Cyndi Sabo-Cook

Cyndi Sabo-Cook

I am an English Instructor living in England. I study Shakespeare and the Renaissance. I live with my English husband, David, and our dog, Hope and our cat, Purdy. I am a dual citizen UK and USA

Location I live in Glasshouses, North Yorkshire, England



  • This is a great ppt!! Thank you! I love our indoor plants.

  • Hello, I live in North Yorkshire, England (think James Herriot country). We have several indoor plants! I would have more but our bungalow is only 600 sq ft. :) We also have a wonderful front and back gardens as well as a plot at our local allotment. We love gardening. We have given away several plants because we just don't have room for them after they reach...

  • Nature is definitely worth conserving! Without nature, we have no world. Animals and insects, flowers and birds, were all here before we were and we have a duty to protect it all. I am not sure it is an either/or. Both arguments have their merit, but I also feel that we need to protect Earth and the environment simply because we have gotten so much and need to...

  • Hello, My name is Cyndi. I live in North Yorkshire, England. I am always interested in animal conservation and environmental activism which ties in my with druidry. I am looking forward to this course!

  • This is the sad part when the moderators don't respond to any comments.

  • Thank you for this quick glimpse into the history of York.

  • I've really enjoyed learning about York. It is a city I love to visit and would gladly live there given the opportunity. I do admit I knew little of its chocolate history though. I am glad the issue of racism has come to the fore. This stuff cannot and should not be suppressed. We as consumers have the right to know where our stuff comes from whether it is...

  • I've really enjoyed learning about York. It is a city I love to visit and would gladly live there given the opportunity. I do admit I knew little of its chocolate history though. I am glad the issue of racism has come to the fore. This stuff cannot and should not be suppressed. We as consumers have the right to know where our stuff comes from whether it is...

  • Sounds like sugar coating or white washing. They sort of accept that the company is racist but not really. Bollocks.

  • Selling to Nestle is a big mistake. That company cares nothing about anyone. Just look at what has happened in Flint, Michigan. The CEO saying that water is not a right, but a privilege. I do not buy Nestle's products.

  • Again, people just excuse this behaviour as 'normal'. Says who? How do people NOT see anything wrong with this?

  • One word...disgusting. End of...

  • Exploitation is exploitation no matter how nicely we might dress it up. Just another way for a rich White man to exploit those HE considers inferior. Ugh.

  • Appalling. This Haig person sounds like a horrid person. That said, at least this has come out in the open. It just astounds me how people of ANY time can consider others 'less than'. But then again, look what British people did to the Native Americans in the US. Also the Dutch who kindly brought over blankets with small pox. Ugh...I will end my rant now.

  • Yes. As I stated previously, we don't always tell the whole truth, especially if it will make the nation look bad. We don't think, ask, or care about where our stuff comes from as long as it is affordable. Who know the suffering that has gone on or still goes on today with this mentality?

  • Yes, I do think that countries have a tendency to ignore, downplay, or hide unsavoury dealings from the past. And yes, even today, we do the same thing. I say this as both a UK and US citizen... I see how both countries have done so especially after studying for the Life in the UK Test. Interestingly, I am drinking tea and wearing jeans as I take this week's...

  • Interesting history here that I did not know! I have shopped at Sainsbury's and Morrisons, along with Next and Marks and Sparks, for years. There is a also a Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust to help low income people with affordable housing. We almost bought a house through the Trust. And unless I am mistaken, the Quaker movement started in England (don't quote...

  • I really don't know much about Rowntree. I have seen the shop in the photo, but that is about all I can say to this.

  • I love chocolate! Cocoa Joe's in York is one of the BEST chocolate shops ever! I go there whenever we are in York, which is never often enough. KitKat is okay.

  • I have really enjoyed this course. I have also learned more helpful information for the class on fairy tales I have been asked to teach. Thank you!!

  • In the class I took at uni, Myth, Magic, and Literature, we read Blue Beard out of The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. It was an eye opener for sure!! I really was not that familiar with the story so it was a shock to read it. Wow.

  • Cyndi Sabo-Cook made a comment

    For me, this fairy tale has always been about acceptance. No need to change anyone into or out of anything. Belle accepts the Beast as he is. He is not abusive to her. It can however under the wrong circumstances give women the idea that if they just love him enough, he will turn from a beast to a prince. THAT is dangerous.

  • I think the ending is rather fitting. People seem to get away with such awful behaviour nowadays.

  • I, personally, think it's great they helped her escape. We do the same for abused wives and women in relationships. Abuse is abuse. Period. And religion, especially Christianity, is or can be especially abusive...I know, my religion was abusive.

  • I think any youngster should be careful, but girls especially.

  • I figure she is probably about 12 or 13, not younger, but too much older and the story wouldn't work either.

  • I have never thought of forests or the untamed natural environment as dangerous. I have always felt at home in these environs. I would love to live in a travelling caravan and just be in the forest.

  • I've read a version where Riding Hood actually seduces the wolf and the Huntsman kills the wolf.

  • I was a bit surprised that Little Red Riding Hood was eaten by the wolf. I understand the moral of the story...I just hate wolves being so vilified.

  • At first, I think of Disney versions that are all softened up. I have read The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter...that really opened my eyes to what fairy tales REALLY are like.

  • I have learned online before and I have also taught online classes as well.

  • Hello,
    I live in England (North Yorkshire to be precise). I am a dual citizen--UK and USA. I hold a MA in English--Languages and Literature from NMSU. I have always been fascinated by fairy tales. I took a class as an undergrad at UNM called 'Myth, Magic, and Literature' where we studied these fairy tales. I have also read 'Women Who Run with the Wolves' by...

  • What is not to be excited about with the topic of York?! Cannot wait!

  • Hiya, I live in Glasshouses, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK. I've been fascinated by York since the first time we went. This city is just fabulous. I would live there if I could!!

  • I live fairly close to York and have visited many times. My husband used to work at the York Magistrates Court. We love the city and visit often. Looking forward to learning more!

  • I live in North Yorkshire, just outside of Harrogate. I often travel to York. I read about this place in one of my druid books and so looked it up and found the course. How exciting! I've not really done any archeology per se before.

  • This looks like a fascinating study and it will be great to visit the place in person!

  • That was quite lovely.

  • Blimey! That is an interesting way to dress!

  • I am looking forward to this week! I sometimes wish I had been able to take my place at the Uni of Stirling for my PhD, but circumstances prevented that from happening.

  • I have no idea how to use Padlet. I did, however, find my family crest on my mother's side when I was at the Celtic Festival in Albuquerque, NM, USA. I was quite excited to see this!