Ahmad Suliman

Ahmad Suliman

I am an agronomist and a researcher at the field of economical optimization, I got a master's degree in Agricultural Informatics as a Developer of poultry feeding computer programs.

Location Syria - Tartus



  • Because the farmer does not have to produce a large amount in excess of the limits of demand, because this will increase production costs, and thus more losses.

  • I'm from Syria, and my country is the original home of many types and varieties of plants, and the history of agriculture is very ancient here.

  • I believe that there must be international cooperation with regard to agriculture, through a balance between global needs of basic crops and appropriate agricultural areas in different countries. The scientific cooperation and harmony between countries with regard to the issue of food ensures a balanced and rational production that takes into account the...

  • Yes I think that food processing is important to make many kinds of food eatable, many types of food gain their flavor and palatability through processing.
    Taking advantage of the nutritional value of food needs several types of food to be mixed and cooked.
    The processing is also important for health and environment.

  • I'm Ahmad from Syria, I have joined this course cause I am an agronomist and I would like to have a further knowledge in this field and see the ideas of the participants in this course from different regions of the world.

  • Hello there, I'm interested in this course. We are in dire need of decision-making support techniques in various economic, administrative and governmental fields.
    Thank you for allowing expansion on this topic.

  • By collecting data about specific topic and then analyze it,, we can conclude information about that topic, and by the results of our research we can provide knowledge.

  • Data expresses reality honestly, when it passes through all stages of the data lifecycle in a scientific, neutral, legal and ethical manner, and here the type of license determines the extent of credibility.

  • I agree with you, reliable data source, subject to correct analysis, and archived in a manner that respects the laws, ethics of scientific research and licenses. It will be information that represents reality with credibility.

  • I add my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to everyone too.

  • I would like to thank you very much for this course, you have given me a great opportunity to learn more about RDM services, I will review every step of the course, and benefit from all the notes and very useful websites in this field, and I hope that I can move forward in this field on the ground in my organization and achieve the greatest amount of...

  • It is of utmost importance to benefit from the experiences of others in this field in a way that suits the reality of our work, also to see the opinions of specialists, to follow up on the progress of work and to avoid mistakes as much as possible.

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    Preparing a roadmap for developing data management services is a strategy that needs many studies, starting with analyzing the research reality and identifying weaknesses and wasted resources, then starting to prepare the infrastructure to work according to the available capabilities (the idea can be applied to a specific scope of research to assess the...

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    That's it, thank you very much.

  • License selector is an effective tool for saving data according to the researcher's desire in its circulation pattern. It provides the opportunity to license data or codes and circulate them legally according to the researcher's desire. This is great.

  • The site Re3data is distinguished and organized, through which it can access data from various fields of science. And each repository has a special pattern for displaying data, but there are some that are not available in English, which is the preferred language cause it is an international language.

  • The preservation and circulation of data in a reliable work environment is vital and important.

  • @SarahDellmann Thank you for your comment, I think the library is the best place to get the required data and reach the largest possible number of students and researchers, thus the greatest amount of interaction.
    The rest of the sections are also important and necessary to get the job done.

  • @SharonTurney I just finished the third week. I think you will benefit greatly from the course, you are welcome.

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    Yes, totally agree with that.

  • Organized and collaborative work will lead to satisfactory research results. Having collaborative research teams working to lead the research forward with the help of reliable and supportive online platforms would give the best results and this helps to properly document and synchronize the latest developments in the research process.

  • I would say that this type of training can provide the greatest amount of interaction and research on the chosen topics.

    I visited three sites, and I found comfort in dealing, starting from participation without logging in to participate with a login and finally sharing face to face and in more depth.

    A special agenda can be set for work as an...

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison:
    By visiting the site, it is possible to easily and conveniently create a special account for the purpose of DMP and formulate an integrated research plan, starting from the timetable, then choosing the type and formats for dealing with data and identifying the sources, then documenting through different and convenient...

