jodie thompson

jodie thompson

i have been studying with the Open University for the last 10 years. but what with one thing and another i wasn't able to afford to do any more courses. but i would love to study more.

Location Caherciveen, Co.Kerry, Eire


  • Hi everyone

  • All artefacts taken from other countries and cultures should be returned to their rightful home

  • Historical records can be very biased towards those who wrote them, in so far as the painting goes it was painted very false

  • To allow the soul of the deceased to have something to remember his homeland

  • We only have to look at the extent of Romes empires to see where they went to and the various people that became Romanized

  • I think a lot of people would of valued their originals and cultural identity a lot as many kept their Roman names and way of burial even in other countries

  • Carrying heavy objects on a day to day basis, or a poor diet

  • My wedding ring will show I was married

  • I think cremation is becoming more the norm now

  • I put that they were poor because of the fragments of the bone,

  • I think that the person was a skilled person or someone who carried something heavy around all day

  • If they left any offerings with the bones

  • @LotteProcter hi I'm originally from England but now live in kerry, I've never been to Colchester

  • Mum, wife, grandmother of 5

  • A lot of countries owe their government structure to Greek and Roman political systems.

  • 1534 and The break away from the Catholic church by Henry, he changed England and it's belief system

  • Elizabeth 1 would be my first choice but also Mary 1

  • The legitimacy can be debated

  • When I watch a film now I'm very conscious of how the film maker may have changed the history to make it more appealing to the viewer, as in saving private Ryan

  • Henry Tudor

  • Hi Jodie here from co.kerry Ireland

  • Hi I'm Jodie from Cahersiveen in Co.Kerry Ireland. One of my all time favourite books would have to be Jane Eyre

  • I'm originally from East London but have lived over here in Ireland for the last 26 years. One of the biggest tourist attractions I would say would be New Grange for its significance to Irish ancient history, but also there plenty of other places around Ireland that would mean different things to many people depending on their interests and the era they find...

  • I love all areas of archaeology, but my favourite area has got to be relics and bones as they can tell us so much about a person's history and the time they lived in

  • Archaeology is both important to understand a history of a country, whether it's social, anthropological, or architecture. Every aspect has its own importances. But this can be taken out of context when removed from the country of its origin.

  • I think the ethical reason given would be the main point for me as we do so much damage on a daily basis that knowing how to conserve nature is as important as or more than what monetary value they bring us.
    if its the case of how much each lifeform is worth, especially for their use to us then some may be let to die of so leading to an imbalance in the...

  • hi William, I'm from Co.Kerry as well, I've just finished a diploma with UCC and thought I'd learn more along the ecology side of things as that is where my interest is the most

  • i love archaeology especially the study of human interaction with the world they live in and how it affected them so to study this course would be a big interest for me

  • I've done a few Futurelearn courses and have learned a lot, also having my learning addiction whetted especiallyliving in the wilds of Kerry have kept me sane

  • so excited to join this course, I have a big interest in human evolution and Osteoarchaeology so I am looking forward to starting even though I'm late, thanks for putting this course on here.

  • love of history and good personal skills.

  • food may have been less available for a apprentice so leading to other problems

  • loving the course, wish I could study it full time.

  • I think the bones of this teenager give the public a clear picture of life of a 'normal' person and with the many different forms of information that can be gathered from him there can be a bigger image of what life was like and their everyday living whereas the sweat lodge may only be seen as speculation by some and not given any interest.

  • having a interest in burial practices and how people would live I think I would place my trenches around the area of the settlement as this would give some idea both of everyday living and finds showing this and maybe the status of those being buried here instead of the other areas and their relationship to the other sites.

  • as peoples travelled across Europe and the Iberian continent practices were brought with them as found with the archaeology found over here in Ireland, new ideas and practices properly came with them and new ways to farm and harvest crops. but there could of course have been disadvantages with the rougher weather that the new farmers would have faced so they...

  • its amazing to think that this area had such a wide and diverse history.

