jodie thompson

jodie thompson

i have been studying with the Open University for the last 10 years. but what with one thing and another i wasn't able to afford to do any more courses. but i would love to study more.

Location Caherciveen, Co.Kerry, Eire


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    Bonjour, je suis Jodie ça va

  • Je M’appelle Jodie Thompson. Je suis de Kerry.
    I want to learn French because there is a possibility that we may be moving there

  • Looking forward to this

  • I live near skellig Michael here in Kerry

  • Sorry I'm late, I was doing a business management course last week and we had our end of year exam and coursework to finish. My name is Jodie and originally came from London but living now in Kerry. I work as a tour guide in a museum. It was my love of history and archaeology that inspired me to do this course

  • Hi everyone

  • All artefacts taken from other countries and cultures should be returned to their rightful home

  • Historical records can be very biased towards those who wrote them, in so far as the painting goes it was painted very false

  • To allow the soul of the deceased to have something to remember his homeland

  • We only have to look at the extent of Romes empires to see where they went to and the various people that became Romanized

  • I think a lot of people would of valued their originals and cultural identity a lot as many kept their Roman names and way of burial even in other countries

  • Carrying heavy objects on a day to day basis, or a poor diet

  • My wedding ring will show I was married

  • I think cremation is becoming more the norm now

  • I put that they were poor because of the fragments of the bone,

  • I think that the person was a skilled person or someone who carried something heavy around all day

  • If they left any offerings with the bones

  • @LotteProcter hi I'm originally from England but now live in kerry, I've never been to Colchester

  • Mum, wife, grandmother of 5

  • A lot of countries owe their government structure to Greek and Roman political systems.

  • 1534 and The break away from the Catholic church by Henry, he changed England and it's belief system

  • Elizabeth 1 would be my first choice but also Mary 1

  • The legitimacy can be debated

  • When I watch a film now I'm very conscious of how the film maker may have changed the history to make it more appealing to the viewer, as in saving private Ryan

  • Henry Tudor

  • Hi Jodie here from co.kerry Ireland

  • Hi I'm Jodie from Cahersiveen in Co.Kerry Ireland. One of my all time favourite books would have to be Jane Eyre

  • I'm originally from East London but have lived over here in Ireland for the last 26 years. One of the biggest tourist attractions I would say would be New Grange for its significance to Irish ancient history, but also there plenty of other places around Ireland that would mean different things to many people depending on their interests and the era they find...

  • I love all areas of archaeology, but my favourite area has got to be relics and bones as they can tell us so much about a person's history and the time they lived in

  • Archaeology is both important to understand a history of a country, whether it's social, anthropological, or architecture. Every aspect has its own importances. But this can be taken out of context when removed from the country of its origin.

  • I think the ethical reason given would be the main point for me as we do so much damage on a daily basis that knowing how to conserve nature is as important as or more than what monetary value they bring us.
    if its the case of how much each lifeform is worth, especially for their use to us then some may be let to die of so leading to an imbalance in the...

  • hi William, I'm from Co.Kerry as well, I've just finished a diploma with UCC and thought I'd learn more along the ecology side of things as that is where my interest is the most

  • i love archaeology especially the study of human interaction with the world they live in and how it affected them so to study this course would be a big interest for me

  • I've done a few Futurelearn courses and have learned a lot, also having my learning addiction whetted especiallyliving in the wilds of Kerry have kept me sane

  • so excited to join this course, I have a big interest in human evolution and Osteoarchaeology so I am looking forward to starting even though I'm late, thanks for putting this course on here.

  • love of history and good personal skills.

  • food may have been less available for a apprentice so leading to other problems

  • loving the course, wish I could study it full time.

  • I think the bones of this teenager give the public a clear picture of life of a 'normal' person and with the many different forms of information that can be gathered from him there can be a bigger image of what life was like and their everyday living whereas the sweat lodge may only be seen as speculation by some and not given any interest.

  • having a interest in burial practices and how people would live I think I would place my trenches around the area of the settlement as this would give some idea both of everyday living and finds showing this and maybe the status of those being buried here instead of the other areas and their relationship to the other sites.

  • as peoples travelled across Europe and the Iberian continent practices were brought with them as found with the archaeology found over here in Ireland, new ideas and practices properly came with them and new ways to farm and harvest crops. but there could of course have been disadvantages with the rougher weather that the new farmers would have faced so they...

  • its amazing to think that this area had such a wide and diverse history.

  • i agree with the points made also, adding that its also a good idea to give the surrounding area also some idea of results found because as we know many ancient archaeology sites are never seen of again once the building work start on them, such as the Viking settlement that was found over here in Wood Quey in Dublin and the big council office that was put on...

  • historian to present the history to the public and to create a clear picture of what the site may have been used for.