Sam Vu

Sam Vu

I am a passionate English learner.
Also, I enjoy being a mom

Location Vietnam


  • In the previous step, I mostly choose work in pair or group when learning a new language. I think the best way to learn something new is interacting with others to create impression and result to deeply remember.

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    I would love to teach a class of very young learners who love playing rather than learning seriously. Therefore, I will pick a song up from above provided materials.

    Music will make them feel relax, happy, excited and they will sing along the song. They will be improved in pronuciation, vocabulary, grammar structures very much by learning through the song....

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    Hanah is a beautiful girl who was going to Bali island for travelling. She was excited for this trip so when the plane was ready for landing, she took a picture of outside which have white clouds, ocean and maybe river. She had read some fashion magazines and sport newspapers before. Now, she is sun bathing in the seashore.

  • In my opinion, all the above strategies are necessary to call student's attention in lesson. However I strong believe that choose materials which match learners' needs and are pitched at the right level of challenge is the most important. Poor material in traditional teaching method cannot bring the good result for learners. Besides, if materials are not...

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    I think there are many challenges learner may face to when learning English. But the most intrinsic challenge is learner motivation. They are forced to learn rather than they want to learn. So they learn not frequently.

    Besides, because of large class so there are strong learner and weak learner with different interests, it is hard to meet all student's...

  • Firstly I would love to give my sincerely thank to educators for bringing me such an interesting week like this!

    I've taken a cool chance to listen and learn a couple of useful sentences in some new languages. That was a memorable experience in my life. I was a language learner's point of view so I can recognise how hard to learn a new language. From that...

  • I have finished "English in early childhood" course from this site. It is amazing course which help me gain lots of lessons, information, experiment in how to teach English for my son in his childhood.

    From bottom of my heart, I want my son can see the glorious world and can be a good international citizen so I was so happy to join that course. It was an...

  • I am thinking about teaching kids who are from 2 to 5 years old. They are genius in hearing, imitating and pretending so their parents want to send them to English class.

    Let's think with me. What's motivate them to go to this class but not due to their parents' compulsion? Of course, they are not learning English like adults do, they just playing with this...

  • I was trying to record but there a work next to my room so it's too noisy to do this task.
    I will try to learn one of these new languages my buddies post.
    Many thanks!

  • Thank this step for giving me a great chance to experience in listening and speaking others language trial. That's cool and interesting!

    I bet that anyone who don't know one language will feel funny and difficult to speak that language. Oh, it's really difficult.

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    Is it easy to get a job teaching in China?

  • I’ve never thought of teaching in China before, but I think it could be enjoyable because my country is near to China then I can find some similar things in culture which make me feel not be shocked . Also, China is famous for cuisine and tourist so I will have great chance to discover them. I want to learn China as well so if I teach in China, I will...

  • Julia darling,

    I think so. I am on the way to learn how to be his friend and his first teacher :)

  • I want to be teacher of very younger English learners ^^

  • English is great, isn't it?

    I want to become an English language teacher because I am an English lover. I think it's a respectable and responsible job. It brings me chance to meet many people. I also get lots of valuable experiences from this job.

    Besides, I always believe that it’s a chance to travel, experience different cultures, meet different...

  • Hi! I'm from Vietnam. As I said in the previous step, I try to be the best teacher of my son (2 - year old) both English and other skills so I roll in this course. Maybe I am not a real English teacher like most people here, but I think if we are passionate about sharing helpful information, skill, technique then we are teacher.

    I hope that I can get more...

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    Hi guys!
    I'm Loan from Vietnam. I try to be the best teacher of my son (2 years old) so I join this course. Let's roll deeply in this amazing course ^^

  • Yeah, English is international language. We cannot travel if we don't know English, alright? :D

  • Hope that you can get chance to travel soon! ^^

  • It's great to join, learn and discuss about this topic. Hope that it is helpful for me and for all.

  • Thanks for amazing course! I will keep in touch with you all through the ways you provide above.

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    I've filled the survey. Thanks!

  • Thanks for reminding some statements from week 1. I've read these again and remembered all progress in this course. So valuable.
    After ending this course, I believe I could do better to go along with my son in playing and exploring English.
    Thanks a billion!

  • Thanks for incredible week. I've learned many new amazing things for a week.

