspects which you can control or where you have the influence to change the situation.

  • Hello Milada, I really like your addition. Indeed, what if there is a student who cannot appreciate this situation? For instance: if you are a student and he/she is a repeater and really want to pass this course now. It can be stated that this student only wants all the time for discussing the course.

    Before I give my opinion, I would like to invite other...

  • Hello Asmaa, thank you for your addition! Can you ellaborate a little bit more on this opinion? Why do you think the situation in this picture is unprofessional? And which behaviour in this picture can be considered as unprofessional?

    Thank you in advance for your reply!

  • Good example, thanks for sharing!

  • That's indeed a very good point Nadzehda! And it is totally inside your circle of influence to make sure that you get the required knowledge when you start teaching. As we will explore in this course; knowledge about the subject is essential!

    Providing wrong or unchecked information can result in an unwanted outcome, totally agree with you!

  • Totally agree with you Hlengani! It is not efficient to pay attention to situations where you don't have influence on the situation.

  • Hello Berber, totally agree with you! Great to see that you have the same experience, I was at the start also a little bit too worried if students liked the course I teached. I think it is an important insight for future student-assistants: do your best to make the course as fun as possible and as can be professional, but don't feel upset about some students...

  • Hello Benard! I really want to give you two compliments. First of all, you have explained the concept well with the example you have provided. And secondly, it is great to see that you are still motivated to follow this course, even though you have to do your job and have to face different challenges.

    Thank you for your additions Benard and please continue...

  • Hello Imane, welcome! As an assistant sales manager, do you maybe employee students? It could be that they are also interested in this course! If you have any questions throughout the course, please do not hesitate to ask them.

  • Hello Sven! Great to see you in this course. Did you already checked our learning paths in step 1.1? This overview can help you in spending your time as efficient as possible in this course.

    Good luck, also with teaching your class!

  • Hello Benard, thank you for your comment! If I consider you inside my circle of concern, it will result in the fact that I should be able to influence you. Do you think that this will be the result if we have the same interest in mathematics?

    I think that in this case, it could be that you are in my circle of concern but I think that this will not be caused...

  • Hello Hlengani, sound like you are a very active student! Please share your experiences in this course, that would be great for all learners.

  • Hello Sunny! Welcome on board ;-)
    Futurelearn offers a webpage with all information about the platform and how it works:

    Let us know if we can assist you further if the instruction page is not sufficient. Enjoy this course Sunny!

  • Indeed Zinmar! For instance, I am now traveling by train from Groningen to Delft in the Netherlands. The imaginary situation that I missed the train in Groningen can be placed inside the circle of influence, because it is my responsibility to leave early from home. But if the situation occurs that I will be late in Delft because of a malfunctioning train, it...

  • This book was a christmas gift for me from my colleagues! Still not sure if they gave me this because it was on my wishlist or if they gave it to me because they think I can improve my effectivity in my job as a student-assistant! ;-P
    However, I can really recommend you this bestseller! I liked the focus on working together with others, because that's also a...

  • Thank you for your addition Nutifafa! It is also good to know that recruiters/HRM staff of companies also select future employees based on those extra curricular activities. In my opinion it is not wise to use this aspect as the biggest reason for doing student-assistantships, you should do it because you really like the job. Nevertheless, participating in...

  • Hi Victoria, that is also my experience! Student-assistants are more accessible for students because of the same levels in age, mindset and experience. I remember a situation when I just started as a student-assistant. One of the first questions that a freshman student asked me was how the coffee vending machines can be used at our university! Of course,...

  • Hello Anum, this open environment at your institution will definitely help in reinforcing the commitment of you and your colleagues. The ability of trying new things should be very motivating!

  • Hi colleague! Nice to see you in this course! I am curious about what your opinion and thoughts about this course will be after completing. Please share also your current experiences in the discussions, that will be really helpful for us and the other learners.