Neil McLaren

Neil McLaren

I live and work in Bratislava and have been teaching for more than twenty-five years. I’m the Social Community Manager in charge of the British Council’s global social media channels for learners.

Location Bratislava, Slovakia


  • You can make your own @AngelikaWittek . Just follow the instructions here:
    I actually made my own because ghee is very expensive here - like four times the cost of butter.

  • Thank you! :-)

  • Hi @АннаКим, in my opinion it really doesn't need it and I didn't add any extra - the flavours are rich enough already. But of course you can add salt to taste when making the sauce.

  • Hi @WilliamGonzálezvillada , kidneys are one of the two internal organs in animals that clean the blood and remove waste (the other one is the liver). They're shaped a bit like a bean. The general word for all the organs that are used for food, such as kidneys, heart, liver etc. is 'offal', and you can find a full list here:...

  • Definitely @MariaAlessandraPecora - you can find recipes for them here:

  • It's lovely @GloriaL - very aromatic!

  • Masala just means a mix of spices @RaquelVarela and you can make your own at home from spices that you can easily find - check my comment here for recipes.

  • You can make your own easily @felixN - see my answer here:

  • You can easily make your own @YuriyG - see my answer here:

  • They're just ready-mixed blends of regular spices @KalinaManeva . You can probably find all the individual spices where you live, then mix them yourself using any of these recipes:...

  • I know what you mean @JuliaAllert - I've never been a dunker and none of my family do it either! I never really understood the attraction of soggy biscuits! And it always surprises me to hear that Claire, Tina Chris and Sally dunk!

  • Glad you liked it @NatalyGolubyk . It's one of my favourites and I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you make it :-)

  • Glad you liked it @robertatomasi ! You're right - adding the yogurt from the marinade to the sauce is just as good as using cream, and healthier! The only thing of course is, since it had raw chicken in it, you need to make sure you cook it thoroughly if you add it to the sauce. whereas the cream is just added at the end.

  • Good question @LyudmylaTkachenko . The reason I do it that way is because I don't have grill pan with a rack to put it on. You can't cook it in a baking tray etc. because the juice coming out of the chicken will mean it cooks in the liquid instead and it won't get that slightly charred, barbecue taste that real chicken tikka has. Real chicken tikka is cooked...

  • Yes @VeraA I love my TARDIS teapot too - it was a present from my daughter :-)

  • Yes Roberta, you can easily mix them yourself if you can't find them ready-made:

  • Exactly @HendAbuKrayem all the spices in it shouldbe available, like black and white pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cumin, coriander seeds, anise etc. Then you can mix it yourself the way you like it.

  • They're convenient @LauraWilhelm , and spices definitely, but sauces and pastes don't taste quite the same! Honestly, try this recipe - it's delicious! :-)

  • Good guess, but I'm afraid that's not it @AlvaroSolis ! I'm talking to everyone with both.

  • I'm sorry about that @ZacharyJones ! All the videos on this course were done by the educators at home during Covid restrictions, and none of us are professionals - it's what we cook at home! It's still delicious though!

  • That's right @TaleLady ! :-)

  • I agree @MuhammadJunaidAnwar ! I was concentrating on the filming so much I skipped any garnish! Green chillies would be great, or maybe some coriander leaves!

  • It was @AndrzejMiller !

  • @EduardoSalazar you can easily make your own from regular butter. Here are the instructions:

  • Glad you enjoyed it @TunZawLatt . Let us know once you have cooked it!

  • Yes that would work just as well @DieuAnhVu . I'm glad you enjoyed it! You're right it's not so difficult and if you make it a few more times you will be able to do it in even less time I'm sure!

  • Good point @FernandoLuisBianchi ! The spices for the meat are a marinade so the flavour goes through the meat and then it is cooked in the oven. You can eat the chicken on its own without the sauce as chicken tikka and it is delicious. You can also just make the sauce and use plain chicken without the marinade and it is still delicious! But in my opinion the...

  • Good to hear @PatthananKaewkaemsee ! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • Passata is just plain tomato that has been blended or pureed then passed through a sieve to remove any chunks @YuliaGorshkova , so it's like a very thick tomato juice, or a slightly thinner tomato puree.

  • :-) It's a matter of personal taste @FernandoLuisBianchi . It has a lot of spices, it's true, but it's not what we would call 'spicy', meaning hot. The flavours all work together really well, honestly!

  • Hi @TirsaHinojosaArimosa you can make this as a vegetarian dish easily. You can either replace the chicken with a meat substitute like soya, or use chunky vegetables like cauliflower and carrots, or use something like paneer (Indian cottage cheese or tofu.

  • :-) Mine crashed long ago @NataliaNeshina !

  • If you can get ginger it's easy to make your own garlin and ginger paste @SimonaDanilaFerrai - just add equal amounts of garlic and ginger, a little oil and salt and if you have a food processor, blend together then keep in the fridge in a sealed jar.

  • It really is @GabrielaToledo !

  • You can @ILoveEnglish ! Honestly, it's not difficult - even I can do it! :-)

  • There are lots and lots of different recipes for it @ErikHerremans , this is just my favourite one :-) In the city where I live we have 7 or 8 different Indian restaurants, and chicken tikka masala tastes and even looks different in every single one of them!

  • :-)

  • It's my favourite @DianaLópez !