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  • Scott, I think you make a very good point. Sitting on the other side of the fence as it were, I am particularly interested in reading the comments of other people on this programme. From my experience the commentary online is more prolific than many face to face classes on campus.

  • Google does provide a free online course in its use...

  • Interesting comment. I would agree in many ways that the use of 'bootstrap', especially for single page sites has become a little lazy, but arguably that is less about the underlying framework and more about the production at a price.

    The issue of very long pages particularly on a mobile phone could well be back to design to fit...

  • Journal of Marketing Oct 2005 was pretty much dedicated to CRM. One of the main articles written by Payne & Frow pretty much covered what you are talking about in terms of CRM from a 'computer system' to a far less tangible but no less important philosophy of doing business. It is one of my frustrations that CRM in terms of software is so closely linked...

  • I have worked in an small SME environment where the owner manager would ask "why should I let you spend this money.... it is for you or my childrens inheritance etc" and in large organisations where "we must spend this money or we wont get it again next year".

    DONT FORGET THE MONEY AND IMPORTANTLY UNDERSTAND ITS VALUE, it is far easier to spend than make....

  • Zane, I do sometimes wonder how many people / marketing depts / organisations even bother to note or record "goals" in order to even establish 'completion'...

  • I like this and agree that a "website is never built"

  • Having just returned from the USA, I was amazed at the lack of 'chip and pin' payments via my credit card. Just swipe, no checking of signature, often no need to sign at all. I have never kept my credit card so well guarded.

  • Mobile devices can also be useful at gathering research data from consenting participants about services they receive. see

  • You cannot beat a good print...

    I also have concerns that many people do not have a back up of many of those memories. The vulnerability of some of devices to theft and accidental damage in many ways is hight than that hard back album on the shelf.

    I also wonder if some delete those digital images at times when the memory of the image has not been truly...

  • I realised my age when I recalled my own memories of my father at my age now... (If that makes sense)

    I tend to think that people believe technology is increasing more quickly when they have the memories of the past to compare it to. My 2yr old is well versed in the used of swiping on the iPad. We gave my mum an iPad for her birthday this week so we can...

  • Susan, you might like a book called Resonate by Nancy Duarte. If you look at via iBooks it is interactive and looks at speeches and the message delivered to different segments.

  • Eman, welcome. It will be interesting to see the differences in US culture compared to the UK. I have been in Oklahoma for the last 2 months and even though there is a common language there are big differences that I don't think people really appreciate. At least not for the UK side of the water. Enjoy.

  • I agree with Matthew in terms of Yammer. From a business perspective its value will come when it truly integrates with other microsoft products especially the sharepoint environment / skype.

    I am personal fan of especially in terms of its extra 'app' functionality and integration with other citrix products and is very user friendly for the...

  • I do agree in many ways however, these types of exercise are often the result of the individuals as opposed to the 'marketing department'. See this TEDTalk:

    Margaret Heffernan: Why it's time to forget the pecking order at work

  • Welome everyone.. (currently in sunny Oklahoma City, so time difference is 6 hours behind UK)

  • You are welcome. We thoroughly enjoyed putting it all together.

  • Wouldn't it be great to blend a Mooc class with a physical one, a bit like the hangout. Mooc participants run q&a with students on campus...?

    My head is buzzing with ideas...

    A very exciting time...

  • Anne, thank you for the comments. I think you are right in terms of cases / examples. I have an idea of anonymising a real case, do a what happened next type quiz after your 'homework /reflection' and then pass results the following week. Lots of prep, lots to take forward. People have asked about v2 but this does not mean v1 should not move to v1.1 if you see...

  • Just seen your profile, Taunton, my home town.

  • Anne, I did not know that, thank you. Do you know if it makes a difference for menu headers as well?

  • The backdrops themselves on the Anglepoise site will form the story and build the intended relationship with potential customer. Anglepoise is arguably a design icon and does a person buy for themselves or as a token of appreciation for another (as cheap look a likes could always be found), is it bought for hedonic or utilitarian reasons, shall I show flowers...

  • I think in fairness, with the limited time for the videos it was about budget on the tool or the training. Executing the strategy was not really in the frame at the time and I totally appreciate if you don't execute then you may have little to analyse.

    This video was edited like most of them. I am not suggesting you rebrand through the changes to elements...

  • I am glad the further reading file appears to have gone down well.

  • Yes, apologies for that, more of an "all you can eat for very little money" rather than a Michelin starred nibble with jus on a piece of slate

  • My video is finally on the youtube channel. The link will be added above soon I am sure.

  • I really do need a new machine... no long to go now..

  • And me ...

  • LoL

  • I must apologise for being late. My poor old Mac is currently chugging away trying to render the frames. It's my fault for trying all this new kit, but it will be on YouTube before I sleep. Spare room again I am afraid although hopefully you would not realise. Nobody commented on my spare room in week one.

  • Agreed. It always makes me smile when ID cards causes real political issues. Mention a new mobile phone, and people rush out to buy one.

  • Hugh, I think you make a valuable point. To many it's the norm.

  • It's a wonderful life?

  • The questions were very simple and blunt as a tool.

    I asked on a scale of 1 to 5 how happy are you. How contented are you.

    What is the weather like, rain, cloud, sun.

    Are you at home, out and about or,at work.

    That was it really. The point in essence was more about identifying different devices, location etc.

  • Great stuff

  • I always think it is better to 'do' rather than be told. I could have just said what basic data is collected but I did not want to say that prior to the survey. A bit of a catch22 but it appears to have helped with discussions.

  • Everyone has the brain for it. If you stop learning you die.

  • Easiest way is probably through a content management system that has that facility built in such as wordpress, concrete5 or if you need something a bit more heavy duty then you could look at joomla or drupal.

  • Further reading link directly above this comments section.

  • Thanks for this, I will take a look.

  • Alexa will tel you less but Google won't tell you about competitors.

  • Screaming frog indexes all pages across a site or you can tell it to follow links etc. it can then report on meta data and images etc.

  • Essentially you can use google to run some a/b testing. 2 pages with only very minor differences. You tell Google and it feeds the pages on rotation and you can analyse the differences in performance.

  • You could start with ones provided by Google

  • The weather in this context is a British thing, we are consumed by it. The happy / sad is linked to SOR - stimulus, organism, response. Essentially approach avoidance behaviour.

    Also of note, device detection can easily be done using scripts such as mobileesp, the results site is done using bootstrap by twitter as an html framework and canvas.js to create...

  • The questions were very little to do with it to be honest, it was more about the volume of devices, location and the fact that people don't realise they provide such information, not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

    False data is very likely with this and correlation is not causality. When I said it was a bit of fun, I meant it. Scale questions like...