  • Everything is well organized, and I think that the programming environment should be updateable without affecting the saved data.

  • There must be a way to verify the identity of DMP researchers and staff on the one hand, and the beneficial stakeholders on the other hand.

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    Well, I would like to say that I benefited a lot from the information and exercises this week, which can be built upon to improve the reality in my institution.
    Thank you very much.

  • I can propose a special vision for what can be developed here in my institution (Faculty of Agriculture) :
    Automating work and linking research results between the Faculty of Agriculture, agricultural research centers and the rest of agricultural colleges and institutes, by designing a special database that allows the greatest amount of interaction between...

  • I visited the above site, but now I cannot answer the questions due to the inability to evaluate the data management service in my institution, and the reason for this is that this method has not been worked out yet and it needs a lot of work and support. But I took advantage of the method of organizing and evaluating the process.

  • I like how the work is organized, evaluated and handled, this is the first time I've seen this type of evaluation for data management services.

  • The process of managing data and providing this service to researchers is a vital and very important mission, which requires a lot of accuracy and cooperation between the various scientific disciplines to reach a comfortable and easy-to-handle database. Just as it was mentioned in the video, thank you.

  • The mechanism of work in the data lifecycle is an integrated collaborative effort, and each stage has specific characteristics and requirements that are integrated with the rest of the stages. I can say that creating and collecting data stage requires great effort and credibility, and for me I find pleasure in the analysis stage.

  • Receiving data management services is not taking an essential role in our faculty, due to many factors, so I would like to suggest an idea.
    As a students and researchers we are always in need of different kinds of data and information, so creating a database management system which provides us with our needs is a very important aspect, It requires the...

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    By this organized way, it is possible to know the drivers and deal with them, the basic means of obtaining the data, and the beneficiaries of it.

  • Certainly, ensuring the reliability, accuracy and integrity of the data requires such prudent measures.
    This approach provides a comfortable work environment, ease and confidence in making decisions and accessing accurate and correct scientific research results, as well as facilitating the process of archiving this data in an organized manner.

  • In this case, data management took a carefully thought-out approach, through cooperation with groups of society whom are interested in obtaining real benefit from presenting data and obtaining useful information in return. This management allows greater flexibility and accuracy in research and studies, which reflects positively on decision-making support...

  • Of course, subjecting the data to certain standards and using scientific methods for that, could help in the correct choice of data.

    Thank you.

  • By this way, collecting, managing and analyzing data in a scientific refreshed way can help the institution stay on track for development.
    This requires a lot of cooperation and constant competitive work.

  • By supporting our studies with refreshed and developed data, we can easily deal with any problems and challenges that are facing our mission and goals. This will help us keep our goals under control.

  • I have an idea about this kind of research.
    If we want a complete trusted information, we need to collect different types of trusted data from trusted sources, then we can analyze, compare and combining data in a scientific way to obtain a useful information that help improve study and work development.

  • I'm Ahmad Suliman, I'm a researcher in Agricultural Economics, and I am interested in this course because it is very important to evaluate and choose realistic data information for the purpose of improving our studies, services and projects.

  • I concluded the importance of social economy, because the customer is always the compass and the target of any good or service, and therefore it must be preserved.

  • I suggest measuring the impact of a company producing natural orange juice:
    First: planning:
    Knowing the main sources of raw materials used in production, machinery and workers, and the locations of the targeted customers.
    Secondly: Accounting
    Collecting data on production volumes, possibilities of disposal and work, and information on the consumer culture...

  • Based on the idea of ​​the project and the services it provides to citizens, and the results reached in record time periods, it can be said that it was successful well.
    Communication between customers and mutual and sustainable effects has proven the effectiveness of the services provided, and that the correct communication through carefully studied...

  • Unfortunately the website (Measuring Impact: Subject Paper of the Impact Measurement Working Group,) did not open, but I can say that I have benefited from excellent information from the text above.
    I also emphasize the importance of collecting correct and accurate information, analyzing it and comparing theoretical results to the reality of the work. This is...

