Phillip Dawson

Phillip Dawson

is a Professor and the Associate Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning. He researches higher education, feedback, cheating, assessment and research methods.

Location Melbourne, Australia


  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Apart from being played by Patrick Stewart (if there is such a thing as a born leader, he plays one well), Picard embodies leadership because he has a vision, consults broadly, makes a decision, and owns it. When his decisions go well, or poorly, Picard accepts responsibility for the results. He's a...

  • I think leadership is helping people to achieve some sort of goal. But it's also about influencing them to believe in that goal. In my field (higher education teaching and learning) there's a need for leaders to convince people of the need to teach in a different way. Often this is a sort of 'thought leadership' done by people who aren't responsible for either...

  • I'm keen to learn about leadership because it might help me have better impact in my work. I'm employed as a researcher in an Australian university, where I research higher education.

    I think of leadership as being about helping people to achieve some sort of goal. When I've had a great leader, they have removed barriers in the way of me doing my work,...