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  • I'd heard of a lot of these things but couldn't tell you anything much about them.

  • Ceannaím beoir gach an Luan. Cosnaíonn sé 5 euro.

  • Ólaim beoir. An ólann tú beoir?

  • Bíonn sé ag cur gaofar in Sasana go minic.

  • Is maith liom caife ach is breá liom tae.

  • Éirím ó mo leaba agus ithim mo bhricfeasta ar maidin. Léim leabhar agus féachaim ar an teilifís ar tráthnóna. Ullmhaím an dinnéar seacht a chlog tráthnóna. Titim i mo chodladh istoíche.

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    Ólaim tae agus ithim arán. Léim leabhar ar madin. Tá mé ag foghlaim Gaeilge.

  • Tá mé ar shos gairme (because of corona!)

  • Is mise Eleanor Nic Shiúlaí. Is bean mé agus is oibrí oifige mé.

  • Dia duit, Eleanor is anim dom.

  • Ba mhaith liom stéig chaoldroma le hanlann piobarchaoire agus oinniún.

  • I'm a native English speaker. I find the diphthongs in Korean hard because we don't have many sounds like it in English.

  • I think my name would be 얼어안와

  • An t-am anois ná ceathrú chun a ceathair

  • I am from Northumberland, which is known for the Lindisfarne Gospels, a similar manuscript. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindisfarne_Gospels. Northumberland has strong links to Irish Celtic Christianity, principally by St Aidan, an Irish monk who brought Christianity to us and founded the abbey of Lindisfarne where the Gospels were produced....

  • Caithim gúna dubh agus bróga gorma.

  • Tá sé mo plata. Tá sé dubh agus mór.

  • Interesting that the propellor blades are orientated differently on each engine. I'm sure there's a reason for that.

  • An dath is fearr liom ná dubh agus dath

  • Mothaím go maith.

  • Tá mé i mo chónaí le mo chat agus mo chálin.

  • I went years ago when I was a kid, but I've been wanting to go again as an adult. Sadly it's difficult to get to on public transport and I don't have a car.

  • I live near the National Museum of Flight near Edinburgh in Scotland. I'd like to go there once the lockdown ends

  • Eleanor is ainm dom. Táim beag agus tanaí. Tá gruaig rua orm agus súile glasa agam.

  • English is influenced by a lot of things. It is a Germanic language, but has also taken a lot of words from Latin and French as we were invaded by the Romans and the Normans, as well as other languages all around the world because of the British empire.

  • In the UK we have a rhyme about magpies. "One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy. Five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told" Seeing a single magpie is believed to bring bad luck.

  • Is é an Reithe mo chomhartha stoidiaca

  • Léim an nuachtan ar an Luan

  • Rugadh mé i mí Aibreáin.

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  • I should have been on holiday in Korea last month but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus. I hope I get another chance to go.

  • Ólann Oscar caife. Imríonn Niamh peil. Léann Niamh leabhar.

  • Ólaim beoir agus itheann arán.

  • Eleanor is anim dom. I've just done Irish 101 so this is a nice continuation.

  • Ólaim tae ar maidin agus léim leabhar.

  • It's slowly starting to make more sense

  • Ní maith liom spóirt.

  • Is maith liom snámh agus cicdhornálaíocht.

  • I play the fiddle and I've been to sessions in Dublin a few times, it's been an amazing experience every time. There was one which had people dancing and I got to play and dance. I'd love to go back one day and go again.

  • Seinnim an fhidil agus pianó.

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    Is maith liom rac-ceol ach is fearr liom ceol traidisiúnta

  • Tá stáisiún na bpóilíní agus t-ollmhargadh i mo cheantar

  • @michaellongman There's a good exhibition at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry too

  • All I've done of programming ever is a bit of HTML and CSS. I'm looking forward to learning something different.

  • Is mise Eleanor. Is as Dún Éideann me. Tá deartháir agam. Tá se i chónaí sa Chaisleán Nua.

  • Tá cailin agam agus táimid geallta.

  • Níl páistí agam. Tá cat agam agus tá deartháir agam.

  • I've been to Dublin twice and Belfast once but I'd like to go to the Connemara Gaeltacht one day.

  • Tá mé i mo chónaí i nDún Éideann

  • Is as an Albain me

  • Who else is here because they're in quarantine?

  • Tá cat agam. Kitari is ainm di. Tá sí cat breac agus dech bliana d’aois. is maith léi sicín agus lacha a ithe.

  • Is mise Eleanor. Is as Albain mé. Is maith liom fidil.

  • I'm learning Irish because I play the fiddle and love the music. I'm particularly looking forward to learning about women in Irish history and mythology this time.

  • Tá ceol agam. Tá veidhlín agus agam agus pianó, agus tá mé measartha maith.

  • Tá seacht gcinn ann

  • Ar an Luan, tosaím ag a naoi a chlog. Críochnaím ag a cúig a chlog. Oibrim in ofig.

  • Oibrím in ofig. Ólaim tae ar an maidin. Ólaim mé beoir sa bhaile gach tráthnóna

  • Éirím ar maidin. Oibrím in oifig. Tógaim bus ann. Ólaim tae go minic. Is maith liom tae láidir.