    I know the completely cycle from observation, assessment to planning is very important. Firstly, I have to observe my son to get to know him very well, to find out his interests, his abilities and existing knowledge. Secondly, I must analysing my observation and understand his...

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    Thanks for useful video :D

  • There are actually some things we cannot assess such as curiosity, confidence, activeness, determination, resilience and so on. If we still try to assess children about those things, it may be not correct and objective. Therefore, we should let children develop in naturally way and forget some unvalued assessments like those. Let's they be literate, numerate,...

  • My son is 2 years old. He is actually may not speak any English words. I spend about 20 minutes everyday to teach him English by cards. The first time I taught him, he kept silent and had a look at cards only in 2 minutes and then he went away. But I quite surprised when I call animals name in English and he can tap correctly on that animal.
    In my home...

  • I take time to play with my son everyday. I try to observe him in all activities and give my support when needed. When taking a book, he look at letters and pictures and I wait when he is bored to let the book down, I point to pictures and letters again to call attention from him. And he definitely keeps silent and look forward what I am showing.
    When he...

  • Parents are an essential factor in the open two-way conversation between parents and teachers. Lack of this puzzle, the setting cannot be perfect and suitable with children's learning and development because teacher don't have enough clues in different context to assess the whole child. So how does a parent’s contribution form part of the assessment process?...

  • I totally agree with her definition of assessment.
    Assess children is far different from adults and older children. It cannot be test, report or grading. Assess children also evaluate to make judgement like assess something else but we have to base on and depend on observation. By assessing them, we can give the right amount support or challenge the...

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    My son's just known about elephant since I went to the zoo with him. After that, he always take the elephant toy, when he has a bath, when he has dinner, when he goes to school or even when he sleeps. He hold that toy all day. So cute.
    I often count one, two, three in my home language to let him prepare what next is. Yesterday I saw him count like one two...

  • Thanks a lot. I've observed and known that my son love singing English song. He sometimes sing follow the song and do actions with what he's seen in the screen. He also love to play with water, sand and rice. He uses spoon take sand from a bowl to other one and he repeats that action again and again.

  • By observing, we will get know to children, their interests, abilities. That is value for deciding what the next steps are for children. Observation and assessment are also a useful map which tells us where the children were, where they should be and where did we expect them to be. Therefore, it is necessary and important to observe children in daily...

  • I observe my son whenever I can. When he's leading his activity by himself, when he's playing with playmates, when he's talk to others and so on. The more I observe him, the more I know his capability.

    I make a play timetable to my son every week. After each activity, I write down the results on the timetable. He is may be very interested in some activities...

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    I definitely agree with that quote.
    Children learn in an unique way through playing which is different from adults and older children.

    By reading that quote, I think we can't assess children by written exams or formal tests. We all know that we need to look at the whole children development and learning and we cannot seperate learning into different...

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    I think the best way to keeping track of children's progress is observation. When observing, we know children very well to decide what next steps are. They get much achievements than we think then we should take note or take a photo each results they get in order to help them develop in the right way.

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    Thanks a lots!
    See you soon in next week :)

  • Thank you all for giving me the connection between happiness and learning in detailed. I've opened lots of my eyes and my mind for a week.

    I definitely agree that if there is trust between carers and children, the children will feel relaxed, safe, secure and cared for. Therefore, they are eager to learn new difficult things, willing to take risks and...

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    Thanks for useful articles <3

  • Diversity make the world colourful. Valuing and expecting diversity provide an enabling environment to develop. Children will think they are equal when learning.

  • I have an friendly safe environment for my son. It's a room which have a little speaker. I always play English music on when he is in room to ensure that he is comfortable as playing. In that room, we have hundreds colorful small ball in his no longer used crib which he can learn about colour, learn how to throw ball out or many other different funny games. We...

  • * Make materials easily accessible at child height, to ensure everybody can make choices: Children can feel free to choose their own activities. They will feel that they are valued and they are independent on adults. It's also show that adult believe in and high appreciate children. Therefore, children can be comfortable to plan their activity, create...

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    I think a strong partnership between families and early childhood setting contribute to an enabling environment through open friendly two way conversation and help. When there is an united point of view, they easily providing the right conditions for children learning and developing. Key person could talk to parents regularly when they pick children up from...