  • i agree with the points made also, adding that its also a good idea to give the surrounding area also some idea of results found because as we know many ancient archaeology sites are never seen of again once the building work start on them, such as the Viking settlement that was found over here in Wood Quey in Dublin and the big council office that was put on...

  • historian to present the history to the public and to create a clear picture of what the site may have been used for.

  • i have always had a love of archaeology and history and i have several qualifications in history and archaeology subjects but i have never had the chance to actually take part in a dig (i would add it to my to do list if i could get on one over here in Ireland if i could).

  • i think that archaeology has a importance in todays society because it can span such a large space of time, either modern technical and industrrial to ancient early civilizations so giving us an idea of the culture, life style and in the case of ancient cultures there beliefs.

  • can't seem to be able to paste onto wall but the one i chose was p0015 as it gives us a good idea of the possessions and status of Tut

  • hi i'm Jodie, my interests are mainly through classics, and ancient societies.

  • hi a lot late starting, my three words would be, collections as well, ancient cultural artifacts, and lost finds.

    i have only worked in small village museums so far as over here in Ireland we have an embargo on museum jobs, but what experience i have have helped me see that we need the museum of today to save the artifacts that are endangered of being lost...

  • i originally hail from London but i now live over here in Co.Kerry in Ireland. i don't think that we can escape politics as every aspect of society has a semblance of politics within it.

  • its very sad to think that all his mother had left of him was his name.

  • hi i originally come from London, but now live over here in Ireland, I've done a few courses here on Futurelearn, and find some of them both informative and thought provoking, my area of study i mainly history based, but i love trying new things so i love futurelearn for giving us this chance.

  • i was also brought up a Baptist, but i have been a Wiccan for a number of years.

  • hi my name's Jodie, I've done a few courses with Futurelearn, I'm looking forward to doing this course.

  • why would we give it to the child who can not play it, surely giving it to the child who knows how to play it makes more sense as the other children will discard it as pieces of rubbish after a while, but then how do we know how they will value such an object.

  • i think that everyone should have a responsibility to know and to understand what is happening in the world and to how it effects them, whether it is at home or away.

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    Hi my name's Jodie and i originally came from England, but i am now living here in Co.Kerry.

  • there's a song on my CD at home called Willy Mac Bride which tells the tale of a young soldier.

  • Yes Rick its a very emotional picture isn't it

  • i would say the image of a soldier praying over a grave which is shown on many coins and pictures of ww1 would be an outstanding memorial.

  • yes because you can see how the war has affected the author, through the characters that he portrays

  • living over here in Ireland much history in the schools go back to ancient Irish hero's and political heroism, and to those who fought for Irish freedom.

  • a hero to me has different meanings, from the man who is ready to lay down his life for another, those who would fight or face adversity for those political views that they believe in, for example the many women that died for women suffrage. heroism i think would mean different things to different people depending on their political standing.

  • hi everyone, I'm Jodie and i live over here in Ireland. i also did the course on Trauma and Memory and found it very interesting, i'm looking forward to doing this course.

  • i think that its very important to keep history alive, because as we have seen new evidence is always coming to light to give a new evidence to battles.

  • hi i'm from England originally but living over here in Ireland, i decided to do this course because i have an interest in other cultures

  • hi everyone Jodie here, this is my second time doing this course as i loved it so much i decided to do it again.

  • hi everyone I'm from over here in Co.Kerry, Ireland

  • weather change would be the seasonal change that would occur yearly, although lately this has changed where climate change has set in making weather that is not normally experienced by a country happen more often and extreme droughts in others and extreme heat leading to fatalities from heat.

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    what - Mr Alan Dougan was flagged down by Gordan Ward, who had a gun shot wound to left arm. Gordan Ward stated that they had been robbed at gun point and subsequently shot, him wounded and his wife fately
    where- The junction of Ross Loan and access to Ross Priory.
    How- Gordan Ward was stopped in his car by a man brandishing a gun, the man demanded that...

