Margarita Pantev

Margarita Pantev

I have been a preschool educator for over 30 years. I obtained my BA in Early Childhood Education and Upbringing in my native country Bulgaria.

Location I live in the USA


  • Excellent course, well tailored and presented. I learned so much from it and enjoyed it immensely.
    Thanks to all presenters for a job well done!

  • I am not a medical professional and the course was challenging for me. I learned a lot from the lectures and my fellow students though. I ,definitely, suffer of very persistent candida in the skin around my mouth. No doctor has come up with a diagnosis and treatment. The yeast infection comes out every 3-4 months and I get the same treatment over and over....

  • I live in the USA. I had numerous candida infections over the last 6-7 years with no effective treatment. I hope this course will provide valuable information on what might be causing my candida and what are the possible cures.

  • I am a full time preschool educator. I teach in English since it's my students' mother tongue.
    I have students enrolled in my class who do not speak English. I use different tools to help them acquired the language. I am hoping this course will give me more effective ways to ease the teaching process.

  • Hola, me llamo Margarita. Soy de Bulgaria pero vivo en Estados Unidos.

  • I teach preschool- age students. I would like to gain more knowledge on ADHD, understand what causes it and obtain tools on how to deal and recognize the condition in my students.

  • Hola! Mi llamo Margarita. Soy la búlgara vivo en Los Angeles. Yo hablo inglése y búlgaro muy bien.

  • @JaneWatt, I had difficulties hearing the material too. Thank you for addressing that!

  • After reading comments, I felt so fortunate to have all the resources my fellow learners are longing for. I work in a well supplied Early Learning Academy, have organized my classroom with in different sections stocked with age- appropriate educational materials and I have built a rich library for my students. Due to that wealth of materials and stealer...

  • Absolutely! Translate and the next day repeat the word. You and the children also can look up the word in the dictionary together.

  • Such inspiring life stories! Karen, you are a wonderful and very resilient mom. And your children are amazing.

  • Communication skills of a manager are definitely on top of my list. If a magager is capable of expressing his concerns, satisfaction or emotions and listening too, he/she will creat a trust and openness among the members of his/her team

  • "The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the United Kingdom (UK) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America (US) are the regulatory authorities (collectively, the regulatory authorities) with responsibility in their respective countries for the authorisation, granting, renewal, variation, suspension,...

  • @StephanieFeather Thank you so much! It's always interesting and enriching to hear other people's perspective.

  • @MargaretSass I have a King Labrador Retriever. He is a !07 lb (48 kg), tall and massive dog. And very sweet. People call him "the gentle giant"

  • Well designed course with the right amount of information for the general public. I loved every step of the course.

  • Exactly my words too

  • What a fantastic video! Very simple, clear explanation of the target-drug mechanisms that, personally, I will remember for ever. Thank you!

  • In the US it takes about 12 years and $35 million for a new drug to make its way from the lab to the pharmacy shelf

  • @StephanieFeather I absolutely agree with you that " we are all learning together in a compassionate patient way".
    I appreciate your willingness to answer any questions I might have on people with tattoos! Would yo tell me why certain people want to have a tattoo?

  • @StephanieFeather Some of our fellow learners and I expressed our tattoo biases without attacking the people with tattoos. We also recognized that it's an issue for US and we are WORKING on overcoming that issue.

  • I buy my quality herbal supplements online once a month. After each purchase I receive e-mails from the company marketing its newest products or offering me huge discounts on the products I use. Even though, I liked the company's prompt and reliable service, I got fed up with its e-mail marketing and stopped buying my herbs form it. I got my supplements...

  • For a clothing business to succeed in a digital marketing I think the first and most important step should be the Search Engine Optimization by giving the public the correct key words for finding the business. Next come the banners and PPC.

  • I am eager to learn what SEO is and how to use it to increase my brand's website ranking in an online reaserch

  • @Charles A.Calahan, this is a great point. You gave me some food for thoughts. Thank you!

  • I agree, there is a big difference between short and long term disability and how people feel when in such positions. There is another aspect to that, in my humble opinion. Nowadays, a lot of people are indifferent to other people's disabilities and distress and forget to practice such human traits as empathy, compassion, tenderness and help. And this is what...

  • I will, definitely, use the bridging technique I learned about (and practiced) in Week 3. I live in one of the most diverse places in US -- Los Angeles, and all the knowledge I acquired through this wonderful course, will be put out to work and help me have an even better life in the diverse community I live and work.
    Thank you for an eye opening course!

  • I think that place in the picture is in the tropics somewhere. The sky covered in clouds suggests there is a lot of vegetation in the area that promotes rain. The beautiful green fresh grass on the ground and the rich tree crowns prove that too. I can't come up with any evaluation of the things between the trees....

  • For me, the picture depicts a serene, peaceful place with crystal clear air

  • I see a rich green field with lots of trees that have their tree crowns interconnected. In between the trees, there are short stumps or stones. In the background, way behind the trees, I see a green uphill. There is a blue sky with scattered white puffy clouds topping out the picture.

