Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Ba sharahil

Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Ba sharahil

My name is Abduallah . I am an English Teacher . I am 47 years old . I am aman . I am happy to join this nice team .

Location i am from Yemen



  • It will interesting week

  • The fortified sites are often large features .

  • The evidence for water management features I can identify in my study area are

    The Qanat system.
    Circular shafts.
    Circular shafts

  • These sites are effected by time but digital picture is more clear.

  • That is clear pictures from space

  • We all need

  • I am waiting this week .

  • Really it is an interesting week and useful topic .

  • That is really interesting information and facts.

  • 1 seas
    2 Bab
    3 land

  • I am interested in .
    Thanks for both Arcadia British Council .

  • Nice to meet all
    I am really interested in this course.

  • Really I am interested in this topic .I hope to learn more.

  • No I am not surprised

  • Join this course that mean I will have international knowledge experience that will help me in my future field .

  • It is Really useful

  • My name is Abdullah.I am Yemen . I am English teacher. I have more 25 years experience as English teacher. I am really interested tojoin this course because I need moe knowledge a bout digital high education that will hep me to join a new field in near future.

  • That is ok .I totally agree as well respect rules.

  • I am interested in this course

    Thank you

  • Thank you

  • To evaluate oursel that is useful and helpful

  • Thanks they are useful

  • I would like to develop team work to achieve my plan easily.

  • Reflective journal is powerful idea .

  • Useful

  • It is useful and interesting.

  • Yes

  • Nice

  • Thank you.excellent

  • All three types of questions

  • Questions are a great way of building students’ confidence about a topic

  • Really it is useful to give students to practice more.

  • Meet students’ needs.

  • All students should have a equal chance to participation.

  • All procedures will be helpful .

    Register time: Collaboration and participation, also for getting to know each other.

  • It is really interesting because all students and teacher can cooperate to support each to find rules that help them and support the process of education.

  • We should Work together as a team by respecting everyone.

  • Respect for all . I am trying to do my best to give every one what really he needed.

  • Respect

  • All social model

  • We should stand beside them and work together as a team .They are apart of us .

  • ABC

  • I agree strengths

  • I look forward to learning new and effective strategies to support the pupils

  • I look forward to learning new and effective strategies to support the pupils