  • Eleanor is anim dom. Is Rúnaí me. Is maith liom mo phost go mór

  • Is mis Eleanor. Is bean mé. Is mhuintir mé.

  • Eleanor is ainm dom. Táim i mo chónaí i nDún Éideann

  • There is a big Beltane celebration in my city (and Samhain too) https://beltane.org/about/about-beltane/

  • Itheann me beoir

  • Is mise Eleanor. Is as Edinburgh mé.

  • Eleanor is ainm dom

  • As a child of the 90's I grew up playing Super Mario, and the main theme will always bring back good memories. I always loved how simple but menacing the Space Invaders theme was too.

  • I grew up in rural Northumberland with amazing dark skies in my village. I miss it now that I live in a city.

  • I wouldn't say much has changed about my views, but I have learnt about a lot of things I didn't think about

  • The more you know, eh? Thanks for that link.

  • I think a lot of the appeal of nuclear is the fact that it's zero carbon at source (never mind the uranium mining for now) as well as the consistency of output compared to renewables.

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    What - homicide and injury
    Where - road near Ross Priory and Ross Loan Road
    How - Gunshot to right temple of female, gunshot to right arm of the driver (male)
    Who - Unknown
    When - 14/08/13 approx 3.30pm
    Why - Unknown. Possibly robbery.

  • Yes, most of mine have furigana!

  • Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. Nama saya Eleanor. I'm here just because I enjoy learning languages but I'd love to visit Malaysia one day.

  • I have some Japanese language manga that I use for practising Japanese with

  • Not at all. I didn't want to commit to things I don't feel I can manage. If I can go beyond this, great.

  • There are a lot of mountains in my country (Scotland) so lots of people go climbing or hiking.

  • I pledge to continue buying most of my clothes second hand so as to reduce waste and and be more sustainable, and to think carefully about the new clothes I buy. I will also take any campaigning action I feel capable of doing.

  • I worked part time in a branch of a well known national clothing retailer which offers click and collect when I was a student. One of my jobs was to put the daily parcels delivery away, and the same names would keep popping up again and again and again. Those people would come in, sometimes more than once a week, to collect a parcel or 4, and at the same time...

  • I am similar to yourself Mark. I buy most of my clothing second hand and since I don't care about current fashion trends that suits me quite nicely. I shop at Aldi and Lidl because their food is just as good quality for less money. I do have an iPhone but like Tim I never get the newest model, and my Mac laptop was a 21st birthday present from my parents 5...

  • My name is Eleanor and I'm taking this course to refresh my knowledge. I graduated from the University of the West of Scotland's Commercial Music degree a couple of years ago and did a module on copyright law relating to music as part of my degree.

  • To reference back to the previous steps. Smoking makes some people happy. It makes others unhappy. I don't think the government can legislate for happiness. What they can do however, is legislate such that everyone is able to live comfortably without worrying about housing or bills, so that people are free to pursue their own ideas of happiness outside of...

  • Not persuasive at all. Nothing will persuade me that your right to blow disgusting cancerous smoke around in public is more important than the rest of our right not to be exposed to such a substance unless we choose to.

  • I think the state should only intervene when people are doing things which have direct negative effects on others (passive smoking, not vaccinating which stops herd immunity etc etc). For example, if someone drinks too much, that doesn't always affect anyone else, and for those consequences which do, there are penalties (drink driving). (I realise I'm making a...

  • I get most of my clothes from charity shops anyway, so I'm not directly supporting the brands.

  • I have a favourite jumper. It's made from many different things - 70% wool, 20% angora, 10% nylon and that's just the main body. The trim is a varying mix of wool, viscose, polyester and cotton depending on where it is on the garment. Someone will have had to knit this and stitch the parts together.

  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-27107860
    This is the BBC reporting the stories of some survivors one year later.

  • I've had lots of Korean food. I like bulgogi and bibimbap. There are a couple of very good Korean restaurants in my city.

  • If I go to my parents' house over the time of the course I certainly will

  • I live in Scotland. My parents visited the USSR in the 1980's and brought home some propaganda posters which they put up in their house. I always found them fascinating and want to know more about propaganda generally.

  • Korean drama is really hard to get in Scotland but I've seen a few. I really like "You're Beautiful" and "Princess Hours"

  • In Scotland we love rugby and football though we're not very good at them!

  • I think the Kim regime in North Korea desperately wants to be taken seriously and seen as the legitimate government of all of Korea, and is still stuck in the Cold War era mentality of the more nukes you have the more significant a world power you are and thus people will take you more seriously.

  • It would be an administrative and costly nightmare to have different state pension ages based on lifestyle choices. I'm not inherently opposed to raising the state pension age as people are living longer and have more years in good health. What I do have a problem with is what the UK Government are currently trying to do to women born in the 1950's...

  • I went to university in 2009, and ended up taking an extra year to complete my course so have more student debt. I have been unable to find a graduate position, so have not been paying it back. I was unfortunate to be caught in the English student loans fiasco a few years ago and had to go into my overdraft to live as the university wouldn't give me any...

  • The USA is still very powerful, but other nations such as China are rapidly catching up. I think the USA will only go backwards under Trump's isolation and self sufficiency policies too

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    Hoi, mynn namme is Eleanor. I live in Edinburgh in Scotland.