  • I noticed in the video a wonderful set of ideas, I noticed how the reality of the city of Coventry was initially launched to create a place that helps people develop their ideas and abilities, and then expand in this place (Fargo Village) to attract more people and create a comfortable atmosphere that helps them in developing and expanding their knowledge and...

  • I have no idea about a specific investment business, but the relationship between mission, strategy and impact is very vital, and the work of any company must be in accordance with a dynamic plan that aligns the three terms, this ensures the continuity and development of the work, and its identification with the community.

  • In the first week I realized the meaning of entrepreneurial impact and its integrated types, and the broader view it gives to the nature of economic work.

  • I think that there is a kind of dynamic integration between the three types of impact, and it requires a good degree of social awareness, to realize the importance of each individual's influence in society.

  • Entrepreneurs can improve their impact by taking into consideration the local environment, the quality of customers and their needs, also studying future opportunities for development and the extent of harmony between investment and society.
    Through the permanent study of the extent of acceptance of products and services and their spread in the market, the...

  • For example, if i have a book store and i have customers of different age groups.
    The measurement of outcomes will include input, output and net profit.
    But when we talk about measuring the impact of this commercial activity, it will include the cultural and social benefits arising from the expansion of knowledge, exchange of views and development of the...

  • Metrics can help by measuring inputs and outputs by an economical and academical ways that can help in the optimal use of economic and human resources.
    By using metrics, the entrepreneurs may confronted with multiple positive and negative views, and the extent to which the community accept their work.
    The metrics are not enough, we should be more dynamic and...

  • Regarding the socio-economic situation in my motherland Syria, studying the mutual impact between entrepreneurship and social issues such as unemployment and the prevalence of economic and social instability is important to overcome the problems and difficulties arising from the internal conflict, and this requires increased awareness and permanent cooperation...

  • I expect to learn about the ways that used to measure entrepreneurial impact, the importance of this impact that reflected in the quality and sustainability of economic and commercial activities.

  • I think, when we talk about entrepreneurial activities, sustainability and respecting customer's behavior are as important as success in business.

  • Hello, I'm Ahmad from Tartus/Syria, I'm interested in this course, i like reading, i love french literature, i had read many novels to many writers such like Magdolin to Alphonse Kar, Pol and Verginy to Bernardin de san pier and The poet to Edmond Rostan.

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    Thank you and let's discover this course.

  • Hello everyone, I'm Ahmad from Syria, I'm interested in this course and i want to have a better idea about business, hope i could benefit from it to start my own business some day.

  • Actually I'm working on some kinds of optimization system developing, now i'm developing a program to rationalize fodder for poultry, using MATLAB, (fmincon function), and in the programming background there is a big database.
    I want to knew more kinds of managing big data and i'm interested in this challenge with R and Hadoop.

  • I have windows 10 operating system on my laptop, it's good working and must familiar here in my country.

  • OK, thank you very much, i'm new to this kind of programming, looking forward to have extra benefits from this course.
    What programs or framework should i install on my Windows 10 system laptop please?

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    Wonderful course and wonderful team, thank you very much, hope to see you (Mary and Rob) in other courses.

  • Thank you very much for your information, you are so friendly and kind.

  • Make fun, talking about our differences in a funny way, the diversities become strength points.
    Be aware that differences are natural and necessary and of human nature, as men and women, land and sea, coffee and tea.

  • I have suffered from this diversity and I can say it's a very bad behavior, it provokes you in a very annoying way, sometimes frustrating.
    We must knew that we are all human, and we must build our relationships with respect, especially in the field of education, because providing a trusted atmosphere is very important to get the knowledge, and raising human...

  • I have learned from this funny video that we must be more polite and respect the large point, I mean we shouldn't be very eager to knew the details that are uninteresting and confusing to the others. Avoiding stereotypes is very important, we should create a trustful atmosphere and believe that we are all humans, and we share feelings that are must be respectful.