  • I see a rich green field with lots of trees that have their tree crowns interconnected. In between the trees, there are short stumps or stones. In the background, way behind the trees, I see a green uphill. There is a blue sky with scattered white puffy clouds topping out the picture.

  • Thank you for a wonderful course! I really appreciate the unlimited access to it! I know I'll keep going back to all the videos and additional resources provided to the learners

  • My husband thinks that our 24 year, college-graduate daughter, who is having a well paid job and is valued there, can not take care of her car. He thinks that she is still young and unexperienced with cars. So he does take care of the car for her despite of her protests

  • I've never seen helping a disabled person as a bias. I was on crutches for a long time and really appreciated the help from people at the store or at the doctor's office.

  • "Tattoos" is one of my biases I haven't overcome yet.....but I am working on it

  • It depends on the circumstances...with some people I feel comfortable discussing the family, with other - politics...

  • Absolutely agreed with you, SARAH!

  • For me, the family is the most important diversity type. My life is concentrated around my very own family and the different types of families I work with. Along with that, of course, comes race and ethnicity, religion and national origin. Thinking of what else comes alongside the importance of family I realized, actually, that the whole Diversity Wheel is...

  • I am white, petite woman over 50 years of age with years of experience working with young children. I hold a BA in Early Childhood Education. Being active with my students at school and with my dog at home keeps me young in appearance and at heart.

  • You are amazing! I admire you for the strength you possess

  • Helen's TEDX talk made me recall the welcome of a co-worker of mine couple of years ago. I new classroom assistant started with us and I heard not very pleasant remarks about her physical appeal and from there -- the judgement that she might not be good as an employee. It turned out that the newly employed lady was so excellent in everything she does that her...

  • I am ready for another exciting week of this course

  • Thank you for a wonderful, informative and concise course! I use social media in my personal every day life as well as to promote my small, seasonal business I though I knew a lot about social media but it turned out that there were many, many more things to consider if I want to reach the full potential of my work.

  • Both links that are provided for us as additional reads are very informative and useful. Thank you!

  • I would use Twitter and YouTube to make something go viral

  • I am eager to learn how to manage my social media presence and acquire knowledge on social media strategies that would best serve my business brand

  • I am excited to learn how to navigate social media so I can attract more people to the small business I run. Also, I am interested in gaining more knowledge and better skills in protecting my privacy on social media

  • I am ready to learn new things and really excited about the course

  • I am looking forward to learning how to better use social media to improve the marking of the summer nature camp I run

  • It's been a wonderful experience for me to go through the materials and information this course has presented to us. Thank you, Dr. Alison for a wonderful course!

  • It was great Week 2 for me! I enjoyed reading my fellow learners' comments and learned from them how different yet almost the same are the biases in the countries all over the world. I love the diverse cohort of this course.

  • Well said. I totally agree with your point

  • I had a similar situation so many years ago when my family moved to a new apartment. I met a lady neighbor in the apartment building laundromat and at first it was silence in the room... It felt weird. I opened a small talk with her and we clicked right away. And we became best friends.

  • Thank you for a wonderful and very informative course! I didn't how many specific things/information was involved with diversity. I feel so empowered with the knowledge I acquired this week.

  • The learning content of Week 1 made go back to my roots and the country I was born and raised. I realized how much I have changed for good and benefited by living in the US. I've changed my core believes and learned to feel comfortable in a diverse environment and accept diversity.

  • I have a very pleasant experience keeping in touch with one of my former assistants in my classroom. It's difficult for us to get together and catch up over a cup of tee but we talk on the phone almost every day. She is much younger than me -- actually, she can be my daughter. Their is a big age difference but it doesn't get in the way of our great...

  • I feel that I am most comfortable with age, race/ethnicity, national origin and work experience. I was born and raised in a third world country when people weren't not tolerant to diversity. I struggled to witness how young people rediculed elderly or just different from them in any way human beings. They also weren't accepting people from different origins...

  • Hi all! I am currently living in Los Angeles, California, USA. My native country is Bulgaria. I am married with 3 adult children. Before my family moved to the US we lived in South Africa where we experienced and learned for a first time what a diversity is.
    I am preschool teacher working with 3-year-old children. I work in a very divers environment. My...

  • This is another excellent course from the series "Good Brain, Bad Brain". The course is very well designed, with the right amount of information and exercises for the general public.
    I've enjoyed every single thing I've learned so far.

  • My personal encounter with Parkinson's disease was many, many years ago when I saw my grandfather's hands shacking for a first time. I still remember how he struggled to hold things, drink his tea or put a spoon in his mouth to feed himself. His disease progressed pretty fast and finally grandfather had to rely solely on my grandma and my father to maintain a...

  • Well said, Margaret! These were my thoughts too. I absolutely agree with you.