Zhu Xuan

Zhu Xuan

Teacher at Shanghai International Studies University. Have been teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages for 10 years.

Location Shanghai, China


  • Please pay attention to the initials.

  • Hope the course is helpful and please post your questions whenever you need.

  • This is a good start for the connection!

  • Happy Year of Tiger! Eight years practicing of Chinese Calligraphy is amazing! Look forward to your Chinese poem!

  • How is it going now?

  • I think so.

  • Thank you!

  • Good luck with your Mandarin Learning!

  • Thank you for your suggestion. I'll try to get it posted.

  • Haha wǒ yě aì shuìjiào.

  • Thank you!

  • Wow so do you think this course is too easy for you?

  • You can practice Chinese with them.

  • Welcome to Shanghai and hope you will enjoy your work and life here.

  • Thank you for saying this. We don't have more courses by now but we are trying to do more. If you have any suggestions for the new course such as topics, exercise etc. please let me know. @ElaineThompson

  • 你好。

  • 以i,n结尾的复韵母儿化后丢掉韵尾i,n, 比如小花儿,撒欢儿,儿化后相同。

  • *qiǎokèlì

  • Great practice! Hěnhǎo!

  • 也感谢你的努力! Thank you for your effort too!

  • Thank you! Did you enjoy the learning?@JennyWong

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  • Practice makes perfect! Stay with us and you will get used to the tones.@NayibePernia

  • Welcome! Could you share some Chinese culture you like or you are interested in?

  • Welcome!

  • Nice to meet you! Hope you have a pleasant learning experience here~@PresentacionObillo

  • Hopefully it will be a good start.

  • Interesting! Thank you for sharing. Hope this course can help you get understood by your mother-in-law. You can practice Chinese with her.

  • Hi! Welcome back~ Practice more and you will understand it better.

  • Hi Sara! Have fun in this course. You can also share your Chinese learning methods and experience and help other learners to get a start.

  • It is not so hard to learn Chinese. Let's start together!

  • Welcome to our course.Hope the course can help to achieve what you expect.

  • You can pronounce 400 syllables after we learn those initials and finals in two weeks. Don't worry!

  • Great!

  • Don't worry, it's normal for most learners. We will practice them.

  • Good start!

  • Hi~ Follow us and practice with your girlfriend! Please let us know if there are other things you'd like to learn about China.

  • Follow us and you will find it is manageable !

  • 加油,你一定可以!

  • Hi Paula! Appreciated that you want to spend your time for learning Chinese. I have the same feeling since I also work with international students. I'm sure students will be really happy if you can pronounce their names in Chinese!

  • Xièxie nǐ! Please continue your Chinese learning! And you can ask other friends to learn Chinese with you! Zàijiàn!

  • Xièxie! Your comment is very important for us! Grateful that you enjoyed your learning.

  • Hěn gāoxìng nǐ lái xuéxí hànyǔ. It was great to have you in this course. Hope you can continue to learn Chinese!