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Nathalie Kennedy

Nathalie Kennedy

Location Australia and France



  • Hello
    My name is Nathalie, I work in the Higher Ed in Western Australia and have just completed the previous online course on Blended Learning. Part of my role involves assisting lecturers with using LMS technologies
    & I am looking forward to this next course to develop more theoretical & practical skills in blended leaning.

  • thank you for a well designed course, very interesting and interactive, as it should be ;=)
    The case studies, the videos, the crib sheets, the activities and assignments all come together to get the creative juices started. Now the hardest thing for me will be to decide on which tools to use/not to use as one can easily fall into the trap of focusing on the...

  • I totally agree with you Alison. Digital natives are not always equipped to apply those digital skills in a working environment. Designing online courses are great opportunities for all learners (and teachers) to practice and develop their digital skills, focusing on specific areas relevant to the particular level or course involved.