  • 1. was there gun shot residue on the window or door of the car
    2. how close was the shooter to the victim
    3. which way did the blood stain go from.

  • i think it would be very important to get information of off witnesses as soon as possible to make sure information is kept as close to what happened as possible. by the evidence it would seem that the story of the husband is true, as even the blood stain could be explained as she was shot and then her head fell to the right.

  • i would think that forensic science would cover many areas, from processing evidence from in and around the crime scene to human forensics, such as DNA and finger prints left at the scene.

  • hi i hail originally from London, but now living over here in the wilds of Co.Kerry in Ireland. have loved all the courses i have done on here so far, and really looking forward to doing this one.

  • its exactly the same with those vets coming back from later battles, many came home to face misunderstanding families and neighbours. and faced the prospect on living on handouts

  • although both speak of the horror of war, Sassoon, as i see it actually talk as the public would see them, whereas Wilfred portrays all the horror that still haunts the soldiers ages after they come home.

  • reading other accounts while experiencing your own would aid in experiencing and expressing your grief. as they wouldn't of felt so alone, as there didn't seem to have been the support then as now.

  • video didn't work

  • maybe its because you have so many varying ideas on what merits climate change.. and also says we have politicians who don't stand by their moral speeches, and who are only out to win votes.

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    hi everyone, loving the idea of the course. and really looking forward to starting

  • been a brilliant week, with a lot of eye opening information. i to wish the course was longer.

  • plus their was the closeness of communities, and the suddenness of deaths. so people saw them one minute thinking they were only sick contracted the infection, on their way home got talking to someone else and so on, and i suppose they didn't have the concept of isolation that they have today.

  • i wonder how many children suffered from the affects of rickets and after affects of malnutrition after the war.

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    definitely i would say yuck to this recipe but i suppose it would be deemed appetising if you were hungry enough.

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    they each show women and children, or mention those left at home. so those young men ready for adventure and thinking of joining up would use this as a push to make the next step to the recruitment office.

  • i think that this kind of technology changed the way that people felt towards the war. now they were becoming directly affected by an advancing terror. so i think that this kind of warfare would of had a more physiological affect on those in the home countries, not knowing when the air raids were going to come would cause huge terror. but to lose a child this...

  • states that the Irish War Memorial at Islandbridge list the Irish dead as 49,435 the figure that was drawn up after the war. how ever these figures are still questionable as it goes on to say that many of those listed were only those who came back to Ireland and...

  • Because your using varying types of resources it would be hard to gain a middle ground for the likes of figures, and also existences of injuries sustained

  • how advanced the medicine was to recreate the mans face

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    hi, looking forward to starting this course, I've done several Future Learn course, i just finished the course on Hadrian's wall which was very interesting.

  • thanks for the link,it looks like a interesting course

  • i wish i could do more of the course, its been brilliant many thanks

  • this find looks as though there was some kind of battle or siege, as the bodies were unable to be buried in a respectable style and manner. a siege would also explain the injuries of such young people.

  • it would help the characters come alive, instead of imagining what they have worn or adorned themselves with.

  • i think that a conspiracy would imply that those present knew what was happening and didn't do anything about it.

  • that he will get in trouble should the up rising come about.

  • that food and wine and other supplies are getting short. and the women are starting to become disillusioned, and afraid for their safety.

  • that they are having trouble from raiders who are using up the small amount of resources and man power.

  • i think that he would be both nervous and excited to show his handling of affairs in Britain.

  • maybe Roman's were starting to return to Rome, a least those who were Romanized enough to call themselves Roman and not having any ties to Britain.

  • yes as there would be damaging on mass collections of bones bones due to both intensive starvation and also evidence in the earth.

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    if this was in fact Severus's plan, that he had brought new reinforcements over with him, to solve the British problem by annihilating those who would appose Roman rule, then these words would indeed sum up Severus's actions.

  • exactly what i was thinking Hamilton, maybe they borrowed a few ideas's